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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, April 1, 1921.
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Busy Session of City Council. Financial Statement of the City Ordered Published.  The Board of Council held their regular semi-monthly session last Monday evening with all members present, Mayor Cruse presiding, and among other bills, paid $35.53 for lumber used in repairs of steps from Monticello to High St. and $903.80 for stone on College St.; granted permission to W.C. Curtis to erect brick residence on North Maple St., to A.C. Carringer to add two rooms to rear of residence on Jasper St., to G.B. Adams to build frame structure in rear of residence on College St., to F.Y. Pumphrey to add two rooms and porch to residence on College St., to John Starkey to make additions to residence on Jacksboro St., to L.W. Camden to erect garage at residence on Jacksboro St., and to Henry Singleton to erect two dwellings on Bourne Ave.  Permission was also granted J.E. Lawhorn to operate moving picture show in tent on lot at corner of Mt. Vernon and Central Ave., this permission being restricted to not exceeding six months.  In a communication, Mr. Joe H. Gibson entered complaint as to vegetable garbage and tree cuttings being placed at the Central Ave. fill; a committee of Mayor Cruse and Councilman Day were asked to take up the matter and effect some arrangement by which this dump could be maintained.  Many inhabitants of the city have little regard of the persons living adjacent this dump and continue to deposit many things there which give forth offensive odors and without this practice is discontinued, charges may be entered against them..  Copies of the communications of city authorities to Kentucky Utilities Company, same concerning installation of additional fire plugs, raising of plugs where too low to obtain desired service, raising of the street car tracks on College St and repairs of the street over which the tracks operate and various complaints concerning electrical served were read and filed.  Financial statements for calendar year 1920 was presented, accepted and ordered published and same will be published without delay.  This statement showed expenditures of $29,813.90, receipts of $35,493.98, liabilities  $12,577.81 and assets, tangible and intangible of $64,039.48, the city debt being reduced in the neighborhood of $4,000 over the previous year.  The ordinance providing for improvement of Main, College, Maple, Mt. Vernon, Jacksboro, Bourne and West Columbia by surfacing with tarvia was given first reading and held until succeeding session for final action; this improvement is to be done at expense of abutting property owners.  A committee of Councilmen Norfleet, Day and Pumphrey were appointed to effect final settlement with tax collector for the years 1917, 1918 and 1919 and to take up settlement for year of 1920.  Councilman Pumphrey advised that the residents of College St. desired concrete gutters, with curbs where necessary, and City Attorney Tartar was requested to prepare proper ordinance of the next session, which will be April 11, 1921.

Solider Buried.  The body of Milford Hines, who was killed while serving with
the overseas forces, arrived here Sunday and burial took place Sunday afternoon at Camp Ground.  The Pulaski County Post, American Legion, assisted in conducting the funeral.  Members of the Legion acted as pall bearers.  Private Hines was killed on November 11th, the day the armistice was signed.  His father, "Uncle" Jimmie Hines, requested that his body be shipped home.  There was quite a crowd of friends and relatives at the funeral.  A short talk and prayer was offered by Rev. J.M. Harmon.

Given Four Years.  Lem Hignight, of Danville, was convicted in Circuit Court
last week for shooting Arlie Brown and Jess Anderson on Sunday night, March 20th, at the Holiness Tabernacle, and given four years in the State penitentiary.  He did not deny the shooting but claimed he shot in self defense.  Witnesses, however, did not bear out this statement.

New Agency.  Attention is called to the Studebaker advertisement of T.E. Jasper & Son in this issue of The Journal.  Mr. Jasper has taken his son, Eugene, in partnership with him in the automobile business and they will give more time to the automobile department.  They are advertising the Studebaker Light Six in this issue.

New Post Office.  A new post office has been established at Ahab, Pulaski County. The postmaster is Wm. F. Jones.

Buys Ford Sedan.  Mr. Virgil Bobbitt purchased last week a new Ford Sedan from Agent A.J. Crawford, and Mr. Bobbitt says he will use this car in his
taxi service and he will do the driving himself.

