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USGS Knox County Cemetery Locations

 Name Cemetery Location
  Abe Bargo  
  Abe Hammons  
  Abner Family  
  Abner Wells Artemus
  Acorn Fork Cemetery  
  Adams Unknown
  Adams/Wilson Cemetery  
  Allen Hammond
  Allen Messer Stinking Creek
  Amanda Bright Hammons Stinking Creek
  Amis Possum Hollow
  Anderson Smith Cemetery  
  Apple Grove Cemetery  
  Arthur Flat Lick
  Ashen Holler  
  Artemus Cemetery  
transcription Bain  
  Baker Jeff's Creek
  Barbourville City Barbourville
transcription Bargo Unknown
transcription Bargo, Abe Unknown
transcription Bargo, Finley Unknown
  Bargo, Larkin Salt Gum
  Bargo, Levi Salt Gum
  Bargo, Rufus Unknown
  Barton Unknown
  Bay-Partin Cemetery  
  Beatty Bailey Switch
  Bingham, Lower Middle Fork Stinking Creek
  Bingham, Lucinda Roaring Fork
  Bingham, Upper Middle Fork Stinking Creek
transcription Binghamtown Unknown
  Binghamtown Dewitt
transcription Black Unknown
  Black Gray
  Bowling Dewitt
  Brafford Rossland
  Brewer Walker
  Bright Hammonds
  Bright, Amanda Hammons Stinking Creek
  Bright, John R Stinking Creek
transcription Brittain Unknown
transcription Broughton Unknown
  Broughton, Job AKA Friendship Church Houston-Broughton Holler
  Broughton, Tommy Stinking Creek
transcription Brown Unknown
transcription Bruce Unknown
transcription Brush Creek Unknown
  Bryant Unknown
transcription Burch-Hembree Unknown
  Callebs Creek Callebs Creek
  Calvary Corbin
  Campbell Bailey Switch
  Campbell Paint Hill
transcription Campbell, John Unknown
  Candle Ridge Church Cemetery Gray
  Carnes Turkey Creek
  Carnes, Caney Lost Fork
  Carnes, Dee Walker
  Carnes, James Roaring Fork
transcription Carnes, Mitchell Unknown
  Carnes, Noah Walker
  Carnes-Dewitt School Dewitt
  Carnes-Messer Laurel Branch
  Carnes-Warren Roaring Fork
  Carter AKA Wells Dowis Chapel Rd
  Carty Family Girdler
  Childres Unknown
  Clay Gap Pigeon Roost
transcription Clouse Unknown
  Cobb Unknown
  Cobb, Rachel Black Unknown
  Cobb Tedders
  Collett Alex Creek
  Concord Baptist Church Cemetery Flat Lick
  Coon Branch Unknown
  Cottongim Unknown
  Cox Gray
transcription Croley Unknown
transcription Davis Gray
  Davis Davis Bend
  Disney, John Bailey's Switch
  Doolin-Tuggle-Messer Heidrick
transcription Dowis Unknown
transcription Dowis Chapel Unknown
transcription Dozier Unknown
  Dozier Unknown
transcription Elliott Mackey Bend
transcription Elliott Unknown
  Ellison Gray
transcription Emanuel Unknown
transcription Engle Unknown
  Evergreen Flat Lick
  Farley Himyar
  Farris, James Gray
transcription Farris, James Unknown
transcription Farris, Parks Britton Unknown
transcription Faulkner Chapel Unknown
  Fisher Heidrick
transcription FlatLick Unknown
transcription Foley Unknown
transcription Fore-Frost Unknown
  Four Mile aka Hendrickson Unknown
  Frost, Betty Disappointment Holler
  Gambrel Spruce Pines
  Garland Gray or Rossland
  Gibson, J H Fount
  Gilbert Highway 1304
  Girdler Girdler
  Glasscock Indian Creek
  Goodin Goodin Branch
transcription Gray Unknown
  Gray-Cox Gray
  Gray-Foley Paint Hill
  Gregory Hammons Fork
  Grindstaff Barbourville
  Gross Gray
  Grubb Callebs Creek

