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Sweeney's Chapel.  Quite a number of young folks from here attended church at
Union Saturday night .. Thelma Vaught spent Saturday night with Beulah Hubble … Mrs. Fred Sewell of Indiana is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Sowder … Miss China Cundiff is taking a business course at Somerset … Mr. Wm. Keyes and family have returned from Corbin, where he has been at work … Charlie Vaught has moved to the property vacated by L. Whitaker  ….. Cloyd Harmon and family visited Bud Wilson's Saturday night and Sunday … Taylor McGahan and Jess Meece were Sunday guests at Wm. Phillippi's … Emerson Hawk called on Miss Beulah Hubble Wednesday evening … Mr. Lloyd Hamilton still makes his regular calls at Bro. Crough's … Mrs. Florida Davidson visited at Mrs. Mack Aker's Tuesday.

Pulaski .  Mrs. Earl Wilder of Cincinnati is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. Rouse … Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with home folks … Mrs. Ora Wilder of Somerset is visiting home folks here …. Mr. S. Davis who has been employed at Yamacraw for the past few months is with home folks again … Mr. Russell King of Ohio who spent the holidays with home folks here, has returned to Lockland … Mrs. Albert Bryant spent the weekend with Mrs. Catherine Hines at Floyd Switch … Mrs. Lemont Bryant is visiting her daughter Mrs. Hubbard in Virginia … Mr. L.D. Stringer is in Lexington on business this week … Rev. Duke filled his regular appointment here Sunday … Mr. New and Mr. Griffin called on the Misses Correll Sunday … Mrs. F.D. Loveless is at home this week … Mrs. Mary Waddle is visiting Mrs. Morefield … Mrs. Lee Loveless called on Mrs. F.D. Loveless Sunday … Luther Detherage and Roma Surber are erecting a new garage here … Mrs. Nelly Denny is expecting to moveinto her new home soon.

Oak Hill.  We are having some fine weather here … Mrs. B.C Gholson spent Monday night with Mrs. Lula Frisbie … Beatrice McKee spent Saturday night with Florence Wilson … Our Sunday school is progressing nicely … Reda Tucker spent Saturday night with Maud Frisbie … Clay Frisbie spent Saturday night with James Tucker … Mr. and Mrs. Willie Thompson and children spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Lydia Casada … Mr. and Mrs. Everett Tucker and son, Harry, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker … Mrs. B.C. Gholson spent Saturday night with her son, Everett Gholson … Mae Frisbie spent Friday night with Mrs. B.C. Gholson … Mattie Bogle, Nina and James Tucker visited Mae Frisbie Sunday … Mrs. Lula Frisbie and daughter Evelyn visited Nellie Burton last Saturday.

Nancy.  Rev. Hargis closed his two weeks Bible school Sunday at Okalona … Mrs. Louisa Burton is slowly improving … Miss Elsie Vanhoosier has gone to Somerset to stay … Mr. C.O. Burton and wife visited Mr. John Morris at Faubush Friday night … The children of W.N. Burton are no better with whooping cough … Mr. Ted Tarter has moved from Faubush to Nancy … The Saturday night guests of S.C. Burton's were Jack Burton and Ben Baker and family … Mr. Lloyd Baker has moved on Sella Burton's farm … Fred Cooper and
family of Somerset are visiting at the home of her father, R.W. Burton .. Miss Lula Vanhoosier is visiting her uncle, Bluford Vanhoosier … Miss Myrtle Burton who has been staying at Elihu, visited her home folks last week ..
Oscar Burton of Somerset was down last week to see his mother who is ill .. Ben Gurkin has moved to his home in Burton town.

Delmer.   The son of Virgil Hudson is very sick at this time … Mrs. C.M.
Brown was the guest of Mrs. T.L. Bleang Thursday afternoon … Mrs. Catherine
Porter was the caller of Mrs. Alice Hislope … Mrs. F.G. Hart was the all day
guest of Mrs. C.M. Brown Wednesday … C.M. Brown bought a hog from Lewis Brock
… Misses Hazel and Glenna Muse were guests of Miss Mary Fitzgerald Sunday …
Mrs. George Simpson was the guest of Mrs. C.M. Brown Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Brock are the happy parents of a new girl at their home … Mrs. Sarah Hislope was the caller of Mrs. Mollie Muse one evening last week.

Nancy.  The Nancy school is progressing nicely under the leadership of Mr. Floyd Wilson … Mrs. Perry Dalton, who has been ill for some time, is improving … A large number of boys and girls are going to take the common school diploma examination at Nancy on the last Friday of this month … Mrs. Luella Molen and Mrs. Margaret Albertson visited at Mrs. Ethel Tartar's Wednesday afternoon … Ben Albertson is teaching school at Sardis


Public.  The Old Valley School closed last Tuesday, January 4th … Dennis Price and his two cousins Curtis Hank and Vola Price, visited their grandfather, Sam Price, Sunday … The Old Valley church has purchased a church bell and has erected same …
The death Angel has visited one of our homes again and called our good old uncle, Arthur Taylor, home to rest.  The
bereaved have the sympathy of all …
Mr. John Whitaker and McKinley Whitaker,
of Ohio, have been visiting home folks here .. Mr. Willis Taylor and John Taylor of Illinois are visiting friends at Public.