Gov. E.P. Morrow's Favorite Pie Recipe.  Governor Edwin P. Morrow, be it known, has a weakness for lemon meringue pie.  When he visited J. Morris Robinson, manager of the Woodstock Hotel in New York recently, Robinson, who knew his failing, had his chef bake a lemon meringue pie that the Governor promptly signed, sealed and approved as the best ever.  Albert Cassinet, Woodstock Chef, told how he made it.
  Here's the recipe:  For a pie for eight persons:  10 eggs, 1 cups powdered sugar, 2 lemons, 1 cups milk.  First: form the pie crust by spreading a thin layer of pie dough in a deep pie plate and bake slowly until slightly brown.  Second:  Separate the yolks of 10 eggs, and mix with cup of sugar and 1 cups of milk.  Add the juice of 2 lemons, then place this mixture in a bain-marie and whip steadily until it becomes firm.  Pour the mixture into the pie crust until it is level with the top.  Allow to cool slightly.  Third: Take the white of the eggs and whip until they form a firm white froth; during this operation add the remaining cup sugar.  Spread this froth to desired thickness over the partly made pie, and place in the hot oven until slightly browned.

Parrigin - Goggin.  Mr. Lyman J. Parrigin of Paintsville, Ky., and Miss Bessie Goggin of this city, were married in Louisville last Monday.  Only a few friends of the bride and groom were present.  Mr. and Mrs. Parrigin will spend the week in Louisville, after which they will go to Paintsville to live.  Mrs. Parrigin is the daughter of the late Wm. F. Goggin, and a sister of Mrs. James Denton and Mrs. Everett Love, of this city, Miss Mary Goggin of Ashville, N.C., Messrs John and Bourne Goggin and Mrs. Kate Stigall of Danville.  Mrs. Parrigin is one of Somerset's most popular and attractive young women.  For several years she was principal of the Burnside graded school and had taught in Florida.  She is a graduate of the Somerset High School and of the State University.  Mr. Parrigin is a native of Wayne County.  Before going to Paintsville to engage in the oil business he was connected with the Ayer-Lord Tie Company.  He is a thorough business young man and has many friends here, where he is well known.

Contributions.  State headquarters reports the following contributions to the
Chinese Famine Fund:  A.J. Adams, Hogue, $1; Presbyterian S.S., Somerset, $41; Methodist Episcopal Church, South Mill Springs Circuit, Frazer, $19; Ferguson Methodist S.S. Luretha, $7.50; Shady Grove S.S., by E.F. Wesley, Mangum, $6.10; Christian S.S., Somerset, $225.

Is Promoted.  Miss Wessie Hays, an employee of the Gainesboro Telephone Company, has been promoted to Chief Operator.  This promotion comes in recognition of her valuable services to the company.  She takes the place of Miss Ida Wheeler who was married this week to Mr. T.K. Hargis, of Lebanon, Va.

Johnson In Hospital.  Roby L. Johnson, the real estate man, is in the Somerset Hospital.  He went there Tuesday, the 22nd, for an operation for tonsillitis.  But on account of the condition of his nerves, heart, etc., were in, physicians were unable to operate on him.  He has had a general breakdown and has been very sick, but is improving at the present.  He hopes to be back in his office in a week.  However, he has sufficient office help to answer telephone calls and to make engagements.  And also plenty of help to drive prospective buyers.  The business will be well taken care of while he is in the hospital.  We are informed that he sold about seven houses and lots in the week before going to the hospital.

Card of Thanks.  We want to thank those who were so kind, sympathetic and helpful to us during the illness and death of our sister, Miss Addie Estel Ingram, and or the beautiful flowers, music and consoling words spoken at church.  Ben Z. Ingram.

New Bridge To Span The Ohio River At Cincinnati For The Southern Railway.  The Southern Railway has commenced work on the construction of a new bridge across the Ohio River at Ludlow.  The bridge will be a massive one and will be so constructed as to provide for double tracking.  When the bridge is completed the heavy engines will then run from Danville into the Grand Central Station in Cincinnati.  It will take two years to build the bridge.  On the completion of this bridge it is said that many changes will be made.

To Build Pike.  The Danville Advocate says:  Modern turnpike will be built from the Blue Grass through Pulaski and McCreary counties to the Tennessee line, Mr. L.I. Pearsall of this city, who is district road engineer for this section, has returned from a trip through Pulaski and McCreary counties.  While there he announced that it is the intention of the State Highway Commission to build a pike from Louisville to the Tennessee line in McCreary County.  The pike will pass through Pulaski County from north to south, through Somerset, from the Lincoln County line on the north to the McCreary County line on the south, crossing the Cumberland River below Burnside, which is now the head of navigation on that river.  All but a few miles of the pike in Pulaski has been constructed but the State Highway Commission will resurface all of it with tarvia.

