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Sandi Gorin has graciously allowed us to include her research into the births of Metcalfe County that were recorded in 1860-61, 1874-77, or 1906-07. For a complete, printed copy of her book, Metcalfe County Vital Statistics, or any of her other excellent genealogy resources, contact Sandi.

Format: Last name, First name, sex, parents, parent's birthplaces, date of birth

Cora L, d/o J J & Nellie F (POYNTER) Oaks (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), born Sulphur Well 6 Nov 1906.
Daniel S, s/o Henry & Annie (GADDY) Oaks (Green-Green), 1 Apr 1875.
J D, s/o Isaac & S J (DAVIS) OAKES (Taylor-Green), 27 Nov 1876.
Lewis T, s/o Daniel G & Martha J (GADDY) OAKES (Taylor-Taylor), 15 Mar 1876. Note difference in places of birth of parents.
Martha J, shown accidentally male, d/o James M & Gloria OAKES (Barren-Taylor),13 Feb 1875.
N E, d/o H G & Mary M (HARRIS) OAKES (Barren-Barren), 17 July 1856.
Pauline, d/o L T & Cora (STARK) OAKS (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 26 Dec 1906.
Polly C, d/o Buford G & Margaret C (PIERCE) OAKES (Barren-Barren), 27 Nov 1874.
W D, s/o W H & Mary E (HART) OAKES (Barren-Barren), 15 Apr 1876.

Jno S, s/o R D & Ida (STEPHENS) Ogden (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), born Hubbard KY 2 Mar 1907.
Patsy J, d/o John E & Sallie (COUPE?) Ogden (Cumberland-Adair), 26 Sep 1875.
Sarah M, d/o John E & Sallie Ogden, same as above, 24 May 1875.

OLDHAM, J C, s/o J T & Sarah E (CRABB) Oldham (Monroe-Barren), 4 July 1861.

Mira S, d/o John L & Ann E (EVANS) Pace (Barren-Barraen), 16 Apr 1875.
No First, s/o Jos W & Harriett (WHITLOW) Pace (NC?-Barren), 12 Sep 1860.
Purgos?, s/lo Jos W & Louisa (WILLIAMS) Pace (Barren-Barren), Nov 1874.

PAGE, No First, d/o William & L S (HENSLEY) Page (Monroe-Barren), 1 Mar 1876.
PARIGIN, No First, d/o Edward & Mary A (HILL) Parigin (Washington Co VA-Russell), 1874.
PARKE, D O, s/oJ N & N J (FRANKLIN) Parke (Barren-Barren), 20 Sep 1878.
PARKS, James A, s/o W W & Estella B (SHAW) Parks (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 5 Apr 1907.
PARK, Martha A, d/o Mathew AYMES and Nancy B PARK (Cumberland-Barren), 25 May 1875.
PARK, Robert A, s/o Joseph N & Nancy J (FRANKLIN) Park (Barren-Barren), 22 July 1875.
PARSONS, Ann E, d/o Drury & Louisa A (KELTNER) Parsons (VA-Adair), 5 July 1861.
PARSONS, Thomas F, unreadable as clerk was off a line, born 5 May 1875.
PATTERSON, James M, s/o B & Polly B (ROGERS) Patterson (Adair-Adair), 14 May 1860.
PATTERSON, V B, s/o J T & S E Patterson (Adair-Cumberland), 24 Sep 1876.
PAYNE, Gordon, s/o Edgar & Mattie (PEDEN) Payne (Monroe-Barren), 20 Oct 1906.
PECK, John H, s/o Albert H & Julia A (SHIVES) Peck (Adair-Henry Co VA), 22 Feb 1875.

