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Personal Mention.

Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson of Cincinnati, Ohio, spent the weekend with their aunt, Mrs. R.F. James, on Mt. Vernon St.  Mrs. Robinson is the daughter of Col. M.W. Powers, of Wayne County.  They were just returning from their wedding trip in the south and will be at home in Covington, Ky., after January 15.

Mr. Garland Mourning left Tuesday for his home at Pittsburgh, Pa., after a visit with his mother, Mrs. Anna Mourning.

Mrs. Mary Williams and daughter, Mrs. Cleo W. Brown, of Mt. Vernon will leave Saturday for a visit with Judge R.G. Williams, Covington, Ky., after a visit here with the family of M.C. Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Enlow have taken an apartment at the home of Mrs. George
Smith, Mt. Vernon St.

Misses Bernice Addington and Bess Healey spent last Sunday in Harriman, Tenn.

Mrs. Edwin Baute has returned from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.P. White, Jr., Versailles, Ky.

James Denton Jr., is out after a severe illness of a week.

Bee Whitis was at home this week from the Wayne and Adair oil fields, where he has extensive interests.

Mrs. Ed Taylor and son, Carl Norfleet, are visiting relatives in Whitley City.

Miss Edna Prewitt of Lexington spent several days with Mrs. R.E. Higgins.

Mr. Al Wallace has accepted a position with the undertaking establishment of Denney & Dodson.  Mr. Malone will return to Paducah.

Mr. L. Harkins is here from Ashville, N.C., for the big sale at The Fair Store.

Mr. and Mrs. Eben Pettus have returned from a trip to Florida.

Miss Elizabeth Eason who has been employed in the Southern Railway offices in
Cincinnati, has returned to Somerset and has taken her old position in the Superintendent's office.

Mr. John Slessinger spent the first of the week in Cincinnati.

Mrs. A. Lovett was called to Knoxville, Tenn., on account of the death of her mother.

Sheriff J.M. Weddle spent several days in Frankfort on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Moore and son, Marion, of Corbin, Ky., who have been
visiting her mother, Mrs. M.J. Brooks, and sister, Mrs. Effie Benton, have
returned home, accompanied as far as Stanford by Mrs. Benton and daughter.

Miss Clemmie Spaw will leave the last of the week to visit her sister in
Tulsa, Okla.  She will stop off at St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo.

Mr. T.E. Horrell has returned from a visit to Louisville.  Mrs. Horrell and
children remained for a longer visit.

Hon. W.A. Kinne of Stearns was in the city last weekend.

Mrs. H.M. King will return from Lexington Sunday.

Mrs. J.P.W. Brouse will leave this week for Irvine, Ky., where she will teach in the Irvine schools.

Mrs. W.L. York is visiting her daughter Miss Jessie in Louisville.

Mr. Owen Goodloe is spending several days on a hunting trip in Alabama.

Mr. John Goodloe is visiting in Harrodsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Goldenberg left on Tuesday for Cincinnati, where Mrs. Goldenberg will undergo a slight operation.

Mrs. Harry Lewis and Mrs. W.D. Gover left Tuesday for Louisville.

The Journal stated last week that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fritts of Phillipsburg, N.J., would make Louisville their home after March 1st.  We were in error.  Mr. and Mrs.. Fritts will be in Louisville until March 1st, and then will return to their home in Phillipsburg.

Mr. Sam Mayfield has resigned his position at the Farmers National Bank.

Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Owens spent several days in Cincinnati this week.

Col. Robert Stearns head of the Stearns interests, was in Somerset this week
for a short business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Greene have returned from Chattanooga.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Swartz and two children of Lexington have been visiting her father R.T. Welch.

B.H. Malone and family left Wednesday for Paducah where they will make their future home.

Mr. J.E. Edgette of Erlanger, Ky., has been in the city this week on business.

Miss Elizabeth Doyle is visiting relatives in Cincinnati.

Burnside News.  Mrs. Turner of Bowling Green was the guest of her sister Mrs. J.H. Lewis the last week … J.M. Lloyd returned home from Windy City Saturday night "all smiles" with the report of plenty of oil in sight … J.M. Dugger was in Chicago, Ill., this week on business … The whole town was shocked Thursday evening when Mrs. J.T. Carter died at her home after a very short illness.  *****Mrs. Carter had undergone a very successful operation a few months ago and was apparently in very good health when she was stricken again, and only lasted a few days.  Mrs. Carter's true Christian character, sunny and happy disposition and lovable way made for her hosts of friends wherever she went.  The Eastern Stars conducted a short funeral service Saturday, after which they body was taken to Middlesburg, Ky., for burial.  Mrs. Carter is survived by her husband, three sons and one daughter and two sisters, Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Wheat, of Middlesburg, to mourn their loss.  The beautiful floral offerings from her church lodge and friends expressed their
appreciation for her noble life …***
Mrs. P.W. Tuttle and children were with
relatives in Somerset last week … Mrs. J.M. Dugger was the guest of Mrs. M.E Tate of Somerset most of the week … Rev. C.L. Hawkins of Wilmore filled his regular appointment at the Methodist Church Sunday …
We wish to express our appreciation to the many friends for their very great kindness to us during the illness and death of our wife and mother.  J.T. Carter and Children.

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