Epworth League.  At its regular meeting on Sunday evening, April 27th, the Epworth League of the First M.E. Church, South, of this city, elected the following officers to serve for the year beginning April 1:  President, Mr. M.L. Talley; Vice President, Mr. Bert Day; First Dept. Supt., Mr. Robert L. Massengale; Second Dept. Supt., Mrs. O.D. Goodloe; Third Dept. Supt., Mr. V.O. Tartar; Fourth Dept. Supt. Miss Eva Taylor; Secretary, Miss Mabel Clark; Treasurer, Mr. Mose Davis; Epworth Era Agent, Miss Pearl Castle.  The Epworth League is just closing one of the most successful year's work in its history.  The State President of the Kentucky Conference Epworth League, Mr. Dennis V.
Snapp, of Paris, Ky., visited the local League some few days ago and said that the work being done by this League was being told over the State as an incentive for Leagues in other places to do better work.

Light.  Opal Marie, the 16 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Light, died Monday after a short illness. Burial took place in West Somerset Tuesday afternoon.

Farmer Charged With Peonage.  Monticello, Ga. - A total of 11 bodies found since authorities began an investigation of charges of peonage and murder against John Williams, Jasper County farmer.  Like the first three found a number of days ago, the bodies recovered were chained together and weighted down with sacs of stones and iron.  Five bodies were found buried on the Williams plantation.  According to a confession said to have been bade to Dept. of Justice agents by Clyde Manning, a negro, employed by Williams, the 11 negroes were slain to prevent them testifying against Williams in the peonage charges.

Marriage Licenses.  County Clerk C.M. Langdon has issued the following marriage licenses from his office during the past week:  Earl Phelps, 28, to Gusie Godby, 38; Lester Roberts, 19, to Opal Richardson, 19; Ezra Carender, 25, to Daisy Dodson, 24; Walter Floyd, 22, to Lelia Griffin, 19; William G. Copenhaver, 25, to Maggie Wesley, 24; John W. Crowe, 33, to Bertie E. Carmichael, 24; James Baugh, 29, to Thula Larkin, 23; Carlie B. Wright, 22, to Lillie E. Lane, 18; Robert Floyd, 28, to Lillie Francis Bishop, 26; John F. Whitaker, 31, to Lizzie Silvers, 26.

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Hospital Notes.

Mrs. E.E. McBride who had a slight operation, is getting along nicely and
will soon be able to go home.

Rev. J.S. Abbott who has been in the hospital for treatment is getting along
very well.

R.L. Johnson, who has been in the hospital for medical treatment, will soon
be able to return home.

Mrs. Daisy Allison who was operated on last week, is getting along nicely.

Rosco Helton, who has been in the hospital for treatment has gone home for a few days.

C. Haney who was operated on for appendicitis, is getting along nicely.

Mrs. C. Chestnut was brought to the hospital in a serious condition.

Mr. Artie Brown who was shot last Sunday night at Church, has recovered sufficiently to return home.

Mr. Lee Dagley is in the hospital for treatment and is improving.

Elmer Upchurch who is in the hospital for treatment is getting along nicely.

Little Ruth Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Johnson, had her tonsils removed and is getting along nicely.

Mrs. Oscar Hubble returned to her home Saturday.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. Burl Thompson and daughter Miss Bernice, attended the Royal Neighbor
Convention in Louisville last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Curtis of Stearns, Ky., spent Easter with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Warriner of Seventy Six, Ky., were in Somerset last Monday
for the day.  Mr. Warriner is a prosperous merchant and banker of Clinton County.

Mr. Arthur Bradshaw who is attending State Univ., spent Easter with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Bradshaw.

Mr. and Mrs. Elrod Hines of Cincinnati, Ohio, returned home Monday after spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben P. Hines. Elrod is a
junior at the Cincinnati Dental College.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada and children spent last weekend with his parents at
Crestwood, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Vincent Wesley spent last weekend in Nicholasville.

Mrs. Flossie Rasco has returned from a visit with friends in Louisville.

Miss Mary Roberts spent several days in Lexington this week.

Mr. Gates of the Fair Co., spent last weekend in Lexington.

Supt. J.G. Clements of the Southern Railway is in Washington, D.C., this week
on business.

Mrs. J.G. Clements and mother Mrs. Menefee are in Florida for a short stay. 
Mrs. Menefee will make her home here with Mrs. Clements.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Phelps of Strunk spent several days with her parents here.

Mr. George Bertram of Monticello was in the city on business this week.

Clay Pumphrey of Hazard, Ky., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J Pumphrey on College St.

County Clerk Logan Perkins of Whitley City, was in Somerset this week on

Mr. J.B. Bobbit will leave this week for his home in Montana.

