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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 1, 1921.
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Hogue.  Mr. and Mrs. Dock Dick visited at James Hendricks Sunday.  Mr. Rosa Sweet and baby of Ansel spent Saturday night and Sunday at the home of Joe Hodge.  Miss Jewel Roysdon of Clifty was a Sunday night guest of Rhetta Adams.  Mrs. Ester Hendricks and children spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Randolph at Ansel.  A.J. Adams attending singing at Sardis Sunday.  Mrs. Effie Adams and boys are spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Lillie Dick, and other relatives at Mangum.  Misses Nancy and Vera West spent Saturday night with their father, Mr. Sam West at Cave Hill.  Mr. Finley Adams of Pleasant Hill visited his father Mr. A.J. Adams Wednesday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Bud Wesley have moved near Pulaski.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shadoan have two very sick children at this writing. 

Mangum.  Ambrose Wesley and wife of Lynch Mines, are visiting his father A.J. Wesley, of this place.  Mrs. Effa Adams who has been ill for some time, is no better at the present writing.  Tom Wesley and wife of near Eubank were guest of Finley Wesley and family Saturday night and Sunday.  W.M. Watson and family of Jacksonville, were Sunday guest of Louis Waters.  Henry White went to Science Hill on business Saturday.  Mrs. Montie Sneed and daughter attended church at Wilsonville, Saturday night.  John Mayfield was the guest of John J. Dick Saturday night.

Mark.  Mr. and Mrs. Ova Cox left Monday for their home at Mt. Carmel, Ill., after a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cox.  Mr. and Mrs. John Grider and children, who have been visiting relatives here, returned to Ft. Collins, Colo.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Grider's sister, Miss Kate Hunt.  Miss Carmen Herrin has returned to her home after a few days stay at Berea.  Miss Mae Whitson returned to Somerset Friday after spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Ellen Whitson.  Mr. and Mrs. Everett Murphy were weekend visitors at Howard Bodkin's of Shopville.  Master Gerald Doolin of Somerset spent a few days of last week in our midst.  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Criss visited their grandmother Mrs. Evans Sunday.  Mrs.
Elmer Jones returned to her home at Meece after a few days visit with her mother, Mrs. Ina Sears.  Misses Lucy Whitson and Locie Lovins attended the
singing at Bent Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Herrin and children were visitors at Mrs. Ellen Whitson's Sunday.  J.H. Daniel, Henry Henzman and Wm. Bryant are all rejoicing over the arrival of new girls at their homes.  Mrs. Milford Sears who has been seriously sick is improving.  Mrs. Mat Whitaker gave the young folks an egg hunt Sunday afternoon.

Nancy.  There was a large number who attended the egg hunt last Sunday at George Tartar's, keeper of the National Cemetery.  Everyone enjoyed the day immensely and they especially enjoyed the kindness of Mr. Tartar and his family.  Mr. Cornelius Hayney, who was operated on a few days ago for appendicitis, is getting along nicely.  The people of this community are very sorry to learn of the illness of Mr. Bud Logan.  Miss Beatrice Pierce of Somerset visited her grandmother, Mrs. Schoolcraft last Saturday night. 
Farmers of this section have been very busy plowing and sowing oats.  Mrs. V. Turpin spent Friday night with her daughter, Mrs. Margie Albertson. Mr. Erver Rice and Miss Lena Gover went to Jeffersonville and were married recently. 
Mr. Emmet Hammond visited at Mr. J.T. Wilson's last Tuesday.  Miss Edith Richards of Russell Springs, has been visiting Miss Helen Weddle of this place the past week.  Mr. Cornelius Haney is at the Somerset Hospital undergoing an operation for appendicitis.  We hope he will soon be able to return home.  Mr. and Mrs. George Tarter and son, Otho, made a business trip to Somerset Saturday.   Mr. Archie Burton is very sick at this writing.

