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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, September 3, 1920.

Part One of Two


Heirs to Rich Estate.  Mrs. Victor Stone attended a reunion of the descendents of Mrs. Elizabeth Burnette, at Bradfordsville, Ky., last week.  Mrs. Stone is one of the heirs to an immense fortune which is now being investigated.  The Lebanon News of last Thursday said: "The reunion of the descendents of Mrs. Elizabeth Burnette which was held at Bradfordsville was largely attended.  One hundred and seven were present and seven different States were represented.  It was recently discovered that Mrs. Burnette owned two hundred acres of land in the Burke-Burnette oil fields of Texas and her heirs are arranging to have the property developed.  Many of the big oil companies are offering fabulous prices for the land but the present plan is to have wells drilled on the property which is in the heart of the biggest oil pool in the United States.  It is possible that the property will be worth millions of dollars."

Buried In Arlington:  Washington, Aug 28. - Among the five officers and sixty-one enlisted men who died overseas and who will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, are the following Kentuckians:  Private Elbert C. Boyd, Pulaski County; Walter L. Bray, Herman and Millard V. Demeyer of Fulton County.  Full military honors will be paid these hero's.

Richardson Appointed.  Governor Morrow this week appointed Col. J.M. Richardson, of this city, a member of the Fish and Game Commission.  The appointment is an excellent one and Mr. Richardson will make a splendid member.

Big Sale on September 15th, 10 A.M.  The John Keith farm located 3 miles from Somerset on Soule's Chapel road.  Be There.  Roby L. Johnson.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. A.W. Cain and daughter Mrs. R.E. Higgins have returned from a visit to Cincinnati.

Dr. H.S. Doolin and son Gerald, have returned from a trip thru the West.  They visited Yellow Stone National Park, Denver, Chicago, and other places of interest.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Harkins have returned from a visit to New York.  Mr. Harkins says that the high railroad fare now has not decreased travel any as every train he was on was crowded to the limit.

Joseph Claunch, Jr., who has a position at Greenville, Miss., is home for a two weeks visit.

Miss Martha Riker of Harrodsburg is the attractive guest of Miss Barthenia Sallee.

Mr. William Thompson of Mt. Vernon is the guest of Mr. James Williams this week.

Mr. Owsley Vaughn who left here last year to live on his newly purchased farm in Ohio, is back in Pulaski County looking for a location.  He says that Pulaski County is good enough for him.

Rev. J.P. White has returned from a several days stay at Camp Daniel Boone on the Kentucky River.

Mr. Virgil A. Stewart of Lawrence, Kansas, arrived in the city this week to visit relatives in the county.  This is his first visit to Pulaski and he says he likes it very much.

Mrs. W.L. Fancher and family returned to their home in Chattanooga Saturday night after attending a delightful reunion of the Harvey family for several weeks.  It was the first time for seven years that all had been together at the same time.  James Harvey, who at present is making his headquarters at Wilmington, N.C., could only remain a week.  Mrs. Mourning, of Louisville, Mrs. H.L. Fancher of Chattanooga, Mr. J.M. Harvey of Wilmington, were the visiting members, Mrs. Geo. Sallee and Miss Elizabeth Harvey are residents of our city.George M. Hedrick of Monticello was in town Tuesday on business.

Mr. Fred Fritz of New York has been visiting friends in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Padgett and son Thomas of Ludlow are visiting friends and relatives here.

Messrs Chas. C. Davis, John Albright, Richard Cox and William Thompson of Mt. Vernon, Ky., motored thru Wednesday and were guests of friends for the fair.


iss Evelyn Fuqua of Cadiz, Ky., is the attractive guest of Miss Thelma Waddle.

Mrs. T.O. Sechrist of Louisville is the guest of Mrs. S.S. Morrow this week.


Mr. H. Allen Saunders of Campbellsville, Ky., is the guest of friends here this week.

Mr. Nody Starkey of Pikeville, Ky., is spending several days with homefolks.

Mr. Henry Wiser of Gridley, Ill., is visiting relatives at Pulaski Station.  Mr. Wiser is a good friend of this paper.  He was the first subscriber to the paper when it started about thirty years ago and has been taking it ever since.  He is not a prosperous farmer in his adopted state.

Mrs. J.P. Todd of Elizabethtown is the guest this week of Miss Blanch Crane.

