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Floyd.  "Uncle" Sam Harrington is real poorly at this writing … Mrs. Wm. Jenkins was visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon at Science Hill, one day last week. She was accompanied home by her two little sons, Robert and Edward, who have been visiting there for a few days … Mrs. Everett Singleton is at Somerset working in a restaurant … Mrs. M.P. Estes was in Somerset a few days of last week on business … Mrs. M.N. Griffin and son Marshall, spent Friday with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber … Miss Jewell Griffin returned home from Lockland, Ohio, last Wednesday to spend a few weeks with home folks … Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Surber spent the day Sunday with their daughter Mrs. M.N. Griffin, here … Robert Martin returned to his home at Covington, Ky. Last Saturday after a two weeks visit with his friends here … Joe Holt and family visited relatives near here Sunday … Farmers in this section are doing quite a bit of plowing … Henry Griffin and family of Estesburg visited his brother M.N. Griffin here one night last week … Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie E. Surber visited their parents A.W. Surber's and Joe Bishop's a few days last week … Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hines were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Griffin Saturday night and Sunday … The visitors at "Uncle" Sam Harrington's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Gragg, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber, Mr. and Mrs. Debo Bishop, Miss Dorris and Dallas Gragg, and M.N. Griffin and family … Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Black and Mr. Burk Bishop spent the day Sunday with Chas. Griffin and wife … Roy Trivett and family spent Sunday with his mother Mrs. Trivett … Mrs. W.G. Nelson is quite ill at this writing … Mrs. McCracken visited at W.G. Nelson's a few days last week.

Drum.  John K. Fulcher of Illinois was a Tuesday night guest of his aunt, Mrs. Jane Sears … Willie Hunt of Grundy was in this community Friday … Several from here have been attending the protracted meeting at the Bent conducted by Rev. Henry Ridner … Arthur Stogsdill traded mules with Wesley Bray a few days ago … Cleve Erp, Arthur Stogsdill and Willie Vanhook were up on Flat Lick recently on business … John Bray had a house raising recently … R.L. and Wesley Bray are preparing to build on the land they purchased from a Mr. Powers near Somerset … Miss Ida Goodwin has been staying with her cousin, Mrs. V. Stogsdill, for the past two weeks … Mrs. John Hunt, who has been sick for a long time, is improving slowly …  Erp Bros. have put up their corn and have gone to grinding corn.

Clarence.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Todd lost their two year old baby last week.  It choked to death on a grain of corn.  The little one was laid to rest in Woodstock Cemetery … Mr. J.W. Thompson spent Saturday night with his son, Virgil Thompson … Mr. Cleo and Mitchell Osborne are visiting at Mr. Huston Osborne's … Whooping cough is raging in this community … S.F. Larkin and wife visited G.M. Osborne's Saturday night … Miss Reta Taylor is very sick with a case of mumps … Miss Alta and Mr. Arthur Larkin spent Saturday night at Mr. Freelon Osborne's …. The daughter of Mr. C. Thompson is spending the week at her grandfather's Mr. Freelon Osborne … Mr. Herman Larkin was the guest of Murphy Todd Saturday night … Mrs. Lula Osborne visited her sister Mrs. Nannie Allen at Pnobscott Wednesday night … Mr. Ezra Todd, wife and son visited Jim Long's Saturday night … Mr. Cicero Acton and wife visited at Mr. John Osborne's last week.

Science Hill.  Miss Bonnie Cox is visiting relatives at Ansel … Sister Bruner will preach Sunday and Sunday night January 16, at the Nazarene Church … The Missionary Society did some home mission work distributing groceries last
week … Mrs. Mahal Bastain is on the sick list … Sister Bruner and Mrs. Eliza Baugh spent last Thursday with Mrs. Charles Swearingin, east of town … Brother Willie preached Sunday and Brother John Godby Sunday night at the Methodist Church.