Norfleet.  Miss Opal Richardson and Lester Roberts surprised their many friends by getting married Easter.  We wish them much joy and happiness.  Rev. Beasley preached at the Norfleet school house Sunday evening.  Rev. Montgomery is conducting a revival at the Nazarene church.  Large crowds are attending.  Mrs. Stella Tarter and daughter, Hazel, visited Mrs. Cora Tartar Friday evening.  Mrs. Louella Tarter is on the sick list.  Mr. L. Norfleet and Miss Louer Norfleet attended the meeting at the Norfleet school house Sunday evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Wess Tarter visited at Cleo Tarter's Saturday night.

Oak Hill.  Mr. Everett Bryant and wife and Miss Sallie Bryant were the Sunday guest of her mother Mrs. J.R. Combest.  Misses Florence Wilson, Georgia Waddle and Myrtle Bogle entertained their friends Sunday afternoon with an egg hunt.  Mr. John Neely left Monday for Hot Springs, Arkansas, accompanied by his son, Walter, where they will spend some time on account of ill health.
 Mr. Russell Nicholas and sons, Walter and John, visited relatives at Quinton Friday and Saturday.  Misses Mary Silvers, Desda Flynn and Ottie Hammonds of Quinton spent Thursday night and Friday with Grace Frisbie.  Miss Marie Edwards entertained many friends from Bronston and Quinton Saturday night.  Mr. Geo. Phillips and wife, Owens Taylor and family, Ira Tucker, Mrs. B.C. Gholson and Mrs. L.I. Frisbie were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Mollie Trimble.  Mr. and Mrs. Willis Thompson and children, of Somerset, spent Saturday night and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. M.L. Casada.  Mrs. Frank Barnett is on the sick list.  Mrs. Lee Chestnut and son Oscar visited at Mrs. Frank Barnett's Saturday.  Miss Mary Silvers visited her aunt, Mrs. Jim Miller, Friday night and Saturday.  Misses Desda Flynn and Grace Frisbie were the Friday night guests of Miss Rendye Nicholas.  Miss Alta Hammonds of Kidder visited her cousins, Mrs. Willie Keith and Mr. Saufly Hammons, Friday night and Saturday.  Mrs. Tirl Neeley visited Mrs. M.L. Casada Saturday afternoon.  Mr. Lillard Taylor and wife spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. J.B. Combest.  Miss Ova Casada visited Grace Frisbie Sunday.

Oil Center.  Several of our boys and girls attended the egg hunt at the National Cemetery at Nancy Sunday and all expect a nice time.  R. Rufford B. Mofield of New Jersey is visiting relatives at this place.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Beasley of Nancy visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Lane, Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Johnson called on Mrs. Nannie Ellis Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. G.V. Frazier were in Somerset Saturday.  Mrs. Minnie Holthouse and family called on Mrs. Chas. Taylor Saturday.  Miss Ella Dye visited Misses Bertha and Wilmoth Ellis Sunday.  Mr. Jason Roy and family visited her brother, Mr. Berlin Dye, Sunday.  Miss Jane Dye visited at S.M. Cooper's last week.  Mrs. J.G. Simpson visited Mrs. S.P. Simpson Wednesday.  Mrs. Lizzie Humble and daughter Pauline visited her father, S.M. Cooper, Thursday.

Pisgah.  Lawrence Stigall and family have gone to Mississippi. They intend to locate there. 

Plato.  Miss Mary Markham returned home from Berea Thursday.  Mr. Robert Sowders went to Mt. Vernon on business one day last week.  Mr. George Ping left Friday on his way to Breathitt county for an eye treatment but returned home Sunday.  Mr. Osborne Broyles went up to Mt. Vernon Friday.  Mr. Otis Bumgardner spent Tuesday with Jim McKinney near Line Creek.  Maggie Chestnut left for Cincinnati last Saturday to make her future home with her sister.  Mrs. L. Stevens and son visited Mr. Arch Poynter and family Thursday.  Mrs. Anna and Mary Ellen Childers spent Sunday with Mary Ping.  Banner Hanystor returned home from Winnipeg, Canada, last Monday.  He has been away a year.  Mr. George Poynter and family of Somerset visited Mrs. J.H. Poynter.  Mr. Morris Arens sold two hogs to Chas. Latham Monday for 9 cents lb.  Misses Sallie and Clara Debord attended church at Poplar Grove Sunday.  Mr. Ben and Will Smith and John Ping went to Mt. Pleasant Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Latham visited Chas. Latham Sunday.  Born, to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Olph Randolph a boy, Saturday night.  Mr. W.R. Smith is very poorly at this writing. 
Plato cont:

Miss Gusta Owens and Verna Eldridge attended church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday.  Misses May and Maud Stevens returned from Berea where they have been for some time.  Mrs. Mary Ping is very low.  Mrs. Sutton is very sick.