Hammons Road Fork Stinking Creek
  Hammons Stinking Creek
  Hammons, Frank Brice's Creek
transcription Hammons-Carnes Unknown
  Hammons-Ledford Greenroad
  Hampton Girdler
  Hampton Swan Pond
  Hawn Hwy 1304
transcription Helton Unknown
  Helton Hwy 1304
  Helton, Aberry Rossland
transcription Helton, Bertha Unknown
  Helton, James Little Indian Creek
  Helton, Joab Little Indian Creek
  Helton, John Colvin Unknown
transcription Helton, Parks Unknown
  Hembree Bargo Hill
  Hendricks Unknown
  Hendricks-Hendrickson Unknown
transcription Herndon Unknown
  Hinkle Branch Road Fork
  Hinkle, Kenneth Stinking Creek
  Hollin Gray
  Home AKA Hopkins Alex Creek
  HopewellChurch Unknown
transcription Hopper Unknown
  Hughes Hill Girdler
  *Hutchins Baileys Switch
transcription Hutton Unknown
  Indian Creek Indian Creek
  Indian-Gap Unknown
  Jackson, Daniel Scalf
  Jackson-Garland Cannon
transcription Jarvis Unknown
  Jarvis Jarvis Store
  Johnson Heidrick
transcription Johnson Unknown
  Jones Green Road
transcription Jones Unknown
  Jones-Hurst Valentine Branch
  Jordan, Calvin Hammons Fork
  Keck Gray
  Kinningham, George Kinningham Branch
  Kinningham, Lyon Kinningham Branch
transcription Kitchen Unknown
  Knox Fork Knox Fork
transcription Lee Unknown
transcription Lee Rapier Unknown
  Liberty Church Cemetery Corbin
transcription Lynn Camp Unknown
  Lynn Camp Corbin
  MacRoe Macroe Branch
  Manning Road Fork Stinking Creek
transcription Marion Unknown
  Martin-Logan Bargo Hill
  Martin-Payne Bimble
  Mayhew Sharps Gap
transcription Mayhew 2 Unknown
transcription Mays Unknown
  McDonald Heidrick
  Mealer Barbourville
  Messer Salt Gum
  Messer, Dr.Allen Stinking Creek
  Messer, Isaac Stinking Creek
  Messer, James F Lost Fork
  Messer, John W Lost Fork
  Messer, Moses Lost Fork
  Messer, Nathan Big Creek
transcription Middlefork Unknown
transcription Miles Unknown
  Miller Davis Bend
  Miller Past Woodbine
transcription Miller Unknown
transcription Mills Big Creek
  Mills Big Creek
  Mills, Canie Walker
  Mills, Henry Road Fork Stinking Creek
transcription Mills, Joe Unknown
transcription Mills, Johnnie Unknown
transcription Mills, Julia Unknown
  Mills, Lige Buckeye Branch
transcription Mills, Lige Unknown
  Mills, Long Tom Stinking Creek
  Mills, Obie Mills creek
  Mills, Tom Big Creek
  Mills-Parrott Parrot Branch
  Mills-Simpson Walker
  Morris Cannon
  Morris-Yeager Bimble
  Moses Messer  
transcription Mt Olivet Unknown
  Mud Lick Mud Lick
  Neal Corbin
  New Bethel Cranes Nest
transcription Old Flat Lick Flat Lick
transcription Old Helton Unknown
transcription Old Lee Unknown
  Parker-Woolum Unknown
transcription Partin Unknown
  Patterson Heidrick
  Patterson, William Stinking Creek
  Payne Bimble
  Payne Hinkle
  Payne, Leonard Harrison Hwy 1304
  Payne, Rachel Bimble
  Payne-Martin-Mooneyham Hinkle
transcription Perkins Unknown
transcription Phipps Unknown
  Phipps-Emanuel Unknown
  Pine Hill Corbin
  Powell Bimble
  Powers Brush Creek
transcription Prichard Unknown
transcription Purciful Unknown
  Resthaven Corbin
transcription Rice Unknown
transcription Richland Unknown
transcription Ricketts-Sowards Unknown
  Riley, Nan Hammons Fork
transcription Road Fork Unknown
transcription Rufus Bargo Middle Fork
transcription Sandlick Unknown
  Sandy Branch Flat Lick
  Scalf Howard Unknown
transcription School House Unknown
  Sexton Gray
  Sexton Carter Gray
transcription Shupe aka Haun Unknown
  Simpson aka Smith Dewitt
transcription Small Unknown
  Smith Coal Port
  Smith, Anderson Hammons Fork
  Smith, Harrison Hammons Fork
  Smith, Harrison Boone Heights
  Smith-Westerfield Woodbime
  Sowders Artemus
transcription Spurlock Creek Unknown
transcription Stacey Unknown
  Stewart Flat Lick
transcription Stinking Creek Unknown
transcription Stoney Fork Unknown
  Swafford-Taylor Hammons Fork
  Tanyard Barbourville
  Taylor-Broughton Alex Creek
  Teague Unknown
transcription Terrell, William Unknown
  Thomas Reese Hollow
transcription Thomson Unknown
transcription Trace Branch Unknown
transcription Trosper Unknown
transcription Tuggle Unknown
  Doolin-Tuggle-Messer Heidrick
transcription Unknown Unknown
transcription Valentine George Martin and Ann Radford Scott Memorial Cemetery Barbourville
  Walker, Pal Walker
transcription Warfield Unknown
  Warren Himyar
  Warren, James H Trace Branch
  Warren, John E Stinking Creek
  Warren, Polly Stinking Creek
transcription Warren, Polly Unknown
transcription Wells Unknown
transcription Wells, Abner Unknown
  Williamson Stinking Creek
  Williamson Walker
  Willis Hwy 11 aqnd Hwy 3438
  Wilson Golden Creek
  Wilson Unknown
  Wilson-Black Jarvis Store
transcription Wilton Unknown
  Wofford Wofford
  Woodson Turkey Creek
  Woolum-Davis Little Brush Creek
  Yeager-Powell Bimble
Transcription Young Grove Baptist Unknown
Kentucky Cemetery Laws donated by Pati Sears-Burnett
KRS 381.690 Protection of burial grounds by cities

