Sandlick Branch on Bull Creek
Woolum, Knox County, Kentucky

SPROLES, John 10/25/1874 11/03/1937

SPROLES, Laura 03/01/1882 10/23/1925

SPROLES, Amanda SMITH 1911 1944 

COREY, Ethyl 06/14/1918 06/14/1918

COREY, John Joseph 11/20/1851 03/24/1914

COREY, William B. 05/17/1842 09/17/1914

COREY, Stella 01/20/1907 01/15/1911

BURNETT, Matt 12/31/1906 10/04/1937

BURNETT, Lester 06/09/1925 12/08/1927

SPROLES, Mary Elizabeth 07/29/1835 03/20/1925

This cemetery transcription was submitted to the Knox County Webpage for your use.  The information may or may not be outdated, incomplete or factual so use it only as a guide to help in your genealogy research. If you are in doubt, you may want to contact a different source. Nearly all genealogical and historical societies, and even many public libraries, have some transcribed cemetery inscriptions for their area.



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