Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Cemetery Book

  1. GEE-HARVEY: 1977. 0.8 mile on 163 from junction of 90. Turn right at 2nd road and go 0.5 mile. On the left in a sharp bend of the road. Martin, Paull, Hurt, Wells, Harvey, Bradley, Humes, Smith, Huffman, Gee, Branstetter, Witty, Page, Pace, Buckner, Tudor, Huffman, Bobbitt.
  2. GENIE SHOCKLEY: 1982. From Randolph go north on 640 for 0.5 mile; turn left at first drive at the top of the hill. Go 0.1 mile. Behind the house and below the barn. No evidence of graves now; land was settled by Oldhams and later, Shockleys.
  3. GILLEY: 1977. Abt 1/4 mile off 68-80 south on 640. On Isaac Gilley farm owned then by Wilbur Gilley. Gilley, Beasley, Johnson, Pedigo, Bryant, Medley, Washam.
  4. GOODEN-SMITH: Copied 1979, From Wisdom on 68-80, turn north on 640 and go 5.2 miles. Turn left on Crenshaw Rd and go 1.8 miles. A haul road turns to the left into some woods. Cemetery is about 0.4 miles south of the road in the edge of the woods on the then farm of Malcom Kidd. Gooden, Williams, Smith.
  5. GOSSETT-BENNETT. 1977. On 640, 2.7 miles north of Wisdom on Bill Dilly Farm. Between a road and a barn by a tree. Gossett, Bennett.
  6. GRAVES ON BOB LOVE PLACE. 1978. 1 mile due N of Hensonville Store in a wooded area. Hensley?
  7. GREER CEMETERY: 1980. From Wisdom go to 640 for 2.9 miles; turn left at first drive past 640-1413 jct, go 0.2 miles to the house. Abt 250 ft on a hill behind barn on James Ray Reece: Greer
  8. GRINSTEAD: 1978. Off 90. Turn onto Nobob Road at the D & M Drivein and go 2.8 miles on Nobob Road - almost to the Barren Co line. On the left about 0.2 mile off road on a hill. Vance, McPherson, Nunn, Button, Denham.
  9. HAMMER-BRADLEY: 1978. 2.4 miles east of Summer Shade on 90. turn left on 163 and go 2.1 miles. Turn left on Perkins Rd and go 0.2 miles to a fork in the road. Turn left and go 0.2 mile. On the right. Houk, Bradley, Hammer, Page.
  10. HARBISON: 1977. 3 miles N of Summer Shade on 640. Right on Oscar PEDIGO Rd and go 0.3 mile. Turn left & follow road to end abt 0.7 mile. Behind the house beside a tobacco barn. Harbison.
  11. HARBISON GRAVES? 1978. Abt 3 miles SE of Randolph on Mt. Moriah Church-Randolph Rd. Turn right on gravel rd immediately south of the Young-Estes Cemetery. Follow road to the Huffman-Franklin Cemetery. Abt 1000 ft west of the Huffman Cemetery on a hill overlooking the creek. Unidentifiable from stones, believed to be Harbisons.
  12. HARPER. 1979. North on 163 for 4.1 miles from the crossroads. Left on Randolph-Goodluck Rd and go 1 mile. Right on Pleasant Grove Rd and go 0.4 mile. Left on Guy Martin Rd and go 1.4 miles. Right at a drive. House is abt 500 ft on the farm of Bert PRUITT and Gladyes Pruitt GARRETT. Harper. Oral - no grave found.
  13. HARVEY-ELBERT WHITE: 1979. 3.4 miles east of Beaumont on 90. Turn rihgt, cross Marrowbone Creek abt 250 ft from road. Follow road and branch abt 0.7 mile. Abt 600 ft NE of the house and barn on a hill ovrlooking Sulphur Spring Hollow. Farris, Lemon, Mosier, Kessler, Propes, Wilson, Garmon, Davis, Harlan, Bryant, Piercy, Harper, Pruett, Shaw, Hurt, Propes, Hume, Ferguson, Byrum, Shaw, Andreson, Park, Hurt, Pitcock, Traylor, Branham, Amyx, Harvey, Davis, Shaw, Kessler, Garman, Shannon.
  14. HAYES: 1979. From Savoyard on 314, turn SE on 1243 and go 2.2 miles. Behind the bard on right side of the road on Bobby MINOR farm. Hayes, Coomer.
