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Sandi Gorin has graciously allowed us to include her research into the births of Metcalfe County that were recorded in 1860-61, 1874-77, or 1906-07. For a complete, printed copy of her book, Metcalfe County Vital Statistics, or any of her other excellent genealogy resources, contact Sandi.

Format: Last name, First name, sex, parents, parent's birthplaces, date of birth

S___, Rebecca E, d/o Wm & Sarah J (WILLIAMS) S___ (Barren-Cumberland), 27 Oct 1860

SALLIE, James H, s/o Alfred SALLY & Mary E POYNTER (VA-Metcalfe), 26 Dec 1874.
SALLIE, Velona V, d/o John F & Rachel J (OLLER/OILER) Sallie (Lee Co VA-Adair), 26 Dec 1874.

J R, s/o Thadium J & Fidela (SCAGS) Salmons (VA-Barren), 21 Aug 1861.
Katie E, d/o James D & Ermin (BULLINGTON) Salmons (Henry Co VA-Barren), 15 Aug 1874.
L B, d/o T L & Fadelia M (SKAGGS) Salmons (Henry Co VA-Barren), 5 Apr 1876.
Mildred, d/o J D & E F (BULLINGTON) Salmons (VA-Metcalfe), 24 Jun 1878. Note difference in place of birth of mother).
Nettie, d/o James J & Sarah J (RODGERS) Salmons (Henry Co VA-Adair), Dec 1875.

SANDERS, J W, s/o J W & Lurrey? (CHANEY) Sandaers (NC-Hart), 7 Dec 1860.
SANDUSKY, Carrell M, s/o J W & Bettie (HUMES) Sandusky (Casey-Cumberland), 23 Dec 1906.

SARTIN, Albina F, d/o Joel & Mary (PACE) Sartin (Barren-Barren), 1 Feb 1861.
SARTIN, E A, d/o J N & N J (SHIVES) Sartain (Barren-Barren), no date.
SARTIN, J E, s/o Lewis & M L or T (HARRIS) Sartain (Barren-Monroe), 26 Jul 1876.

A M, s/o Moses & Mary J (PACE) Scott (Cumberland-Barren), 2 Oct 1861.
Andrew M, s/o Ben C & Mary C (CHINKER) Scott (Barren-unknown), 20 Nov 1875.
Daniel ,s/o G W & Mary J (DAVIS) Scott (Barren-Barren), 13 Sep 1876.
Edward W, s/o John W & M J S (ESTES) Scott (Cumberland-Barren), 9 Oct 1876.
Elizabeth J, d/o James T & Helen (ANDERSON) Scott (Adair-KY), 5 Aug 1860.
Geo J, s/o H M & ___ (faded out) (TN-Adair), 23 Aug 1860.
H W, s/o John A & M J (ESTES) Scott (Cumberland-Adair), 6 Aug 1878.
John W, s/o William H & Sarah E (TOBY/GOBY?) Scott (Barren-Barren), 9 Sep 1874.
Lula M, d/o E D & Carry L (GALLOWAY) Scott (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), born Center, 5 Nov 1906.
Mary C, d/o Geo A & Lizzie A (STILTS) Scott, dead, lived Center, (Taylor-Green), 27 Feb 1907.
No First, d/o James H & Marissa (WILCOXSON) Scott (Barren-Barren), 2 May 1876.
No First, d/o G W & Mary J (DAVIS) Scott (Barren-Barren), 4 May 1876.
No First, d/o George W & Mary J DAVIS) Scott (Barren-Smith Co VA), 20 Oct 18874. Note difference in mother's birthplace.
R C, s/o James G & Sarah Bell Scott (Cumberland-Adair), 22 Mar 1878.

SELTON?, No First, s/o J F & M C (SEXTON) Selton (Adair-Adair), 17 Sep 1876. Possibly last name was Sexton?

Edmonia, d/o Jno & Nancy G Sexton (Barren-Barren),12 Mar 1860.
No First, s/o Man? & Alma (MILLS) Sexton (Green-Barren), 23 Jun 1907.
No First, s/o Elijah & Lucy (HARRISON) Sexton (Green-Hart), Dec 1861.
Thos R, s/o J W & H N (CLIFTON) Sexton (Cumberland-Green), parents resided Adair Co, 23 Sep 1861.

SHANNON, Lida, d/o Robert & Mary L (COURTNEY) Shannon (Barren-MO), Aug 1876.

