Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Cemetery Book

  1. HUNLEY-PERNIE HARBISON: 1977. 6 1/4 mile N of Summer Shade on 640 on the Pernie Harbison farm. Hunley.
  2. JAMES McCOY-JOHN BUSHONG-GILL: 1978. Turn off 90 on the Nobob Rd at the D and M Drive-In. Pass the Summer Shade Elementary Schoo. Go 1.5 miles on Nobob Rd. On right abt 250 fet behind house on the side of the branch near the road. Gill.
  3. JEFFRIES: 1978. 0.4 mile N of Hwy 1243 and 0.4 mile E of Savoyard. Jeffries, Trowbridge, Pruitt, Pruiett, Pennington, Ferguson, Jeffries, Hays, Edwards, Coomer, Reece, London.
  4. JESSE FREE: 1980. From Randolph go south on Mt. Moriah Rd abt 0.5 mile. Turn right on Phillip Whitlow Rd and go 0.5 mile. Graves are abt 500 ft to the right. Cemetery has been dug over - no one knows who was buried there - Gossetts lived in the area.
  5. JESSIE CRENSHAW-BLUE SPRING (Black). 1979. 3.3 miles W of Knob Lick on 70. Turn left on road to the church and go 0.2 mile. On left on a hill. Roberts, Crenshaw, Carr, Barrix, Brewer, Stockton.
  6. JEWEL-GATES-PENNINGTON CEMETERY: 1978. 0.6 miles west of Knob Lick on 70. Turn right on the P. Valley Rad and go 3 miles. Turn left at the Pleasant Valley Church and go 019 [sic] mile to the Glen Finn farm. On the north of the tobacco barn back of a brick house. Slinker, Jewell.
  7. JIM EMBREE (Black), 1979. From Knob Lick on 70 go east 0.6 mile. Turn left at 1st gravel rd after Knob Lick. Go past a barn and travel 0.3 mile. On the right side of a gravel road on a hill on the Vachel SMITH farm. Jones, Barton, Beard, Jones.
  8. JOHN HURT-LEEPER: 1878. 2 miles E of 640 and 90 junction in Summer Shade at the Mt. Moriah Road where you turn left and go 1.8 miles North. Left t the Lyron Estes Rd on farm of John HURT. On a hill overlooking Mt. Moriah Rd and opposite the Hurt's housee, abt 500 ft off road. Lock, Leeper.
  9. JOHN W. SHIRLEY-JOHN W HOLLOW CEMETERY (BLACK). 1977, Turn left off 90 east in front of where the old roller mill was located by the Ferguson barn. Follow gravel road abt 0.4 mile. Graves up a hill abt 0.2 mile on the opposite side of the hill. Shirley.
  10. JOHNSON CEMETERY: 3.7 miles N of Hiseville on 740. Turn right on 1243 and go S 0.3 miles. Turn left on 1801-Lee Humphrey road and go east 0.9 mile. Turn left. Is 0.1 mile off the road on the west side of the house: Johnson, Woodward
  11. JOHNSON SLAVE CEMETERY: 3.7 miles N of Hiseville on 740. Turn right onto 1243 going south 0.3 miles. Turn left on 1801-Lee Humphrey Road going east about 0.9 mile. Turn left. Abt 0.2 miles from the road or 500 ft N of the house: Johnson
  12. JOLLY: 1977. On 68-80 west abt 1.7 miles from the Cumberland parkway tollgate. Turn N on 1413 and go 1 mile. Turn left onto Liberty-Big Meadow Road and go 0.6 mile. When road forks turn right and go 0.2 miles. On the right: Tibbs, McKinney, Poore, Jolley, Jolly
  13. KINSER GRAVE: 1977. From Knob Lick travel NE on 70 1.4 mile, turn left on the Bill POYNTER Rd and go 0.9 mile. In the yard on the west side of house. Will Dougherty Kinser.
  14. KNIPP-SMITH: 1977. 0.1 mile W of Beaumont Store & PO on 90 on Jerry FURKINS farm. On left abt 500 ft off road. Smith, Everett, Runyon, Knipp, Rutledge, Ronyon (some oral tradition).
  15. LAMBIRTH-PEAFOWL-SHUFFITT: 1978. abt 0.3 miles SE of Sulphur Well. Turn right on 869 and go 3.3 miles. Turn left at house of Virgil FANCHER. Follow road 0.4 to top of hill pass a barn - in the woods. Henry, Shuffitt, Lambirth, Bass, Marcum.
  16. LEAMON-BRANSTETTER-AMYX. 1982. At Willow Shade on 90 east. 0.3 miles past the W. Shade Church of Christ. On the left on a ridge on front of Mrs. Murl LESTER's house. Leamon, Branstetter, Amyx, Traylor, Ferguson, Walker, C---, Creacy, Hurt.
  17. LEE CEMETERY: 1980, 70 W of Sulphur Well. Go 2.7 miles to the Everett Russel farm. In a grove of trees abt 1000 feet south of the road & east of house: Lee
  18. LEE GRAVE ON LYNN COCHRAN FARM: 1975. 2 miles W of Sulphur Wells on 70. Turn left on Beechville Rd and go 0.8 miles. To the left abt 400 feet in a cultivated field. Lee
  19. LEROY NUNNALLY: 1977. 3 miles N of Summer Shade on 640. Right on the Oscar PEDIGO Rd west. 0.1 miles to Leroy Nunnally farm now owned by Doug FRAZIER. Behind and to side of the feed barn between cedar trees. No stones, by oral tradition possibly a BRANSTETTER.
  20. LOCKETT CEMETERY: 3.7 miles N of Hiseville on 740. Turn right on 1243 and go south 0.3 mile. Turn left on Road 1801 - the Lee Humphrey Road and go east 0.3 miles. Turn right at first drive and go 0.2 miles to end of land. (1979) Lockett
  21. LOU WITTY SPENCER-GILL: 1977. 6.8 miles N of Summer Shade off 640. Turn left and go abt 1 mile. On the left on Ronald Pedigo Rd on them farm of Dale Witty: Gill.
  22. LOVE: From the highs chool go west 1.8 mile on 68-80. Left on Old 68 and go 0.3 mile. Left on Depp Rd and go 1 mile. Right on Hayes Rd and go 0.3 mile. Left and go 0.2 mile. On a hill overlook the house near the barn. Wilcurt, Coffey (oral), Roach (oral).
  23. LUTHER GRIDER-EVANS: 1978. 1.5 miles SE of Randolph on Mt. Moriah Rd. Turn left and go 0.5 miles to end of road. Follow a haul road up hill. In the woods at the edge of road. Evans - all by oral tradition.
  24. MALONE: 4 June 1978, on 70, go 0.4 mile west of Sulphur Well, turn right on 869 and go 1.6 miles. On the Ellis Clark farm where Center Rd junctions with 1048. In front and to the right of a barn. Malone, S---.
  25. MARCUM CEMETERY: 1980. 1 mile W of Sulphur Well on 70. Turn left and travel to the Charles Down farm. 500 feet off the highway to the right of the old Marcum house: No visible markers.
  26. MARTIN-HARVEY-SINGING PINES. 1978. 0.9 mile S of Beaumont Church on 90. Turn left onto gravel road and go to end. Directly north of house on a hill abt 0.4 mile back. Smith, Beck?, Wade, G---, Ferguson, Emdna?, Harvey, Pedigo, Ha--ow?, Mann, Martin, Hagan.

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