Whenever any burial grounds lie within the corporate limits of a city the governing authorities of the city shall protect the burial�grounds from being used for dumping grounds, building sites, playgrounds, places of entertainment and amusement, public parks, athletic fields or parking grounds. HISTORY: KS 2741p-1

Penalty, 381.8990(2)

KRS 381.697

Every cemetery in Kentucky except private cemeteries shall be maintained by its legal owner or owners, without respect to the�individuals owners of burial plots in the cemetery, in such a manner so as to keep the burial grounds or cemetery free of growth�of weeds, free from accumulated debris, displaced tombstones or other signs and indication of vandalism or gross neglect.

HISTORY: 1972 H 157, � 2, eff. 6-16-72

Penalty, 381.990(2)(4)

KRS 381.700

The governing authorities of any city within whose corporate limits any burying grounds lie may require the owner or those�having claims to the grounds to properly care for them.

HISTORY: KRS 2741p-2.

Penalty, KRS 381.990(2)

KRS 381.710 Evidence of dedication or use of land as burying ground.

The fact that any tract of land has been set apart for burial purposes and that a part or all of the grounds has been used for burial purposes shall be evidence that such grounds were set aside and used for burial purposes. The fact that graves are not visible�on any part of the grounds shall not be construed as evidence that such grounds were not set aside and used for burial�purposes. Effective: 1 October 1942

History: Recodified 1942 Ky Acts Ch. 208, sec 1, effective October 1, 1942, from Ky Stat. Sec 2741 p.-3.

KRS 381.715 Burial Rights in cemetery lots; abandonment; resale by cemetery (amended 18 March 1994)

(1) As used in the section, �cemetery lot3�4 is a lot containing one (1) or more grave spaces located within a cemetery registered�pursuant to KRS 367.946 in a county containing an urban-county government or in a city.

(2) An officer of the cemetery may cause to be filed, on behalf of the cemetery an action in the circuit court of the county where�the cemetery is located requesting that the burial rights in the unused portion of the lots in question be deemed abandoned and�that the cemetery be authorized to sell the rights upon entry of the court1�4s judgment. The defendants in the action shall be the�unknown heirs of the original owner of the burial rights in the lots in question.

