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February 4, 1921.

Pleasant Hill.  Richard Godby and Willard Jones, of Beach Grove, visited in this neighborhood last week …. Miss Edith Carney and Virgil McGahan of this place were married at Somerset last Monday. The bride is one of Pulaski County's efficient teaches … Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Girdler have returned to their home at McKinney … The remains of Anderson Hall were taken through here last Thursday en route to Beech Grove where he was laid to rest. He died at his home in Somerset and is survived by his widow and two children … Rev. Wells of Somerset was present Sunday morning to fill his appointment …. Mrs. Catherine Ashley spent Thursday night with her son, Wm. Ashley and wife … P.B. Wesley purchased a team of mules from Howard Dotson of Bethlehem, for $300 …. Miss Lucy Girdler returned to her work at Ludlow Sunday after spending a few days with relatives here .. Aunt Cynthia Ashley and Aunt Lucy Girdler are worse at this writing … Several from here were in Somerset Saturday on business … Mr. and Mrs. Everett Henderson of Nancy visited her parents here last Sunday …The little son of Jesse Garner remains quite ill … Miss Elizabeth Fitzpatrick is spending a few days with home folks here .. born to the home of Alonzo Turpen, a fine boy, last Monday. Both mother and baby are doing nicely .. Willie Wilson made is usual call at J.T. Scales Sunday … Mrs. Bertha Claunch and children of Danville and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Neely of Detroit spent last week with their mother Mrs. G.W. Neely.

Elrod.  Misses Nicie and Ollie Vanhook visited at William Poynter's Monday …. Mr. Payton Randolph has purchased a mill from W.M. Randolph .. Mrs. John Anderson and daughter, Della, visited relatives near Welborn Monday … Mr. G.T. Randolph visited at J.L. Bumgardner's Sunday … Mr. Bob O'Neal has moved to J.H. O'Neal's place … Mr. and Mrs. Craig Mink visited at Tom Sutton's Saturday night … Mrs. William Poynter and daughter Byrl, spent Monday with Mrs. Gennie Gill .. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Randolph and daughter, Beatrice, visited at Olph Randolph's Sunday … Mrs. Rebecca Smith and Ona Childers visited at D. Furley's Monday … Mr. Logan DeBord visited W.H. Bumgardner's Sunday afternoon.

Hogue.   Mr. Matin Hayes and family have moved on Mr. Sam West's farm at Cave Hill … Mr. Joe Dause and family of Russell County who have been visiting her father, Mr. W.H. Shadoan and other relatives have returned home … Misses Hazel and Dora Dick spent most of last week at their grandfather's, Mr. Samuel Roy, of Science Hill … Messrs Adam Dick and Ira Warren are erecting a store house … A.J. Adams sold one hold and John F. Adams sold three hogs to Mr. C.C. Cooper at 10 cents per pound … Mrs. Anna B. Dick and daughter, Mattie, spent Friday and Saturday with relatives at Mt. Zion … Miss Lou Dick who has been staying at Somerset has returned home … Mr. Andrew Adams and family have moved on C.C. Cooper's place … Several of the young people from here attended the entertainment Friday night at Mt. Zion school house … Messrs Ansel and Chester Adams were in Somerset last Tuesday and Wednesday on important business … Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Haggard and family of Wilson, were Saturday and Sunday visitors at her father's Mr. James Randolph … Mr. Lafayette Hurt spent Saturday night with Mr. James Cooper of Ansel … A.J. Adams attended the singing at Charter Oak Sunday.

Flat Lick.  There was no preaching at Fellowship Sunday as the pastor, Rev. Wesley, did not come on account of bad weather … Mr. H.H. Buchanan sold to John Eaton four pigs last week for $46 … Elijah Helton was in Somerset Saturday … Mr. Sam Childers and Dillard Couch have returned from Lexington, where they have been for the past week on business … Mr. Archie and Lucy McKinny were in town Friday .. Mrs. Julia Helton visited at Sam Childer's last week … Tom and Lynda Buchanan were in Somerset Friday on business … Mrs. Willie Gilliland visited her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Garner, Sunday … Mr. Ray Bobbitt and Sydney Helton hauled two loads of tobacco to Norwood for Sam Childers last week to be shipped … Tom Buchanan has his barber chair at home now … Miss Laura Daniel visited at Sallie Ledford's Saturday … Misses Maud and Lynda Buchanan visited Miss Sallie Ledford Sunday.

