Contributed by Jean Colyer Grumbling


Ferguson, Ky. Class of 1937

SCHOOLDAY Memories bring back,
Pleasant Thoughts of Happy Hours,
SpenT in work and Play.

Best wishes from your teacher, Miss Thelma to Mildred Farmer, 1930.

My Teachers:

Mrs. Lela Allen, first grade
Miss Louanna Smith, second grade
Miss Dorothy Gilmore, third grade
Miss Dorothy Baugh, fourth grade
Miss Thelma Glaunch, fifth grade
Miss Billie Gover, sixth grade
Mrs. Bond - Music

My Class Mates:

Mace Dell Alcorn, Lureatha, Ky.
Dot Mae Lewis, Elihu, Ky.
Mildred Massey, Elihu, Ky.
Christine Young, Somerset, Ky.
Evelyn Muse, Ferguson, Ky.
Evelyn Smith, Ferguson, Ky.
Elfreda Stringer, Ferguson, Ky.
Zula Ping, Ferguson, Ky.
Mable Workman, Elihu, Ky.
Billie Cheney, Ferguson, Ky.
Lucille Hicks, Ferguson, Ky.
Arthur Gover, Elihu, Ky.
Samuel Gover, Elihu, Ky.
Chester Jones, Elihu, Ky.
Clifford Jones, Ferguson, Ky.
Carroll Haynes, Ferguson, Ky.
Harold Stringer, Ferguson, Ky.
Herbert Ping, Ferguson, Ky.
Fred Mullinix, Ferguson, Ky.
Albert Richardson, Ferguson, Ky.
Vola Keith, Ferguson, Ky.
G. W. Cruse, Oakdale, Tn.
Harold Boone, Ferguson, Ky.
Harold Watson, Ferguson, Ky.
Aline, Godby, Elihu, Ky.
Myrtle Calhoun, Elihu.,Ky.
Lester Phelps, Ferguson, Ky.
Wilson Phelps, Ferguson, Ky.
Vola Keith, Ferguson, Ky.
Rubie Farmer, Ferguson, Ky.
Vertie Meece, Colo, Ky.
Mary Lewis, Elihu, Ky.
James Massey, Elihu, Ky.
Aline Ford, Ferguson, Ky.
Dowie Denham, Elihu, Ky.
Mildred Massey, Middletown, Oh.

These are the quotes:

"When you are married, buy you a Ford and save me a seat on the running board."
Dorothy Mae Lewis "Dot" "39"

"When you are married and live in joy, I wish you first a baby boy, and when it's hair begins to curl, I wish you then a baby girl, and when it's hair begins to thin, I wish you then a pair of twins."
Mildred Massey "Midget" "39"

"Dear Mildred, When evening pulls its curtains down and pins it with a star, Remember that you have a friend no matter where you are."
Charlotte (Charlotte Farmer, her sister)

"When you are married and live in trouble, whip your children with a red hot shovel."
Albert Richardson "Dee" "39"

"When you are married and have twins, send to my house for safety pins."
Aline Godby "39"

"Farmer now, Mildred ever, Farmer now but not forever."
Zula Ping "Sue" "39"

"Sweet to meet, sad to part, Real hard to say goodnight Sweetheart."
Aline Godby "39"

"When you are married and live in love, send me a message by the little white dove".
Arthur Gover "Rabbit" "39"

"Pigs in the buttermilk, Sheep in the clover, Tell that pretty boy, I'm coming over."
Evelyn Muse "Eva" "37"

"When you get married and live on a hill, send me a kiss by a chicken's bill".
Samuel Gover "Sam" "39"

"When your dead and almost rotten, think of me and I'll come trotten."
Geneva Francis Farmer (her sister)

"As sure as the vine grows around the rafter, you are the boy I am after".
Aline Godby "39"

June 23, 1934
"Roses are red and so is wine, I'm not Mae West, but come up and see me sometime."
Your Friend, Dot Lewis

"Mildred, Mildred, where did you get your dresses? Father cut them out and mother sowed the stitches."
Myrtle Calhoun

"Mildred is kute, Mildred is sweet, but she will never forget her bread and meat."
Myrtle Calhoun

"You may meet with many a stranger. Some may tell you I'm not true, don't believe them little darling, No one loves you as I do."
Ruby Farmer

"I love you much, I love you mighty, I wish your pajamas close to my nitie. Now don't get excited and lose your head, I mean on the clothesline, not in bed."
Geraldine McFarland "Dink" "31"

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, God in heaven knows, I love you."
Christine Young

"When you are married and patching britches, think of me between the stitches."
Evelyn Muse "Eva" "38"

"I had a little dog his name was Rover, when he died he died all over."
Zula Ping "Doodle"

"I saw a little dog today. And Oh that dog was lost. He risked his anguished puppy life with every street he crossed. He shrank away from out-stretched hands. He winced at every hail...Against the city's bigness he looked very small and 'fraid. So many times I've been lost, and lovely and afraid. I followed and I prayed and then the God of little things who knows when sparrows fall, Put trust into the puppie's heart and made him heed my call!"

College P.O., Richmond, Ky. June 8, 1931
Dear Mildred: I am ready to start work tomorrow, after a two weeks vacation. I am taking real hard subjects so I will have to study real hard while you are having a good time. Write me a real long letter and be a good girl. Love, Miss Gover


Mildred's daughter - Jean Colyer Grumbling - 1999
I hope all who read this enjoy it and remember what life was and could be Again,
if we would just remember......

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