Charles H, s/o Charles H & Laura (DAVIS) Peddigo (Wayne-Barren) 27 Oct 1874.
Cornelius M, s/o Julius C & Mary (KESSLER) Pedigo (Adair-Barren), 28 Mar 1875.
Daniel R, s/o J T & Judia (HAY) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), Aug 1861.
Elvira, d/o James E & Mary E (WHITLOW) Pedigo, 7 Nov 1876. ?? clerk off a line.
Estella, d/o Lewis T & Emeline (WHITTON) Pedigo (VA-Barren), 1860.
Ida M, d/o C F & M A (WILLIAMS) Peddigo (Barren-Barren), Oct 1876.
James L, s/o J R & M J (HUFF) Peddigo (Barren-Russell), 28 May 1876.
Jay, s/o W N Pedigo & Mary E WILKERSON (Metcalfe-Adair), 14 Apr 1878.
Joseph E, s/o Edward G & Martha A Pedigo (Barren-Barren),13 Nov 1875.
Lizzie E, d/o Thomas J & Martha M (NANCE) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), 3 June 1875.
M A, female - clerk off a line, 2 Dec 1875.
Mahala E, d/o James R & Sarah E (THOMPSON) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), 1 Aug 1875.
Mary M, d/o John T & Martha E (MURRAY) Peddigo (Barren-Barren), 18 July 1874.
No First, d/o Sarah E Pedigo, no father given (Barren-Barren), 17 Oct 1875.
No First, d/o William H & Nancy (DOUGLAS) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), 30 Aug 1875.
Preston C, s/o W J & Bedie G (FORREST) Pedigo, lived Center KY (Barren-Metcalfe), 8 June 1907.
Samuel R, s/o Julius & Mary J (KESLER) Peddigo (Barren-Barren), 15 Oct 1874.
Walter, s/o H C & Lizzie (RAY) Pedigo (Warren-TN) 9 July 1878.
William, s/o Henry T & Martha (PERKINS) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), 26 Sept 1875.
Wm A, s/o J H & Amanda E (GEE) Pedigo (Barren-Barren), 17 Sep 1860.
Willis A, s/o James E & Mary E (WHITTON) Peddigo (Barren-Barren), 11 Mar 1874.

PENDLETON, John F, s/o Theopholis & Sarah V (PACE) Pendleton (Adair-Green), 18 Jun 1874.
PENDLETON, Mary M, d/o James H & Ann E (BUCKNER) Pendleton (Sullivan Co MO-Monroe), born Green Co, 23 Aug 1875.

PENICK, Lou Sarah, d/o Wilford & Louvena B (WALKUP) Penick (Adair-Adair), 9 Oct 1874.

Arlis S, s/o B J & Annie (JEFFRIES) Pennington, born Center KY (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 18 Feb 1907.
John W, s/o Joshua & Sarah D (HURST) Pennington (unknown-Pulaski), "a bad egg", 11 Dec 1876. Unknown who the comment by the doctor referred to.

Arthersea, d/o William H & Mary E (WORD) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 13 Dec 1874.
James L, s/o James & Huldah (POYNTER) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 2 Apr 1874.
L W, s/o C H & Amanda (NORRIS) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 1 Sep 1876.
Lewis F, s/o William H & Elvira (FRANKLIN) Perkins (KY-Barren), 18 Jul 1875.
Nancy M, d/o Lewis J & Parthenia J (EDWARDS) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 10 Aug 1861.
Nancy S, d/o James W & Elizabeth A (ESTES) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 18 Jan 1874.
Nettie E, d/o J H & Maude (MEDLEY) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 14 July 1907.
No First, s/o Carroll H & Amanda L (NORRIS) Perkins (Barren-Barren), 12 Dec 1874.
R L, s/o Robt & Mary (BUNCH) Perkins (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 6 July 1907.

PERRY, Maggie A, d/o W H & Corilla (SAVAGE) Perry (Hart-Hart), 8 Aug 1878.
PERRY, William W, s/o George & Susan A (SLINKER) Perry (Adair-Green), 15 Aug 1861.

PHILPOT, Thos S, s/o J H & S C (WILLIAMS) Philpot (IL-Hart), 29 Apr 1860.

PIERCE, John H, s/o W C & Julia A (HUBBARD) Pierce (Green-Green), Nov 1875.
PIERCE, William R, s/o William E & Julia A (HUBBARD) Pierce (Green-Unk), born Crittenden Co, 5 Mar 1874.