Byron, s/o Lonnie & Gertie (HURT) Shaw (Metcalf-Cumberland), 11 Dec 1906.
J R, s/o F M & M E (SMITH) Shaw (Cumberland-Cumberland),2 Dec 1876.
Jacob H, s/o Sanford H & Mary E (HURT) Shaw (Cumberland-Barren), 21 Nov 1874.
Jos S, s/o G W & Emaline Shaw (Barren-Barren), born Cumberland Co, 19 Jul 1860.
Lewis T or F, s/o John W & Sarah (ATWELL) Shaw (Barren-Barren), born Green Co, 9 Jan 1861.
Lougenie B, d/o Evan & Mary A (BARRON) Shaw (VA-Cumberland), 13 Jan 1874.
No First, s/o Joel & Frances Shaw (Adair-Barren), 6 May 1875.
Permelia C, d/o Joseph & Patsy S (LOW) Shaw (VA-TN?), 4 Mar 1861.
R W, s/o Elise? and Margaret A (ATWILL) Shaw (SC-Hart), 22 Sep 1860.
Rachel, d/o Evan & Mary A (BROWN) Shaw (VA-Cumberland), 28 Jun 1876.
Rosa E, d/o William A & Perlina A (CREECY) Shaw (Cumberland-Cumberland), 16 Sep 1875.
William M, s/o Will A & Perlina S above, 15 Sep 1875.

SHIPLEY, Timinda J, d/o George M & Mary E (LOVE/LAND?) Shipley (Hopkins Co KY-Barren), 21 Nov 1874.

SHIRLEY, Eugene, s/o William & M E (SLEMMONS) Shirley (Barren-Barren), 24 Jun 1878.
SHIRLEY, J C W, s/o John & N S (MERES?) Shirley (TN-White Co TN), 7 Aug 1876.
SHIRLEY, Louella, d/o William M & Virginia (SMITH) Shirley (Green-Barren), born Barren Co, 11 May 1874.
SHIRLEY, Mollie, d/o William & H E (SLEMMONS) Shirley (Barren-Barren), 11 Jan 1876. Different initial for mother.
SHIRLEY, No First Name, d/o William L & QUINTELLA (HARBESRSON) Shirley (Barren-Barren), 9 July 1878.
SHIRLEY, No First Name, s/o E H & Mary E (NUNN) Shirley (Fentress Co TN-Barren), 14 Mar 1875.

SHIVES, A M, s/o J C & F J (CALLAHAN) Shives (Adair-Adair), 30 Mar 1876.
SHIVES, B F, s/o P A & Martha (McKNIGHT) Shives (Adair-Monroe), 18 Mar 1861.
SHIVES, Lelia, d/o J M & M A (GARMON) Shives (Cumberland-Cumberland), 6 Aug 1876.
SHIVES, Levira E, d/o George W & Martha E (REID) Shives (Cumberland-Adair), Aug 1875.
SHIVES, P V, d/o James & S A (GARMAN) Shives (Cumberland-Cumberland), 4 Sep 1878.
SHIVES, Willie E, s/o James & Lucinda (SHIRLEY) Shives (Adair-Barren), 4 Jun 1875.

SHOCKLEY, Thos B, s/o Thos J & Elizabeth C (BOLELLS?) SHOCKLEY (Barren-Barren), 20 Sep 1861.
SHOFNER, Sarah E, d/o Henry & Susan C (CARTER) Shofner) (Taylor-Barren), 3 Jul 1861.
SHUFFETT, W F, s/o J K P & N L (THOMPSON) Shuffett (Green-Barren), 23 Mar 1876.
SHUFFITT, Maria B, d/o F or T & Elizabeth F (STARK) Shuffitt (Cumberland-Barren), Mar or Nov 1860.
SHULTS, M O or P, s/o R A & A M (FRANKLIN) Shultz (IN-IN), 11 Oct 1906.
SILLS, Darien M C, d/o Benjamin F & Ann V (BEELER) Sills (Barren-Barren), 20 Sep 1874.
SILL, Ruel L, d/o William M & Lucinda C (PACE) Sill (Barren-Barren), 28 Aug 1874.
SIMMONS, Carrell K, s/o J M & Dot (ASBERRY) Simmons (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 8 Jan 1907.
SIMMONS, John G, s/o Nacy J & Elizabeth (HURT) Simmons (Barren-Cumberland), 23 Jul 1875.
SIMPSON, Liddie E, d/o Jacob C & Melissa (BUSHONG) Simpson (Monroe-Monroe), 24 Jan 1875.