Pleasant Hill.  Mrs. Maud Tomlinson and children arrived here last week and took possession of the farm they purchased from Wm. Owens.  Mrs. M.E. Hall of Science Hill visited her sister here Saturday.  S.P. Girdler and family moved to Somerset last Thursday.  R.H. Humble's entertained a large crowd with an egg hunt Sunday afternoon.  Miss Jessie Hines returned home from Somerset Friday after spending a few days with her uncle Walter Hines and family.  W.W. Girdler came down from Hustonville Friday and spent over Sunday with relatives.  Aunt Cynthia Ashley remains very low.  Uncle "Free" Cundiff attended the birthday dinner of H.E. Cundiff of Somerset Saturday.  Mrs. Lula Neikirk entertained several of her friends at her new home Saturday afternoon.  The gathering was enjoyed by all present.  Sterling Burton and family of West Virginia moved to the farm they recently purchased from S.P. Girdler. C.F. Cundiff, Mr. and Mrs. Finley Adams, Chas. Coomer and Hulon and Everett Humble took dinner at Oscar Girdler's Sunday.  Mrs. Mattie Roysdon is slowly improving.  Mit Girdler and wife spent Easter with her grandmother at Science Hill.  The remains of Milford Hines arrived here Saturday night from France and were buried Sunday afternoon at the Vaught graveyard in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing friends.  He was the son of James Hines.

Pnobscott.  Bros. Anderson and Mullins preached very interesting sermons at Clear Fork Sunday.  Several attended.  Road work is in progress here.  Mr. and Mrs. Freeland Osborn visited their daughter, Mrs. V.A. York, Tuesday night.  Mrs. Della Smith is improving nicely.  Earl Acton spent Easter with friends at Clarence.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hicks and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sharp and son were guests of John Sharp's Sunday.  Mr. William Gastineau is very ill.  Mr. Walker Gastineau visited his father Sunday.  Lena and Chester Thompson of Rockcastle County, visited their cousins, Dova and Dessie York last week.  Misses Gertrude and Pearl Renner visited friends at Singleton Sunday.  Mrs. V.A. York and Miss Donna Suttle were in Eubank shopping Friday.  Mrs. John Sharp, Mrs. Stella Sharp and son and Mrs. S.A. Adams were visitors of Mrs. Della Smith.  Mr. F.B. Hays and wife spent Easter with relatives at Woodstock.

Pulaski.  Rev. Duke filled his regular appointment here Sunday afternoon.  A large crowd attended the singing Sunday night.  Miss Grace Mathias has
returned to Bradford.  Mrs. Laura Clark was a weekend guest of her daughter, Mrs. E. Wilder at Somerset.  Mrs. Nellie Denny and Miss Classie Casada were in town Saturday shopping.  Mrs. Bertha Suttle of Winfield, Tenn., passed through here Saturday accompanied by her sister, Miss Mattie Griffin, who had been visiting her, en route to Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Griffin's at Estesburg.  Mr. Chas. Clark is erecting a dwelling house on his lots here in Pulaski.  Mr. Wilson, the county agent was here on business Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Owen Correll spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Jim Dick at Mt. Zion.  Miss Betty Hamm was called to Preston, Ind., on account of the illness of the little daughter of her sister, Mrs. Oscar Debord.  Miss Hamm writes that the child is improving.

Shafter.  Jack Taylor has been visiting relatives here for the past week.  Ewell Taylor and daughter Ernestine, visited at Mrs. Robt. Mills Tuesday.  S.H. Jones has sold his farm to John Muney for $1,700.  Fred Prather was in Somerset Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Beasley are the happy parents of a new
baby which arrived last week.  Encil Floyd was here Monday on business.  Rev. Ashbrook preached here Saturday night and Sunday.  Fount Bolin has been out buying hogs for the past two weeks.  S.L. Jones has sold a fine farm to Fount Bolin.  Rev. J.S. Abbott is some better at this writing.  Last Friday morning death came into the home of Mr. Mark Brewster and took away Mrs. Brewster who had been ill so long.