PIPER, Oliver A, s/o Thomas M & E J (FERGUSON) Piper (Barren-Barren), 29 Jun 1861.
PIPER, Sarah F, d/o John M & Ann Eliza E (ALLEN) Piper (Barren-Barren), 1874.

PIRCHPURCH/BIRCH?, Lulu, d/o J H & Ida (STEPHENS) Pirch/Purch/Birch, (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), May 1907.
PITMAN, Hazeltine W, d/o Sterling C H & Rebecca (SMITH) Pitman (Harlan-Green), 1 Jan 1874.

L M, d/oWillis & Marcella (PEDDIGO) Polson (Barren-Barren), 26 Dec 1876.
No First, d/o same, 27 Dec 1875.
No First, s/o Wm E & Elizabeth (STRONG) Polson (Barren-Barren), 26 Aug 1861.

POOL, Charley, s/o Jno J & Nancy (HARBISON) Pool (Barren-Barren), 1860.
POOL, Edgar, s/o John P? & Mary A (BELCHER) Pool (Barren-Adair), 12 Sep 1875.

POOR, s/o Ben & Mary J (BENNETT) Poor (Fentress Co TN-Adair), 15 Oct 1874.

PORTER, J P, s/o C P & Margaret (DAVIS) Porter (VA-Barren), 27 Nov 1861.
PORTER, No first, s/o W T & Nancy J (DUKE) Porte (VA-Barren), 11 Dec 1876.

Adolphus, s/o Anderson & Martha (TRENT) Poynter (Barren-Barren), 17 Oct 1875.
J W, s/o charles M & Frances (MITCHELL) Poynter (Barren-Barren), 31 Mar 1875.
James C, s/o Anderson & Martha above, 23 Feb 1874.
M W, d/o William & Nancy E (SLINKER) Poynter (Barren-Barren), 20 Aug 1878.
Mary M, d/o Thomas M & Mary E (MARTIN) Poynter (Barren-Barren), 12 Jan 1875.
No First, d/o Josiah & Sarah A (FURGERSON) Poynter (Adair-Barren), 16 Nov 1874.
Roltha M, d/o T A & Susan M (FERGUSON) Poynter (Adair-Barren), 7 Feb 1874.
S J, d/o Paschal A & S M (FERGUSON) Poynter (Barren-Barren), 25 May 1876.
Stella M, d/o Jno D & Girdie (FERGUSON) Poynter (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), lived Savoyard, 30 Dec 1906.
Vester L, d/o J T & Tabitha (KINSLOW) Poynter, lived East Fork (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 12 Mar 1907.

PREWITT, No First, s/o N T & Ida (STOVALL) Prewitt, lived Center KY (Green-Metcalfe), 22 Apr 1907.

G A, s/o John A & Frances (ASBERRY) Price (Washington Co?-VA), 5 Jun 1861.
George R, s/o Charles J & Catharine E (THOMPSON) Price (Barren-Barren), Jul 1875.
John H, s/o William E & Martha (LOCK) Price (Barren-Barren), 6 Nov 1875.
Mary F, d/o John R & Matilda J (THOMPSON) Price (Adair-Barren), 10 Mar 1874.
No First, s/o Jno G & Eva G (CASSADY) Price (Hart-Metcalfe), lived Hubbard KY, 4 Aug 1907.

PRITCHARD, Alfred M, s/o William M & Sarah J (PERRY) Pritchard (Blount Co TN-Barren), 6 Aug 1875.
PRUETT, W R, s/o Georege W & N A D (JEFFERS) Pruett (Taylor-Green), 11 May 1876.

B K, s/o W H & Naoma G (KEEN) Pulliam (Adair-Green), 3 Dec 1861.
Carrie E, d/o J N & Catharine (THOMAS/TURNER??) Pulliam (VA-Cumberland), 7 Apr 1860.
Thos, s/o J D & Elizabeth (WALLACE) Pulliam (Adair-Green), 8 Nov 1861.

PITMAN, Hazeltine W, d/o Sterling C H & Rebecca (SMITH) Pitman (Harlan-Green), 1 Jan 1874.

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