Clarence.  Several attended Sunday school at Good Hope Sunday … Mrs. Floyd
Larkins visited at Geo. M. Osborne's Friday … Mrs. Cynthia Osborne and family
were guests of John Ray's Sunday … The mumps and whooping cough are still raging in this vicinity … Messrs Mitchell and Cleo Osborne of Detroit, Mich., have returned home .. Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Brooks visited at Berry Bentley's Friday night … Mr. Cecil Measel of Indiana is visiting his uncle, Mr. Henry Measel, this week .. Mrs. Maggie Taylor was the guest of Mr. Andrew McWilliams Friday evening … Master Vernon Osborne is ill at this writing … Mr. Horton Osborne was the guest of J.W. Gastineau Tuesday …. Miss Reca Acton of Eubank visited Miss Vernelle Wheeldon Saturday evening … Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Abbott were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McWilliams Friday night … Mrs. Walker Wheeldon entertained several of her friends Saturday night … Messrs Geo. McWilliams and Egbert Abbott were in Somerset Wednesday in business …
Miss Tilda Acton visited her brother Cicero last week … Mr. Andrew McWilliams
and family have moved to their new home.

Elrod.  Jim and George Barclay of Montana are visiting relatives at this place … Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Randolph visited at J.L. Bumgardner's Saturday ….
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Randolph entertained with a bean hulling Saturday night … Misses Mae Bailey and Sarah Eads were Saturday evening guests of Miss Sallie Bumgardner …. Fred and Willie Vanhook visited their brother, Jim Vanhook, Saturday and Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. Logan Debord and children visited at G.W. Bumgardner's Sunday … Misses Alma and Della Anderson were the Sunday
guests of Miss Grace Randolph … Mr. and Mrs. Bob Catron and children spent Sunday at Oscar Sowder's … Miss Gladys Poynter and brother, Lucien, visited their grandmother Sunday.

Velber.  Miss Stella Irvine visited Miss Irbie Adams Friday night … Mr. Curtis Compton left for Dayton, Ohio, Monday …. Mrs. Odella Irvine and baby visited Mrs. Loula Compton Tuesday … Miss Mary Adams and Miss Ethel Farris have returned to Richmond to attend school. We wish them good luck .. Mr. J.D. Compton visited at Mr. Ora Baldock's Sunday … Miss Stella Irvine was a Sunday visitor of Miss Zelma Compton … Sister Bruner failed to fill her regular appointment at Mt. Hope Sunday and Sunday night … Mr. James Eastham was a Sunday visitor of Mr. J.T. Dye.

Tick Ridge.  We are having some bad weather in this vicinity … Miss Francis
Sayers was the guest of Miss Serena Dause Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Lener Wilson visited Mrs. B..F. Weddle Sunday afternoon … Mr. Edgar Garner visited his father Geo. Garner Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. M.V. Cundiff made his usual call on Tick Ridge the past week … Mr. Otha Combest visited Mr. Everett Hunley Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Nancy L. Weddle is visiting Mrs. B.F. Weddle.

Waterloo.  Miss Audrey Rainwater visited her sister last week … Mr. and Mrs. Edd Doss visited her parents Sunday … Geo. Emerson and wife visited at R. Cooper's Saturday night … Green Daulton is moving to the property of Everett Harner … Dica Schoolcraft visited at A.W. Rainwater's Sunday … Elmer Schoolcraft was at Cains Store Sunday evening … Oscar Burge was a caller at A.W. Rainwater's Sunday.

Ingle.  Mr. Eventis Wilson moved to the farm he purchased from H.R. Gilpen … Joe Vaughn sold a farm to James Calhoun the fore part of the week …. Misses Clarice and Ollie Roberts visited on Dry Ridge Tuesday … Mr. Ed Pennington of Gilpin, Ky., was in this vicinity Wednesday … A.J. Lane went to Casey County Thursday … John Meadows of Russell Springs was in this neighborhood Thursday …. Privates Jason Stargle and Nick Jefferson have returned to their camps after spending the holidays with Private Jason Stargle's relatives … Mr. Milton Pitman of Dry Ridge preached Saturday evening and Sunday at Cedar Point Church … Rev. Frank Beasley filled his regular appointment at Cedar Point church on Saturday and Sunday … Mr. Harian Davenport and Arch Davenport went to Mr. John Davenport's in Casey County Saturday night … Mrs. Lucy Roy is some better at this time .. Mrs. Floy Kissee is no better at this time …. Mrs. Della Schoolcraft is no better … Mr. Dick Kissee is no better … Mr. Herbert Davenport and wife visited at Mr. J.W. Sullivan's Saturday night and Sunday.

