Contributed by Carl B. Johnson

Free Union School, 1918

Here is a list of names of the children that were attending the school in 1918
which was in Pulaski or Russell Co, Kentucky.      --Carl B. Johnson

Noah Wilson
Clarane Roy
Arnold Roy
Charlie Taylor
George Russell
Alvis Wilson
Blacker Gosser
Arlis Gosser
Sammy Stephens
Arlus Gosser
Everett Chumbley
Velma Scales
Lelia Wilson
Vernola Roy
Velma Roy
Hettie Roy **
Erthel Wilson
Martha Wilson
Patra Gosser
Della Smith
Avery Wilson
Clarence Roy
Oscar Wells
Eddie Roy
Otis Roy
Cosby Wilson
Elwood Roy
Cornellious Stephens
Berthetta Chumbley
Rosetta Roy
May Roy
Stella Roy
Effie Roy
Levi Sherpard "Teacher"
Peihe Wilson
Meary Etta York
Jimmey York
Pearl Roy
Ida May Chumbley
Sarah Gosser
Elvertia Chumbley
Leeroma Norfleet
Cleo Wilson
Leventus Roy
Delona Norfleet
Rosco Roy
George Wilson
Jessie Wilson
Josah Wilson
Walter Wells
Della Chumbley
Tilda Roy
Myrtle Gosser
Evada Gosser
Eva Chumbley
Sopha Wilson
Delpha Wilson
Oma Wilson
**my wife's gmother, Md. Raymond Bolin

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