Contributed by Everett Turner

Sloans Valley School, 1939

I am sending you a copy of the class photo of Sloans Valley School 1939.
This was in the collection of my Mother Beulah M. (Sexton) Turner. She
had written down the names of the people in this class.    --Everett Turner

1939 Class Photo
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First Row (front)

Frank Lewis
Leonard Calhoun
Vernon Cook
Caroll D. Helton
Harvey Lee Wallace
Bill Fox
?? Vanover
Donald Helton
Charles Howard Casada
Raymond Minton
Walter (Pete) Helton
Arnold Cook
Glen McKee
Second Row

Lucy Farris
Margaret Bolin
Odessa Bolin
Bobbie Nick Haynes
Theodore Valentour
Harold Baker
Kathleen Dobbs
Mildred Hancock
Floyd McKee
Jr. Morrow
Bill Hughes
George Stout
Dore New
Coleen Valentour
Jill Haynes
Fern Wilson
Third Row

C.B Hoff
Oral Griffis
?? Vanover
Woodrow Hughes
Frank Helton
Kennith Bolin
Billy Gene Morrow
Floyd Stout
Audrey Cook
Edna Hughes
Cora New
Ruth Lewis
Preston Griffis
Billy Jack Roberts
Arnold Vest
Betty Wilson
Jacqueline Tucker
Bernice Wilson
Fourth Row

Mamie Stout
Mary Lewis
Ruby Minton
Lillie Mae Calhoun
Eloise Souleyrette
Velma Wilson
James Haynes
Glen Bolin
Boise Baker
Pearl New
Louise Helton
Betty Farris
Nannie Tucker
G.C Morrow
Bud Dobbs
Billy Arnold Morrow
Fifth Row

Gloria Hoff
Louise Roberts
Wyrdus Wilson
Beulah Sexton (My Mother)
Charles Hughes
Coy Griffis
Linnville Calhoun
Myrtle Dobbs
Edna Helton
Clyde Hansford
Charles Hancock
Clyde Fox
Bobbie Hughes
Clyde Dee Helton
James Valentour
Oscar Casada
Sixth Row

Vola Hughes
Gene Souleyrette
Dorothy Casada
Maxine Morrow
Mack Lewis
Mollie Wallace (Teacher)
Leona York
Daisy Griffis
Willard Dobbs (Teacher)
Clyde York
Katherine Valentour
Laura Hansford
Sam Minton
Jack Hughes
Floyd Hancock

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