SKAGGS, Fannie, d/o W B & Louisa (DOOLIN) Skaggs, 21 Oct 1878.
SKAGGS, No First, s/o W L & M M (JAMES) Skaggs (Adair-Adair), 8 Mar 1876.
SKAGGS, Hellen, d/o James A & Lauretta (TRENT) Skaggs (Barren-Barren), 5 Dec 1874.
SKAGGS, Pleasant E, s/o William B & Louise (DOOLIN) Skaggs (Barren-Adair), 5 May 1874.
SKAGGS, R B H, s/o above, Jun 1876.

SLEMMONS, Robt B, s/o Washington & Elizabeth F (BROWN) Slemmons (Barren-TN), 30 Aug 1861.
SLEMMONS, Walter D, s/o Richard W & Mary C (DEPP) Slemmons (Barren-Barren), 11 Jun 1875.

SLINKER, Alice, d/o D W & Elizabth (HAWKINS) Slinker, (Green-Green), 23 Sept 1876.
SLINKER, Ann Eliza, d/o Joseph A & Mary J (GOODEN) Slinker (Taylor-Barren), 12 Aug 1874.
SLINKER, Callie A, d/o Jas C & Leva/Lera (NUNN) Slinker (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), born Savoyard 29 Sept 1906.
SLINKER, Flora M, d/o James A & Mary M (BRAGG) Slinker (Barren-Barren), 19 Dec 1874.
SLINKER, Loweret?, d/o S H & Lou (SIMMONS) Slinker (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 20 Nov 1907.
SLINKER, No First, d/o F M & Martha Y (HOLLARD/HOLLAND?) Slinker (Green-Adair), Sept 1861.
SLINKER, William A, s/o H C & Malinda (FERGUSON) Slinker (Green- Barren), born in Hart Co, parents lived in Hart Co, 5 Apr 1861.
SLINKER, William J, s/o William J & Percila M (FORD) Slinker (Green-Green), 12 Apr 1874.

SMITH, A F, d/o Thomas J & Prudie (FROGG) Smith (Metcalfe-TN), 24 Dec 1878.
SMITH, Annie, d/o J W & Eliza J (YOUNG) Smith (Barren-Fentress Co TN), 5 Jul 1878.
SMITH, Arminta, d/o S P & Margaret (BEARD) Smith (Green-Metcalfe), 15 Dec 1878.
SMITH, Arthur B, s/o William V & Mary J (JESSE) Smith (Adair-Cumberland), 30 Oct 1875.
SMITH, C D, s/o W W & Lucretia (BACON) Smith (Barren-TN), 28 Feb 1876.

SMITH, Charles L, s/o James F & Mary C (SALMONS) Smith (Adair-Henry Co VA), 27 Sep 1874.
SMITH, Dora d/o J A & Q U (MILLER) Smith (Barren-Barren), 15 Sep 1878.
SMITH, E L or S, s/o Nancy A Smith (Barren-Barren) (no father named), 3 Oct 1860.
SMITH, Eliza, d/o John C & S E (HARDY) Smith (Barren-Barren), 7 Jul 1876.
SMITH, Emer?, s/o John H & Ellen (MILLER) Smith (Barren-Barren), 21 Sep 1875.

SMITH, F E, d/o J T & C E (HARDY) Smith (Barren-Barren), 9 Apr 1875. Likely one above with initials different.
SMITH, Fanny P, d/o E J & Mary J (BOSTON) Smith, lived Center K (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 31 Mar 1907.
SMITH, James R Y s/o John T & Mary E (ROBERTSON) Smith (Barren-Barren), 7 Jul 1874.
SMITH, Joseph H, s/o J W & Sallie J (PAYNE) Smith (Barren-Barren), 23 Dec 1875.
SMITH, Lelia B, d/o Stephens P & Margaret (BEARD) Smith (Green-Barren), 8 Aug 1875. (Note difference in mother's place of birth).

SMITH, Lorenzo D, s/o David W & Lou Ann C (HARDY) Smith (Barren-Barren), 24 Apr 1874.
SMITH, Melvina, d/o T H & Martha E (FORREST) Smith (Barren-Barren), 7 May 1875.
SMITH, No First, d/o John & Susan (NUNN) Smith (TN-Barren), 15 Oct 1876.
SMITH, Polly P, d/o Elisha & Susan C (CREASY) Smith (Cumberland-Cumberland),15 May 1874.