Plato.  The farmers of this community are very busy preparing for their spring corn and oats corps … Mrs. Ophelia Brayles is very ill at this writing, but is improving slowly … Mrs. Manniebell McKinney is very ill at this writing … Mr. Henry Randolph traded horses with John Nicely paying $10 difference .. Mr. John Childers visited at W.P. Smith's Sunday … Mrs. Cora Gragg and Flora Meece visited home folks Saturday and Sunday .. Mr. Henry Randolph and family visited at the home of his brother, Ralph Randolph, Sunday … Mr. Ben and Willie Smith visited at Mr. John Ping's Sunday … Mr. W.P. Smith bought two head of cattle from Boon Brayles Saturday … Mrs. John Randolph visited her mother Mrs. Mary Ping, Saturday …. Mr. and Mrs. John Childers visited at Sam Childers of Valley Oak, Monday … Mrs. Mary Inabnit is better at this writing … Chas. Randolph and Ternan Owens spent Sunday with W.P. Smith.

Coin.  We are having some wet weather here at present … Miss Sarah Woodall is very ill at this writing .. Mrs. Geo. Hargis visited Elmer Whitaker's Sunday .. Miss Fannie Butcher entertained a few friends Saturday night … Miss Myrtle Hargis visited Susie and Lillian Woodall Sunday .. Mr. Charles Phelps and family have moved to Welborn .. Miss Ola Adams is visiting Mrs. Sarah Phelps … Misses Mary, Emma and Sophia Woodall spent Sunday evening at Elmer Whitaker's … Miss Della Adams spent Saturday night with Mrs. Sarah Phelps … There was a party at Leander Gilliland's Friday night.  All seemed to enjoy themselves fine … Some from around here attended church at Eden Sunday … Mr. J.A. Phillpott of Somerset passed through this vicinity Saturday selling Watkin's Medicines … Mr. Elmer Whitaker visited Geo. Hargis Sunday afternoon.

Sweeney's Chapel.  The Sunday School here is progressing nicely with Mr. Ed Gover as superintendent .. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Aker have moved to their new home near Etna …. Mr. Theodore Davidson, of Dabney, was the guest of Mr. J.W. Davidson, Wednesday night … Mrs. Fred Sewell has returned to her home at Marshall, Ind., after spending a few weeks with her parents at Dabney … Mr. Charles Phillippi was in Burnside last week visiting his sister Mrs. John Cox … Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Price have moved to Somerset … Mr. S.S. Lovell and family visited at Mr. Mack Aker's Wednesday … Miss Rosa Vaught is staying with Mrs. Anderson Meece … Millie and Cora Keyes spent last week with friends at Nancy … Rev. Wells preached at Sweeney's Chapel Sunday afternoon … Julia and Laura Davidson spent Tuesday afternoon with Faustina Davidson … W.H. Phillippi went to Frankfort last week on business … Lucretia Vaught was the guest of Lela Gover last Friday … Taylor McGahan hauled logs for G.E. Vaught last week … Mrs. E.J. Hubble and daughter Beulah were in Somerset Saturday shopping … Louis Farmer purchased a pair of mules from Joe Davidson Monday … Alonzo Bishop and family have moved to A.D. Reed's farm … Mr. L.G. Keyes has purchased a Ford touring car.

Additional Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Cheely entertained with a dinner party Monday evening.  Plates were laid for Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Crutcher, Misses Willie and Jessie Prater, Majorie Thompson and Frank D. Orwin … L.M. Cheely was in Junction City and Danville on business Monday.

Ansel.  Misses Helen Irvine of Velber and Martha Eastham of Mintonville, visited Hattie Wilson Saturday and Sunday … John and Ray Wesley of Beech Grove, spent the weekend with Stanley Wilson … Quite a crowd of the young boys of this place attended the entertainment at Mt. Zion Friday evening … Geo. Smith spent Saturday night with Dave Easterly … Miss Lona Cooper who has
been attending school at Stearns has returned home.