  15. HENSLEY-ERNEST WILLIAMS: 1979. North on 163 for 4.1 miles. Left on Randolph-Goodluck Rd and go 0.3 mile. Right on Bailey Road for 0.6 miles. In a wooded area on left side of the branch abt 500 ft west of the road on the Ernest Williams farm. Black, Hensley (both by oral tradition - no dates or info).
  16. HILL CEMETERY: 10 Aug 1979. 68-80, 1.4 miles e of Wisdom. Turn left on 1413 and go 3.1 miles. Abt 500 feet from the road on right side on the Larry Reece farm. Hill, Lambirth, Cooke.
  17. HILL-GALLOWAY. 1977. 68-80, 1.4 miles E of Wisdom. Turn left on 1413 go 2.5 miles. Turn right at gravel rd. Go 0.3 miles. Abt 75 ft N of the house on the Wheeler Oakes farm. Galloway, Anderson.
  18. HISER CEMETERY: 1.3 miles SE of Center on Hwy 869. On the left in a curver in the road: Brown, Hiser, Finney, Fancher, Jewell, Denison, Batey, Creek, Irwin, Thompson, Atwell, Clark, Slinker, Stovall, Williams, Pardue, Stovall, Morgan, Robertson, Cawthorn, Warf, Forbis
  19. HISER-HARDY CEMETERY: On the Beula London Wilshire farm (1977), 0.5 miles W of 314 and 2.5 miles SW of Center. Hiser, Hardy
  20. HODGES: 1977. 4.7 miles on Apple Grove Rd off 163. The road leaves Metcalfe Co and goes into Monroe. Road turns right. Go 1.2 miles bearing to right at fork after abt 1 mile. Road deadends at house & barn of Bill VANCE. From bard, go straight over hill (east). When reaching the branch, go abt 300 ft north. On the left of the branch going N. Hodges, Bybee.
  21. HOLLAND-OLEANAN: 1977. .6 mile W on 90 from 640 junction. Turn right at Dewey PALMORE's farm and go 0.3 mile. On the left on hill abt 500 ft off road on Jack FLOWER'S property. Holland.
  22. HOOVER-T. GLASS: 1977. 0.8 mile S off 68-80 at Wisdom on Cordell SIMS farm, now owned by Wilbur GILLEY. Medley, Gilpin, Woodward, Anfinson, Mauk, Hoover, Gassaway, Polson, Dilley, Compton, Wilson, Perkins, Linder, Owensby, Barett.
  23. HOUK: 1978. 2.3 miles SE of Three Springs on 218 - 552 graves identifiable, 82 unidentifiable. Cantrell, Houk, Atwell, Lile, Davis, Gore, Mouser, Atwell, Robertson, Jones, Kessler, Curry, Asbury, Sexton, Emory, Overfelt, Nunn, McCubbin, Lile, Douglas, Bastin, London, Chaney, Jewell, Walton, Stiltz, Kidd, Greer, Fancher, Perkins, Kidd, Wilcoxson, Clark, Harlow, Bishop, Hitch, Cawthorn, Thompson, Rock, Trowbridge, Martin, Ward, Bell, Irvin, Wilson, Shaw, Lile, Ramsey, Huff, Hester, Stilts, Starks, Norman, London, Poynter, Davis, Beckner, Gossett, Kinslow, Burd, Sanders, Calhoun, Morgan, Crain, Dobson, Edwards, Slinker, Hazel, Skaggs, Cook, Forbes, Jeffrreys, Hay, Glover, Gooden, Milton, Bell, Stovall, Ferguson, Eaton, Holley, Hufman, Rust, Coffie, Wilshire, Greer, Feggett, Overfelt, Shaw, Smith, Skillman, Marshall, Donan, Pruit, Milton, Minor.
  24. HUFFMAN: 1977. Abt 0.3 mile SW of Sulphur Well,t urn right on 869 and go 3 miles. In the yard of Mrs. Herbert South on right side of road: Huffman, Edwards.
  25. HUFFMAN CEMETERY. 1980, from Wisdom go N on Why 640 2.8 miles, turn right on Why 1413 and go 0.5 mile. On the right, a few feet from the road. No visible graves now - Uriah T Huffman said to be buried there, 5 graves visible.
  26. HUFFMAN-TRENT CEMETERY: Go S from Center on Hwy 869 1.1 miles to the Travis Johnson farm, cemetery on left near the barn (1980): Trent, Huffman

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