Oscar Catron who has been in North Carolina for several months is on a visit to homefolks.

Mr. Tom Catron is back at his desk at the First National Bank after a vacation of ten days spent at Cumberland Falls.

Miss Mable Gooch who has a splendid position in Washington City is at home on a vacation.

John Cooper leaves Saturday to resume his studies at Yale University.

Mr. and Mrs. V.D. Roberts and Dr. and Mrs. H.K. Fulkerson motored to Lexington Sunday for the day.

Raymond Harkins is at home after spending several weeks in a hospital at Lexington where he underwent two operations.

Mrs. Mary Gibson and son Mr. J.H. Gibson and Misses Thelma Ferrell and Marietta Farrell  spent the weekend in Stanford and Richmond the guest of friends.

Miss Kathleen Trimble of Louisville is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Parsons this week.

Miss Stella May who has a splendid position at Frankfort in the Workmen's
Compensation Bureau, is spending the week with friends.

The Elks Dance on Wednesday night was a very delightful affair.  There were quite a number of visitors in the city.

Mr. Chas. Moore has returned from his vacation spent in Bowling Green and Nashville, Tenn.

Mrs. B.J. Bethurum has returned from a visit to Mt. Vernon.  She had as her guests this week Mrs. W.J. Sparks and daughters Misses Fannie, Martha and Bess, all of Mt. Vernon.

Misses Agnes and Anna Welch returned this week from a visit to Portsmouth, Va., and Washington, D.C.

Miss Nellie Welch is spending several days in Cincinnati with friends.

Miss Louise Wolf of Chicago, Ill., arrived this week for a visit with her aunt, Mrs. J.R. Cook.

Miss Clara Colyer left this week for St. Louis, Mo., where she will teach this year.

Miss Bernice Thompson will leave this week to accept a position with the New American Express Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mr. W.S. Alexander is quite sick at the Kenwick Hotel.  His sister, Mrs. J.L. Moore, of Lexington, arrived Wednesday.

Mrs. N.O. Waddle and daughter Dorothy, returned to Chattanooga, Tuesday after a short visit with relatives.


Speaking of wavy limbs, our old friend John Gunther was in town Sunday for a few minutes.  He came down with the Somerset baseball team, showed his old associates his light suit and left immediately.


*Dudley Botts, the "Ham" agent for Swift and Co., and Garrard White, the "Nut" salesman for Belknap Hardware Co., were in town this week.  I'll get "beaned" for this.  McCreary County Record.


Mesdames Frank Burke, R.O. Daniels and Miss Ida Griffith of Stearns were in the city last weekend shopping.

Mrs. Everett Hail and daughter of Ludlow arrived Tuesday night to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.Y. Padgett.


Mrs. R.O. Huffaker of Chucky, Tenn., is visiting relatives in the city this week.

Miss Ella Woodward returned this week from a visit to Nicholasville.

"Red" Roberts is at home from Louisville for the fair.  He will leave the first of the week for Danville to enter school.

Mrs. Nettie Biglow and daughter of Pittsburg, Pa., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Jeffrey.

Mrs. L.D. Moran left this week for a visit to Cincinnati before returning to her home at Roanoke, Va.

Governor and Mrs. Morrow and children arrived Tuesday for a visit with relatives.  They motored thru.

Mrs. Nannie Perkins Thatcher, of Somerset, one of the Daughters College Group, remained this week as the guest of Mrs. Henry Cleveland Wood, and she has been much entertained. 

On Tuesday evening Mrs. Ida Gaither was the hostess at a charming small and informal gathering of old school friends. - Harrodsburg Herald.

Prof. R.E. Hill, Superintendent of the City Schools, returned from Louisville Tuesday where he spent several days looking for a Manual Training and Science teacher.  He was successful in locating two splendid men for this work and they will be here next week ready for the opening of school.  Prof. Hill says that he now has a full corps of teachers.

Louis Lowenthal was in town this week.  Louis reports that sales of corn have doubled within the past few months and the demand greatly exceeds the supply.  This may partially account for some of the Jazz in the way of permiscous shooting and other forms of pure damn cussidness that have been prevalent in this vicinity for the past several months.


Mr. Chas. P. Cecil, Jr., of Danville was the guest of "Red" Roberts this week.

Dr. Sam P. Gilmore of New York City is visiting homefolks this week.




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