Pisgah.  Mrs. D.S. Claunch and Misses Jessie and Flossie Jones called on Mrs. Boone Thursday afternoon … Miss Cassie Jordon who has typhoid fever is some better at this writing … Miss Thelma Claunch visited Mrs. Bill White Saturday … D.S. Claunch spent Wednesday with Sam O. Cowan … Little Burnell Heaton had the misfortune of getting his legs scalded with hot water last week. His wounds, though painful, are not serious … Mrs. Bill White and Mrs. D.S. Claunch called on Mrs. C.O. Heaton Monday .. Mrs. John Hall is suffering from an attack of rheumatism.

Catherine.  We are having some rainy weather around here at this time … The big revival will begin at Union church Saturday night … Jack Otterson traded a fine mare for a yoke of calves the fore part of the week … Kie Gosser visited Enda Roberts Friday night … Oscar Norfleet and wife visited Cuda Roberts Saturday and Sunday … Mary Ann Weddle of Russell County visited her grandmother last week near Cedar Point church … Emmett Harmon and wife visited Tom Combest's Friday … Lesley Roberts wagon broke down with him Friday … Alvin Wilson and Danile Rainwater visited Clate Gosser's the fore part of the week … Wesley Calans was in this part the fore part of the week visiting Will Price … Albert Pitman has returned from Lexington where he had been for a week … Mr. John Burton is buying furs.

Tick Ridge.    There has been some very bad weather this week and a large sleet.  The sleet damaged many fruit trees and other timber in this community … Mr. M.V. Cundiff has been visiting on Tick Ridge for a few days … Mr. Elmo Hanford has been the guest of his father, Thomas Hansford, the last weekend … Mr. Joe Vaughn visited Mr. Joe Richardson, his grandfather, Friday night .. Mr. Dave Schoolcraft was the guest of Hobert Wilson Saturday night and Sunday  ….. Mr. Mitchell Roy was the guest of Mr. Logan Roy Saturday night … Mr. G.T. Weddle and wife and T. Owens and wife visited Sam Wilson's Sunday … Mrs. G.M. McKinley, of Vinney, has been visiting her mother, who is very ill … Mr. Roscoe Luttrell visited Mr. Walter Wilson Thursday night .. Mrs. Zean Garner is visiting her daughter Mrs. Will Trimble of near Naomi.

Waterloo.  Mrs. Lesta Emerson visited Mrs. Turner Tuesday evening … Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Calhoun have been visiting her father in Russell … Geo. Emerson was in Somerset Saturday … Little Ada Cooper is on the sick list … Brother Henderson has been holding a few days revival at Hopeful … Clarence Rainwater was at Piney Grove Saturday night and Sunday.Norwood.   T.C. Ballou was called to Cincinnati last week on account of the illness of his daughter Mrs. John Griffin … Mrs. W.S. Baker and family are visiting in Ludlow .. Mrs. Estel Phelps and children spent Sunday at A.J. May's … Mrs. Joe Dungan and Mrs. Malinda Strand spent Sunday at Hardin Sweeney's of Science Hill … Willie Stroud is having some work done on his house … Mr. and Mrs. Lee Girdler visited Mrs. Girdler's mother, Mrs. Amanda Hines, Sunday … R. Godby and family visited Dudley Wesley's Monday.

Mt. Zion.  Mrs. Flonnie Roberts and children visited Mr. J.M. Dunsmore's Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dunsmore visited Robert Vaught's Saturday night … Miss Cloma Spears visited Misses Lucy and Elsie
Adams Saturday and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wesley visited Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dunsmore Friday night … Mr. Delmar Baugh of Science Hill visited his grandmother Mrs. Sarah Baugh, Friday night … Mr. Delton Vaught of Velber is visiting relatives of this place … Mr. Jerry Wesley and wife visited their daughter Mrs. Sam Richardson, Saturday night and Sunday … Miss Lyda Parks of Whitley has been visiting her sister Mrs. Jim Dick … Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Adams visited Mack Wesley's Sunday afternoon … There was quite a large crowd attended the entertainment at Mt. Zion school Friday night.