(3) The petition shall include the following:

(A) The name of the original owner of the burial rights in the lots in question.

(B) The name of all persons buried in the lots and the date of burial, if known.

(C) The name, address and telephone of the cemetery office.

(D) An affidavit by the petitioner that:
1. No person has been buried in the cemetery lots in question for a period of at least one hundred (100) years.
2. The identity of any owner of the burial rights in the lot in question or any heir of the owner is unknown to any officer or employee of the cemetery and not discoverable after a good faith attempt by an officer or employee to identify the owner or heir.
(4) Service of process shall be by warned order attorney, appointed by the court pursuant to CR 4.07.
(5) If the court finds the allegations set forth in paragraph (d) of subsection (3) of this section to be true, the court shall enter�judgment deeming the burials rights in the lots in question abandoned and authorizing the cemetery to sell the rights.
(6) No judgment shall be entered declaring burial rights abandoned if an owner or heir of a cemetery lot has filed within the�cemetery a statement in writing directing that certain grave spaces not be used.
HISTORY: 1984 c 267, � 1, eff. 7-13-84

KRS 381.720 Abandoned cemetery in certain cities, proceedings to vest title in city

Whenever in the opinion of the legislative body of a city of the first, second, third, fourth or fifth class a cemetery located within�the boundaries of such city has been abandoned and the land comprising the said cemetery is needed for a public purpose, an�ordinance may be enacted declaring such cemetery, as described by metes and bounds, to be abandoned and authorizing the�city attorney to institute suit for the city or other governmental agency created by the city in the circuit court of the county in�which the city is located against the property comprising the cemetery to declare the said cemetery abandoned and to vest title�thereto in the said city, or any governmental agency created by it pursuant to or authority of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

HISTORY: 1964 c 24, � 1. Eff. 3-10-64

1954 c 29, � 1


Abandonment or discontinuance of cemeteries. 14 Am Jur 2d, Cemeteries � 21 to 24.

KRS 381.740 Assertion of claim to compensation for value of interest in cemetery or lot
Within thirty days after the last advertisement, and party having a claim to the cemetery or any lot therein or to the mortal�remains of a person interred therein, may file his claim in the said proceedings for damages as compensation for the value of his�interest in the cemetery or lot to which he has claim. Upon the filing of the aforesaid claim the circuit court shall appoint as�commissioners three impartial housekeepers who are owners of land. They shall be sworn to faithfully and impartially discharge�their duties. The commissioners shall view the land involved and they may hear evidence or make any inquiry they desire touching the value thereof and award to claimant who are owners thereof the value of the property taken. They shall return a written report to the office of the clerk of the circuit court describing separately the property which is subject of each claim.�Either the claimant or the complainant may file exceptions to this report and demand a jury trial. The commissioners shall be�allowed a reasonable fee which shall be taxed as cost.

HISTORY: 1964 c 24, � 3, eff. 3-10-64

1954 c 29, � 3


Property rights in lots or vaults; burial and incidental rights. 14 Am Jur 2d, Cemeteries � 25 et seq.
KRS 381.750 Judgment; removal of bodies and monuments
If no claim is made within thirty days after the last advertisement, or if claims have been made and compensation duly paid�either to the claimants or into court, the court shall declare the cemetery to be abandoned and enter judgment accordingly,�vesting fee simple title in the complainant. Thereafter claimants shall have thirty days in which to remove the mortal remains and�monuments from lots to which they have been adjudged to have claim, the reasonable cost thereof to be paid by the claimant.�If, within thirty days after entry of judgment said remains have not been removed by the claimants thereto, it shall be the duty of�such complainant, through its proper officers, to pay for the removal of the monument and the disinterment, removal, and the�reinterment of such body, or bodies, in such other cemetery in the county in which said city is located as the protesting lot�owner may designate, or if no designation be made, to another suitable cemetery in the county.