Soules Chapel.  Mr. W.T. Staley sold a nice calf last week .. Mr. Edd Mills has been helping Everett Murphy cover his barn … Mr. Bill Harper is working for Mr. T.L. King … Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ryan left last week for Cincinnati to make their home .. Miss Nora Meece has been visiting her grandparents for a few days .. Miss Joie and Mae West were presented with a nice organ last week and gave a singing Wednesday night … Miss Zada Mills has been on the sick list for several days … Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Cundiff gave a nice dinner Sunday in honor of several of their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Talley, Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Smith .. Mr. Bill Gover spent Thursday afternoon with Mabel and Zella Cundiff … Mr. J.W. Parker has been sick for the past week …. Mrs. Anderson Meece will have a sale January 18th .. Mrs. Dock Gover spent Saturday night with her father J.P. Coyer … Misses Lera and Marie Colyer, Helen and Lillian Cundiff spent Thursday with Lou Dykes … Miss Estell Osborne spent Sunday afternoon with Zella and Mabel Cundiff … Miss Hazel Foster visited Miss Ola Colyer last week.

Acorn.  People of Acorn are taking advantage of the fine weather and havebegun their plowing .. R.R. Williams is running a full crew of hands at his mines …. Miss Lilly Carlton has returned from Indianapolis … Walter Burdine has sold his farm to Mr. Kunapple of Ohio … Rev. Ben Boyd filled his appointment at Bethany Sunday … Miss Ina Smotherman and Iva Mayfield attended church at Bethany Sunday … John Barnes has come to make his home with his nephew, R.H. Barnes .. James Raney is on the sick list … W. Cash is better at this writing … Bill Raney has returned from Illinois … Henry Taylor and family visited E.B. Burdine's Saturday and Sunday … Oscar Whitaker has moved to Lick Creek … Frank Bullock of Public was visiting V. Peterson Sunday .. John Inabnit had the misfortune to run a nail (remainder missing).

Mt. Zion.  Rev. Bishop Wesley will fill his regular appointment at Mt. Zion Sunday and Sunday night … Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dunsmore and family visited Mr. Robert Vaught Saturday and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. James Dunsmore visited Robert Vaught Sunday … Born, to the wife of Mr. Harvey Lester, a fine boy, Herbert Columbus … Mr. and Mrs. Estel Godby visited her father Saturday night and Sunday … Misses Audra and Viola Vaught visited Nola and Thelma Lester Sunday afternoon … Miss Cloma Spears, Joe Baugh, Alfred Harmon visited Myrtle Vaught Sunday afternoon … Mr. Raymond Lester visited his sister, Mrs. Vola Hall, Saturday and Sunday .. Mr. Harlen Roberts is no better at this writing … Miss Nora Baugh is no better at this writing … Mrs. Emma Vaught visited her grandmother Sunday … Mr. Milford Eubank visited Mr. J.B. Wesley Sunday … Mrs. Jennie Wesley and Mrs. Lennie Dunsmore visited Mrs. J.M. Dunsmore one day last week … Mr. Fonzie Haggard visited Mr. J.M. Dunsmore Sunday afternoon.

Woodstock.  Sunday school at Woodstock is progressing nicely with a good attendance .. J.V. Price and family have returned from Indianapolis, Ind., and are now located at their old home … Sam Acton is erecting a new residence on his farm … Mrs. Shelby Griffin who has been very sick, is improving some … Leslie Smithern, wife and son, spent Saturday night and Sunday at Dick Smithern's … on last Wednesday afternoon, the little infant of Arthur Todd swallowed a grain of corn and was instantly choked to death. Burial in Woodstock cemetery. The family have the sympathy of the entire community … Mrs. May Bloomer and children spent last Wednesday night at L.D. Wheeldon's … Mrs. Stella Todd and children visited at Crawford Denney's one day last week … Miss Maggie Anderson of Goochtown, was visiting relatives here last week … Irvin Mize and family have moved on the farm of Robert Griffin.


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