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Unknown Photos of school age children Page I

Unknown Photos of school age children Page II

Unknown School
1880-1900 - Contributed by Carl B. Johnson
Surnames: Foster, Lane, McGahan
1892 Poem by Mary (Brough) Young (1874-1908) - Contributed by Evelyn Young
Surnames: Barritt, Brough, Coleman, Young
1908-1910 - Contributed by Teresa
Surnames: Turner, Watkins Can you identify the others in this photo?
1924-25 4th & 5th grades - Contributed by Linda Aaron
Surnames: Mason, Pressnell, Thompson Can you identify the others in this photo?
1932 3rd, 4th & 5th grades - Contributed by Linda Aaron
Surnames: Beverly, Bishop, Bryant, Collins, Detherage, Ellison, Hamm, Hargis, Hicks, Quinton, Rutherford, Sloane, Taylor, Thompson, Todd, Vaught, Wilson, Young
Pulaski County Common School
1920 Graduates
Cracker Neck School


(big girls) Lottie Strunk, Rena Daulton, Beula Nicholas, Nannie Daulton, Ruby Strunk, Bessie Johnson, Eela? Garland, Dimple Strunk.
(little girls) Gladys Nicholas, Christine Daulton, Eva Flynn, Cathleen Strunk.
(boys) Evan Mayfield, Virgil Daulton, Billy Mayfield and Ira Daulton
Ferguson High School
1937, Mildred Farmer Autograph Book - Contributed by Jean Colyer Grumbling
Surnames: Alcorn, Allen, Baugh, Bond, Boone, Calhoun, Cheney, Claunch, Cruse, Denham, Farmer, Ford, Gilmore, Godby, Gover, Haynes, Hicks, Jones, Keith, Lewis, Massey, McFarland, Meece, Mullinix, Muse, Phelps, Ping, Richardson, Smith, Stringer, Watson, Workman, Young
Free Union School
1918 - Contributed by Carl B. Johnson
Surnames: Bolin, Chumbley, Gosser, Norfleet, Roy, Russell, Scales, Sherpard, Smith, Stephens, Taylor, Wells, Wilson, York
Freedom School
1920 - Contributed by Carl B. Johnson
Surnames: Bennett, Bernard, Dunbar, Harris, Hill, Holder, Johnson, McBeath, McKinley, Mitchell, Norman, Pedigo, Rexroat, Roy, Wilson

Hoosier Schoolhouse on Faubush Creek

1918 - Picture contributed by Carl Johnson - Names listed on page of teacher and students.

Pulaski County Teachers

Directory of Pulaski County Teachers 1945 -1946 - Contributed by Charlie

Directory of Pulaski County Teachers 1947-1948 - Contributed by Charlie

Directory of Pulaski County Teachers 1948-1949  - Contributed by Charlie

Paul Laurance Dunbar School
Submitted by:  Miki5445@aol.com

Paul Laurence Dunbar Class picture in Somerset, KY
during the 1920'sTeacher was Miss Virginia Lackey

Paul Laurence Dunbar School

Paul Laurence Dunbar School  1925-1928

Rulo School

??early 1900's- photo contributed by Denton Hargis , " Written on the back was Rulo School, with no date. I suspect it was taken in the early 1900's, since mom was born in 1895. I know Rulo was located in eastern Pulaski County, but have no idea who any of the children are."
Can any one help Denton with this photo, please contact him directly, or contact me with the names
and I will add them

Shopville School

1907 -Picture contributed by Carl Johnson and Steve Hunt Can you help identify those pictured?

1910 - Picture contributed by Steve Hunt
Sloans Valley School
1939 - Contributed by Everett Turner
Surnames: Baker, Bolin, Calhoun, Casada, Cook, Dobbs, Farris, Fox, Griffis, Hancock, Hansford, Haynes, Helton, Hoff, Hughes, Lewis, McKee, Minton, Morrow, New, Roberts, Sexton, Souleyrette, Stout, Tucker, Valentour, Vanover, Vest, Wallace, Wilson, York
Somerset High School
1917 Yearbook - Contributed by Annabel Schaupner (will do lookups/copies)
Surnames: Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Barnett, Bradshaw, Catchings, Chamberlain, Clark, Colyer, Curtis, Dikeman, Flippin, Gilmore, Grinstead, Hamm, Hardwic, Hill, Hines, Hussing, Jarvis, Jasper, Lenehan, Lewis, Loveless, Lowenthal, Mann, Newell, Orwin, Potter, Rexroat, Richardson, Sloan, Thurman, Tibbals, Waddle, Winfrey

Sunshine School
1915 - Contributed by Carl B. Johnson
Surnames: Bailey, Brown, Edmonds, Gadberry, Harris, Hill, Hopper, Johnson, Lafavers, McGowan, McQueary, Miller, Pedigo, Stephens, Tompkins, Tucker, Whittle, Wilson
Todd School


Whetstone School

1914 - 1915 School Photo

Wolf School
1914 - Contributed by Carl B. Johnson
Surnames: Bolin, Edmonds, Johnson, Popplewell, Roy, Wilson


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