HISTORY: 1964 c 24, � 4, eff. 3-10-64

1954 c 29, � 4


Property rights to vaults and gravestones. 14 Am Jur 2d, Cemeteries � 33

Changing place of interment. 22 Am Jur 2d, Dead bodies � 22 to 28

Removal and reinterment of remains, 21 ALR2d 472

KRS 381.755 Removal of grave or cemetery on application of land owner or county; procedure; expenses

OAG 83-265. Liability for desecration of graves may exist when land that has been previously been used as a cemetery is� reused as a cemetery without first removing and reinterring the remains of those previously buried there. There is no liability for�desecration if the cemetery is abandoned so that nothing indicates there are graves in the ground, the person is without notice�that graves exist, and the public no longer recognizes the land as a cemetery.

KRS 381.755 Removal of grave or cemetery on application of land owner or county; procedure; expenses

(1) Upon application of the owner of property on which is located an abandoned grave or cemetery or whenever the fiscal� court or any county deems it to be in the best interest of the county to remove and relocate any such grave or cemetery the�court may issue an order or resolution authorizing such removal or relocation.
(2) The order or resolution for the removal and relocation of the grave or cemetery pursuant to subsection (1) shall specify and�declare that at any time after the expiration of sixty days after the first publication of notice of such intended action pursuant to�KRS Chapter 424, the court shall direct the removal and relocation of the grave or cemetery.

(3) Expenses for removal and relocation of any grave or cemetery under the provisions of this section shall be paid by the�individual requesting such removal or if the removal is made in the best interest of the county the expenses shall be paid by�county funds.

(4) Any grave or cemetery removed under the provisions of this section shall be relocated in suitable place at the expense of the�person or county requesting such removal and relocation.

(5) For the purposes of this section a grave or cemetery shall be considered abandoned when left untended for a period of ten�years preceding the date of the resolution for removal and relocation of the grave or cemetery.

KRS 433.660

Any person who willfully mutilates the graves, monuments, fences, shrubbery, ornaments, grounds or buildings in or enclosing�any cemetery or place of sepulture; or violates the grave of any person by willfully destroying, removing or damaging the head�or foot stones, or the tomb over the enclosure protecting any grave, or by digging into or plowing over or removing any ornament, shrubbery or flower placed upon any grave or lot shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred�dollars, or imprisoned for not more then six months, or both.

KRS 525.105 Desecration of venerated objects, first degree.

(1) A person is guilty of desecration of venerated objects in the first degree when, other than authorized by law, he intentionally�excavates or disinters human remains for the purpose of commercial sale or exploitation of the remains themselves or of objects�buried contemporaneously with the remains.

(2) Desecration of venerated objects in the first degree is a Class D felony. (Enact. Acts 1988, ch 19, � 1, effective March 30,�1988.)

KRS 525.110 Desecration of venerated objects, second degree.

(1) A person is guilty of desecration of venerated objects in the second degree when he intentionally:
(a) Desecrates any public monument or object or place of worship; or
(b) Desecrates in a public place the national or state flag or other patriotic or religious symbol which is an object of veneration�by the public or a substantial segment thereof.
(2) Desecration of venerated objects in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

(Enact. Acts 1974, ch 406, � 221; 1988, ch 119, � 2, effective March 30, 1988; 1992, ch. 420, � 3, effective July 14, 1992).

KRS 525.115 Violating graves
(1) A person is guilty of violating graves when he intentionally:
(a) Mutilates the graves, monuments, fences, shrubbery, ornaments, grounds, or buildings in or enclosing any cemetery or place�of sepulture; or
(b) Violates the grave of any person by destroying, removing, or damaging the headstone or footstone, or the tomb over the�enclosure protecting any grave; or
(c) Digs into or plows over or removes any ornament, shrubbery, or flower placed upon any grave or lot.
(2) The provision of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to ordinary maintenance and care of a cemetery nor the�removal and relocation of graves pursuant to procedures authorized by and in accordance with applicable statutes.

(3) Violating graves is a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class D felony for each subsequent offense.

(Enacts. Acts 1992, ch. 420, � 2, effective July 14, 1992.)

KRS 525.120 Abuse of a corpse
(1) A person is guilty of abuse of a corpse when except as authorized by law he intentionally treats a corpse in a way that�would outrage ordinary family sensibilities.

(2) Abuse of a corpse is a Class A misdemeanor.


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