SMITH, S E, d/o J W & S E (RUNYON) Smith (Barren-Barren), 7 Aug 1876.
SMITH, S L B, d/o D W & Lou Ann (HARVY) Smith (Barren-Barren), 6 Nov 1875.
SMITH, S M, d/o A F & Telitha (SPRADLIN) Smith (Barren-Taylor), 5 Jan 1878.
SMITH, W W, s/o Thomas J & Prudy (FROGG) Smith (Barren-Fentress Co TN), 6 Jul 1876.
SMITH, Walter, s/o Henry & Myrtle (COMPTON) Smith (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 11 May 1907.
SMITH, William L, s/o William Y & Jessie T Smith (Adair-Cumberland), 16 Mar 1874.

SOUTH, Alex, s/o J C & Lizzie (EDWARDS) South, lived Center (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 1 Aug 1907.
SOUTH, Flora A d/o John & Susan (NUNN) South (TN-Metcalfe), 16 Feb 1878.
SOUTH, R E, d/o James M & W J (MORGAN) South (VA-Green), 18 Oct 1876.

SOWERS, No First, s/o J P & Mary M (CRENSHAW) Sowers (VA-VA), 1 Jun 1861.

SPARKS, J W, s/o S D & M E (RUSH) Sparks (Adair-Barren), 28 Feb 1878.
SPARKS, Mary F, d/o Stephen & Martha E (RUSH) Sparks (Barren-Barren), 28 Dec 1875.
SPARKS, Nancy E, d/o Jeremiah & Serena G (DOOLEY) Sparks (Adair-Adair), 15 Oct 1874.

SPRADLIN, George, s/o Henry & Martha (CLEMMONS) Spradlin (Metcalfe-Wayne), 11 Jan 1907.
SPRADLING, F K, s/o J M & Martha (BRADLEY) Spradling (Wayne-Barren), 17 Jul 1876.

STARK, Cora, d/o L L & M H (THOMPSON) Stark (Barren-Barren), 3 Dec 1878.
STARK, George L, s/o Daniel & Margarett H (THOMPSON) Stark (Barren-Barren), Oct 1874.
STARKS, Joseph C, s/o William T & Narcissa (STARKS) Starks (Barren-Barren), 11 Jan 1875.

STEPHENS, M S, d/o Joshua & Lucetta (JAMES) Stephens (Russell-Adair), 11 Dec 1860.
STEPHENS, Malinda J, d/o ___ & Martha JAMES/JONES (Marshall-Adair),14 Feb 1860.
STEPHENS, Othy P, s/o J L & Renie B (WALBERT) Stephens (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), 13 Apr 1907.
STEPHENS, W D, s/o A J & Lucy Stephens (Mis---Russell), 13 Oct 1860.

STILTS, Martha, d/o George & Patsy (NUNN) Stilts (Marion-NC), 21 Jun 1861.

STOVALL, Edgar R, s/o Wm M & Ollie E (RUTLEDGE) Stovall (Metcalfe-Metcalfe), lived Center, 12 Dec 1906
STOVALL, Henry F, s/o J B & Melissa J (RICHARDSON) Stovall (Hart-Hart), 11 Mar 1861.
STOVALL, Mary E, d/o John T & Lucinda (DAVINPORT) Stovall (Barren-Green), 4 Aug 1874.
STOVALL, Robert, s/o W C & S J (PIPER) Stovall (Allen-Barren), 4 Feb 1876.
STOVALL, W M, s/o J A & Bettie (MORRIS) Stovall (Metcalfe-Casey), 2 May 1878.

SYRA, George H, s/o John & Cicely A (DURHAM) Syra (Barren-Pulaski), Apr 1875.
SYRA, Mandy J, father's name faded out & Lucy (RUNYON) Syra (Barren-Barren), 22 Feb 1860.
SYRA, Mary, d/o James A & Sallie (RUNYON) Syra (Barren-Barren), 9Nov 1860.
SYRA, Nancy E, d/o Asa F & Caroline (HUNT/HURT) Syra (Adair-VA), 3 Nov 1860.
SYRA, William A, s/o A L & Lucy (RUNYON) Syra (Barren-Barren), 17 Apr 1876.

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