Contributed by Carl B. Johnson

Sunshine School, 1915

Here is a listing of children that attended the SUNSHINE SCHOOL in 1915.
                   --Carl B. Johnson

Teacher B.H. Edmonds
Lewis Hopper
Oval Brown
Eddie Tompkins
Henry O. Brown
Dolas Edmonds
Harlow Hopper
Henry Clay Stephens
Lonzo Wilson
Zelda Miller
Verda Johnson
Ollie Johnson
Cosby Stephens
Nita Edmonds
Vera Whittle
Gordon Whittle
Ella Miller
Oscar Stephens
Devona Stephens
Susie Tucker
John Lafavers
Devona Tucker
Maudie Johnson
Lola Gadberry
Oscar Tucker "Teacher"
Wanza Hill
Ora Brown
Cora McGowan
O.L. Stephens
Lee Gadberry
Arizona Harris
Tom Johnson
Ona McGowan
G.H. Wilson
Lewis Wilson
Paralee Stephens
Tib Miller
Jo Ette Whittle
Clotha Lafavers
Joe Johnson
Loren Tucker
Maudie McQueary
Ada O. Johnson
Eschol Lafavers
Vota Hill
A.R. Pedigo
Rachel Johnson
R.B. Whittle
J.B. Bailey
O.D. Whittle
Jimmie Hopper
H.F. Johnson "Trustee"

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