Singleton.  Bro. Todd of Floyd will give a lecture at Singleton school house next Sunday.  Everybody come.  There was preaching at Clear Fork last Sunday with good attendance.  Miss Flora Osborne visited Detha Singleton last Saturday night.  Mr. M.N. Ingram and wife visited her father's home last
Sunday.  Mrs. Henry Singleton and daughter visited at Mr. Elmer Eubank's last Wednesday evening.  Mr. Lloyd Griffin and wife came home last Saturday from Cincinnati on a short stay.  Mrs. Myrtle Anderson returned from Ashland, Ky.,
last Thursday.  There will be a sale at Ira Luttrell's next Thursday.  Should anyone need good buck wheat for their spring sowing call on Henry Singleton, near Albia.  He will amply supply your needs.  Mr. Frank Michael is at home now for awhile.  Mr. L. Osborn and wife were in Eubank last Friday.  Mr. Henry Anderson is slowly improving.  Mr. B.J. Howard and family left this place and moved to Lewis County, Ky., on the 17th.  We wish them good luck and much happiness in their new home.  Mr. Oliver Singleton has gone to Flat Rock where he will likely remain for quite a while.

Soules Chapel.  Sunday School was organized at Bradley's Chapel Sunday with about fifty present.  Misses Lera and Marie Colyer spent Sunday with Helen and Lillian Cundiff.  Miss Nora Meece spent Sunday night with Miss Fauna Keeney.  Miss Zella Cundiff spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Ralph Smith.  Helen and Lillian Cundiff spent Sunday night with the Colyer girls and a crowd went to Sweeney's Chapel to attend church.  Mr. C.T. Cundiff received news that his sister in Meridian, Miss., Mrs. Mack Wilson, was seriously ill.  Mr. William Hughett gave an egg party Sunday evening for several of his friends.  Those present seemed to enjoy themselves.  Mr. Marshal and Ellis
Meece spent Easter with their grandmother at Colo.  Miss Eva Sears spent Saturday night and Sunday with Katherine King.  Mr. Guin of Waynesburg, visited his daughter, Mrs. Ralph Smith, the first of the week.  Miss Helen Cundiff spent Thursday with Joie Kidd.  Misses Estell and Della Osborne spent Saturday night and Sunday with home folks.

Valley Oak.  Rev. Jas. Cummins filled his regular appointment at Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday School was organized at Flat Lick Sunday with D.B. Wyrick as superintendent, and Miss Leona Griffin as secretary.  Mrs. John Bailey was in Somerset Monday.  Lawrence Stevens as returned from Berea, Ky., where he has been attending school.  W.E. Randall and family spent Sunday at Wm. Price's.  Wallace Phelps and family spent Sunday at J.H. McKinney's.  Miss Lora Noe visited at H.H. Buchanan's Sunday.  Mr. Stevens our merchant, was in Somerset Friday.  Mrs. John Hansford and children spent Monday at her father's, H.H. Buchanan. 

Velber.  Misses Helen and Stella Irvine spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives at Mintonville.  Miss Fonnie Vaught spent Sunday night at Mr. Albert Spaw's.  Miss Myrtle Wesley is still on the sick list.  Miss Celesta Vaught spent Saturday night with Miss Martha Eastham of Mintonville.  Several from here attended church at Shady Grove Sunday night.  Miss Elsie Vaught spent Sunday night with her grandmother, Mrs. N.J. Dick.  Miss Mattie Eastham spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Eastham.  Miss Zelma Compton spent Saturday night with Versie Vaught.  Misses Helen Irvine and Mattie Eastham spent Thursday night at Mr. John Compton's.  Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Dye have returned to Velber after a two weeks visit with their daughter Mrs. J.A. Roberts and little granddaughter, Evelyn.  They also visited Miss Mahala McClure as they returned.


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