John Eads Jr., of Decatur, Ill., who is attending school at Danville, Ky., as
the guest last weekend of Dr. E. Parsons and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Anderson have returned from California where they spent the winter.

Miss Ada Lee who is attending school at Georgetown, Ky., arrived today to visit her parents.

Mrs. T.V. Ferrell and daughter Miss Thelma, spent Sunday in Lexington.

Miss Opal Chitwood who has a position in the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, is spending her vacation at home.

Miss Eva Rankin of Danville has been the guest of her aunt Mrs. Ben Smith.

Mr. W.S. Fish, narcotic inspector of Eastern Kentucky, took sick while here on business and was unable to leave his room at the hotel for several days.  He was sufficiently recovered to go home Wednesday.

Mr. John Thatcher will arrive tomorrow from New York to make his parents Mr.
and Mrs. Thos. Thatcher (?).

Mr. S.G. Cundiff who has been spending the winter in Florida, has returned to

Miss Bessie Crawford returned to Hamilton College Wednesday after spending the Easter holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Crawford.

Mr. George Stigall will leave next week for a visit to Mississippi.

Mr. J.L. Deegan of Sloans Valley, Ky., spent several days in the city on business.

Miss Bessie Healey has returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hill at Paintsville, Ky.  Mr. and Mrs. Hill accompanied her home.  Mr. Hill returned Monday but Mrs. Hill will remain for a longer visit.

Miss Elizabeth Eason of Danville spent several days the guest of Miss Bee Devine.

St. Mildred's Altar Society will give a social at the church Friday evening.

Miss Nell Crawford was at home from Frankfort for the holidays.

Miss Ruth Kennedy of Monticello spent several days the guest of Miss Bessie

Mr. M.C. Williams who has been suffering with an infected foot for the past week weeks, is much better and expects to be able to be out within a short time.

The Women's Missionary meeting of the Kentucky Conference, M.E. Church, South, is holding a conference at Carlisle, Ky., this week.  The delegates from Somerset are Mrs. O.H. Waddle, Mrs. W.L. Clark, Mrs. Carl Norfleet and Mrs. Ralph Langsworth.

Mrs. A.P. Colyer and son of Danville, Ky., are the guests of Mrs. William B. Gragg.

Miss Marguerite Cooper who is attending Georgetown College is spending a few days at home.

Edward Gover is at home from Georgetown College for a few days.

Miss Ruth Flippin arrived from Georgetown yesterday for a short visit with her parents.

Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Warriner and family of Seventy-Six, Ky., registered at the Seven Gables Hotel this weekend.  Mrs. J.H. Selvidge returned from Danville Saturday after a weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. G. McWhorter.  G.C. Nunn is in Tennessee on business this week.  Mrs. N.I. Taylor and Miss Ethel Tuttle are in Carlisle this week attending the annual conference of the Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, South. 
Rev. Geo. D. Prentiss of Lexington, gave a talk at the Methodist Church Sunday afternoon in the interest of Sunday School and centerary work.  Miss Beth Tuttle of Cincinnati is home for a visit.  Miss Ruth Harvey returned Wednesday to Millersburg College after a weeks Easter vacation.  Lloyd Fitzgerald of Lexington, State College, stopped over Monday for a visit, en route with a party of mining engineers on an inspection tour through Tennessee.  Tom Fagaly was home from State College this last week on Easter vacation.  Miss Pearl Bradshaw was shopping in Somerset Saturday.  Graham Davidson was home form Danville this weekend.   Joe D. Mosier of Sunbright, Tenn., visited friends here Sunday.  Miss Marjorie Thompson was Easter shopping in Somerset Saturday.  Mesdames J.J. Crutcher, and L.M. Cheeley
delightfully entertained the Charade Club Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Cheeley.  A delicious ice course was served in Easter designs.  E.A. Harn has opened up a new store in the Geo. Cooper building on Main St. and will carry a complete line of merchandise.  J.C. McKeehan of Somerset was in town Saturday with friends.  W.J. Davidson was in Louisville Tuesday on business.

Elrod.  Several of the young folks from here attended the Easter festival at Woodstock Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Randolph visited at I.L. Bumgardner's Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Head of Walnut Grove, visited at Frank Poynter's
Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Olph Randoph are all smiles over the arrival of a fine boy.  Mrs. Elsia Poynter and baby visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Carter Sunday.  W.P. Smith is on the sick list.  Samuel Head spent Saturday night at Mr. frank Poynter's.  Mrs. Vonia Vanhook and Miss Della Anderson visited friends near Ocala Sunday.  Mr. Walter Daniel of Lockland, Ohio, and Mr. Mitchell Cummings, of Rockcastle County, were Saturday visitors at W.H. Bumgardner's.  Mrs. Dora Smith and Miss Zella Price visited at W.M. Randolph's of near Plato recently.  J.M. Daniel went to Shopville, Sunday.