Wilson Chapel.  Uncle Warren Baugh is on the sick list … Geo. Elliott spent Saturday night at Geo. Garrett's … Miss Maud Wilson was at A.J. Wilson's Monday .. Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Wilson spent Sunday afternoon at General Hardwick's … Geo. Garrett traded a pair of horses to John Calder for a pair of mules … Killis and Earl Wilson attended the singing at Charter Oak Sunday … Mrs. V.L. Baugh is very sick … Winnie Manning was at Sherman Godby's Sunday.

Hogue.  Mrs. Lillie Tartar and baby of Cincinnati are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pitman … Misses Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper were Friday night guests of Miss Amanda Cooper .. Mr. Rutherford Adams bought a farm known as the Irvine farm from Joshua Dick for $1,800 … Mr. Andy Randolph and wife of Fairview, spent Saturday night with their daughter, Mrs. Charles Cash, and family … Miss Sarah Blevins who is staying at Mintonville, spent the weekend with home folks … Rev. Olive Baugh filled his regular appointment here at Center Post Sunday … Mr. Mitchell Shadoan of Bethlehem visited at
A.J. Adams Sunday … Mr. R.A. Blevins entertained several of his friends with
a clearing Friday … Misses Lula and Ida Pitman were Sunday guests of Lola and Gola Dick … Mr. and Mrs. Bud Wesley spent Sunday at Mr. James Randolph's … Mr. Derbin Dick and Miss Nannie Spaw were married Thursday at the home of Rev. J.M. Shadoan of Bethlehem.  Mr. Dick is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Dick, and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Spaw … We wish them a long and happy life … Mr. Chester Roy of Science Hill spent Saturday night and Sunday here and attended church at Center Post Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Acton Barber of Fairview visited her sister Mrs. Rutherford Adams and family Sunday … The only child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cash is quite sick at this writing … Messrs Otis Baugh and Luther Cooper are working in the mines at Stearns …. Mr. G.W. Adams sold a tract of land to George Adams of Mt. Zion for $125 … Miss Lola Whiles of Mangum spent a few days of last week with her sister Mrs. Killis Blevins.

Mangum.  Again the wedding bells are ringing in this community. This time for
Derb Dick and Miss Nannie Spay; also for Henry Dick and Miss Bonnie Dick … Mr. and Mrs. Howard Godby were guests of Johnson Dick Saturday and Sunday …. Johnson Dick and Finley Wesley were Sunday evening guests of Louis Waters …
Mrs. Roeule Wesley is quite ill at this writing … John Waters sold a mule to John F. Dick for $100 … John F. Dick and Plymp Dick were guests of Henry White Saturday night … we are having some snow and cold weather here at the present …. Alfred Wesley and Calvin Whiles spent Sunday evening at Willie Jasper's … Hugar Vaught made his regular call at Robert Spaw's Sunday … Mrs. Sarah A. Whiles spent Friday at Gid Jasper's .. Ellen Wesley and Lillie Dick visited at Hulda Wesley's Thursday.

Eubank. Mr. Claud Merriott returned to Somerset where he will be under the
care of a physician.  We sincerely hope he will soon be able to walk again …
Miss Roxie Spangler of Crab Orchard, Ky., returned home Tuesday after a short
visited with her sister, Mrs. E.L. Gooch, of this place … Mr. Bennie Reynolds returned to his home in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Luther McMullin and baby and Mrs. Sarah Doolin, where they will remain for some time … Mrs. Willie Estes will leave soon for Colorado Springs, where she will remain until a change. We hope that this trip will help her to the greatest extent and that she will soon be able to return home … Mr. Vick Neal of Stearns, Ky., is in town this week … Mrs. Maude McClure and daughter, Mildred, have been visiting in the country this week … Mrs. T.W. McLaughlin is suffering with a severe cold … We are glad to have Mr. Saul Ashley and family in our little town … Dr. T.J. Acton is on the sick list … Dr. John Acton of Danville, Ky., is with his brother T.J. Acton … Miss Barletta Acton is slowly improving … Miss Eugene Lee returned home after a few days visit in Cincinnati, O. … The Eubank High School has another teacher for the rest of the term.  Miss Henrietta Reynolds, and everyone is satisfied with her.  The school is getting along just fine … the People's Literary Society met Friday night and rendered a most interesting program.  Everyone enjoyed it.  New officers were elected as follows: President, Mr. W.C. Dodson; Vice President, Mr. E.L. Gooch; Secretary, Mrs. F.P. Hays, Sergeant at Arms, Mr. T.W. McLaughlin; Critic, Mr. C.H. Taylor; Program Committee, F.P. Hays, Mrs. T.J. Acton, Miss Reca Acton.


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