Velber.  Miss Stella Irvine visited at Zelma Compton's Sunday night …. Eliza Compton visited Foldger Irvine Sunday afternoon …. Misses Helen Irvine, Zelma Compton and Martha Eastham returned from Somerset Sunday after attending the county examination for common school diplomas …. Mrs. Mattie Eastham visited Mrs. John Wesley Monday evening …. Mrs. Emily Eastham visited Mrs. N.J. Dick Friday evening … We are sorry to report that Miss Myrtle Wesley who has been sick for some time, is no better at this writing.

Oil Center.  The rain and the sleet has stopped the farmers from plowing … Mr. John Gover of Nancy was in this vicinity last week … Mr. Walter Ellis and O. Abbott of this place, were in Somerset Tuesday on business … Mr. S.D. Flynn and Mr. Joe Cooper sold to Mr. John Gover a nice lot of cattle.

Cedar Knob.  Dr. Davis of near Pulaski has moved to the Arthur Adams farm … Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Apple visited Silas Phelps Sunday afternoon …. I. Wesley was the guest of Tillie Moore Sunday … Mr. Richard Waddle is moving to his new home near James Portan's … They are piking the hill west of Ansel and have it almost completed … Mattie Davis was the guest of Goldia Weddle Sunday
afternoon … Elmer Cannon visited Otis Apple Friday evening …. Mr. Howard Vanhook and wife returned home from Cincinnati, where they will make their future home … A number of young folks of this place attended the singing at Charter Oak Saturday night and Sunday.

Delmer.  The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Baker is very ill at this time … Mr. and Mrs. Luther Muse were callers of Mrs. Otto Fitzgerald Saturday evening … Several of this place attended the sale of Talmage Clifton Saturday … Mrs. Alice Hislope was the visitor of Caddie Fitzgerald one day last week … Rev. Meece of Somerset is now conducting a revival at the Okalona Church .. Mrs. T.L. Bland was the visitor of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Baker Sunday … Clifford Jasper of Somerset has been visiting friends in this neighborhood for the past week and attending to some business … Mrs. C.M. Brown and Misses Mary and Beatrice Fitzgerald attended the meeting at Okalona Monday night … Mr. Orvel Burton and family of Shafter were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Baker Wednesday night and Thursday … Mrs. John Muse was the guest of her nephew Glimerd Burton of Nancy, who was badly kicked by a horse … Miss Zella Trimble of Naomi is visiting her aunt Mrs. W.P. Sharp of this place … Misses Rena and Grace Brown were the pleasant callers of Beatrice Fitzgerald Saturday evening … Brother and Sister Stover of this place have been visiting at Faubush for the past week … Homer, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hislope who has been very sick is now better.

Oak Hill.  We are having some cold, muddy weather here … Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neely of Texas, are here again where they will make their future home … Mr. John Neely is no better at this writing … Miss Flaura Burton is some better at this writing … Mrs. Walter Neely visited her mother, Mrs. Lucy Lorton, Friday … Misses Grace and Mae Frisbie visited Misses Myrtle and Mattie Bogle Sunday … Mrs. Rosa Taylor visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Combest Sunday …. Miss Mattie Bogle spent last week with relatives in Ferguson … Miss Ova Casada called on Miss Jessie Jones Sunday afternoon …. Miss Mae Frisbie spent one afternoon last week with Mrs. Nellie Burton … Made and Grace Frisbie visited Mrs. Bud Boone one evening last week … our Sunday School is progressing nicely.

Keno.  We are having some rainy weather around here at this time … Miss Bertha Wilson has been visiting relatives at Bedford, Ind., and will return home Sunday …. Mr. Jim Morrow has returned from a business trip to Cincinnati. He said if the world was as big South as it was North that it is a "wholper" … Mr. Chas. Cassada purchased Wm. Cassada's farm … Clarence Hancock was the guest of Millie Aucker last Wednesday evening … Mr. and Mrs. Bill Taylor of Greenwood are visiting his parents here … T. Davis was in Burnside Saturday on business.


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