Flat Lick.  Sunday School was re-organized at Flat Lick Sunday with Mr. D.B. Wyrick as superintendent and Miss Donna Griffin as secretary.  Miss Ada McKinney who has been staying at Somerset visited home folks last week.  Mrs. James Blanton and family spent Sunday at Mrs. Julia Helton's.  Rev. Cummins filled his regular appointment at Flat Lick Sunday.  Mrs. John Hansford of Shopville spent Monday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Buchanan.  Mrs. Wallace Phelps spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.H. McKinney. 
Martha Farmer, who has been very ill, is able to be out again.  Lawrence Stephens who has been attending school at Berea returned home last week. 

Floyd.  Rev. Hall of Waynesburg filled his regular appointment at Cuba Sunday.  "Uncle" Sam Harrington still remains very ill.  Miss Virginia Trivett and little nephew, Herman Trivett, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Somerset.  Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Griffin were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Festus Johnson Sunday.  Miss Lena Mercer delightfully entertained a number of her friends and relatives with an Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon.  Everyone reported a nice time.  Seventy-five eggs were hidden but only sixty-five could be found.  Mrs. Lawrence Lee and baby of this place, are visiting relatives in Eubank, for a short time.  Mr. A.L. Harmon of Science Hill made a business trip to this place Monday.  Dr. T.J. Acton and family of Eubank took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Estes Easter Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Spears and children of Eubank spent Saturday night and Sunday with W.R. Estes and family.  Mrs. W.G. Nelson who has been quite sick for some
time, is some better at this writing.  Mrs. Wm. Jenkins and two sons were visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon, at Science Hill, a couple of days last week.  Rev. John Todd bought a nice mare from Mr. Jones of near Somerset for $110.  Jas. E. Todd and family spent the day Sunday with M.N. Griffin's.  M.P. Estes bought a nice yearling calf from J.B. Gragg for $30.

Grundy.  Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hewitt entertained several friends Sunday at an
egg hunt.  Mrs. E.A. Hewitt visited Chas. Hewitt's Sunday and Monday.  Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Hewitt visited at Science Hill Saturday and Sunday.  Several boys and girls attended meeting at Frog Pond Sunday night.  Mrs. Helen Hubble has returned from the hospital.  Mr. and Mrs. Newberry mourn the loss of their little son.  Funeral services were held at Rock Lick cemetery Sunday morning at 10:30.

Hail.  Sunday School was organized at Pine Hill Sunday.  A large crowd was in
attendance.  Mr. Clay Harmon was appointed superintendent.  We hope they will have success.  Mr. James Moore and wife of Coin, visited Rev. Wesley Colyer
Friday night.  Mr. J.T. Price entertained quite a number of his friends with an egg supper Saturday night.  Mr. C.W. Burton bought a fine Jersey cow from Mr. J. Mounce for $75.  Miss Thelma Mize of Short Creek visited Mr. J.M. Moore's Saturday night.  Mr. W.M. Burton who has been sick for the past week with indigestion, is no better.  Mr. Richard Turpin who had rented from Mr. H.H. Osborne, sold out his possession to Mr. Osborne's son for $75 and left the county.  Born, to the wife of Mr. Will Bryant, Saturday night, a girl.  Mr. Andrew Dyer and wife visited Mr. Richard Dyer's Saturday and Sunday.  Mrs. Lizzie Owens and daughter, Retta, Mr. Elmer Owens, wife and children, spent Sunday at Charley Vaught's.  The John Golden farm was sold last Monday for $3,700.  Mrs. Lee Hargis spent last Friday with her daughter, Mrs. Herbert Vaught, at Science Hill.  Mr. H.H. Osborne and wife, Mr. Fred Osborne
and wife visited Mr. Sam Osborne's Sunday.  Mrs. Arizona McKenzie visited her
mother, Mrs. Evans, Sunday.  Mr. H.H. Osborne spent a few days last week with
his son at Somerset, who has returned from Idaho.  Misses Dela and Stella
Osborne spent Easter with home folks.

Hines for Sheriff.  Mr. Ben P. Hines announced this week for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Pulaski County.  This means three entries, C.I. Ross, Ed Thurman and Mr. Hines.  Mr. Hines served as Sheriff several years ago.

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