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Viet Nam War

Allwine, Robert Edward Maj Ret USA born Washington D.C. 08/04/1924 Served WWII, Korea, Vietnam.  Son of Robert Edward Allwin Sr. and Agnes May Harper Allwine.

  Joe Steve Bryant,Jr. born: February 12, 1947 Harlan County,KY Parents: Steve ( Joe ) Bryant and Anna Patterson Vietnam 1965-1969 Unit: 17th Artillery C3 17  Sue Bryant bryant(at)

Carr, Benny Gillis  PFC USA Birth date: 1948/06/10  Casualty date: 1967/09/17**

Carr, Wendell M.  Sp4 2nd Infantry U.S. Army Korea Oct 1965-1966.         Sgt. with 101st Airborn Division, 1-502 Infantry Sniper, VietNam      Born June 29, 1948 in Corbin, Whitley Co. KY to William Raymond and Mary Lou Rogers Carr.  Wendell always wanted to be a soldier, so as soon as he had his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the Army.   Wendell's grandparents were King David and Daisy Myrtle Alsip Carr and James Henry and Martha Ellen Peace Rogers.  His great grandparents were Madison(Matt) and Francis Whitman Carr, Alexander Mi

Cole, John Michael  1LT  USAF Birth Date: 1947/12/16 Casualty date: 1972/07/02**

Durham, David Terrell PFC USMC Birth date: 1948/11/28 Casualty date:1968/07/14**

Earls Gary E. LTC USA born Chicago Ill 1946/10/29 Served Vietnam 1969-70 Helicopter Pilot.  Son of Earnest Hoyt Earls of Whitley County KY and Marjorie Ernst Earls of Chicago Ill.  Unit activated for Desert Storm in 1990.

Earls, Larry Allen USMC Vietnam 1968-1969

Gray, Robert Edward PFC USA Birth date: 1949/08/12 Casualty date: 1968/09/18**

John Douglas Hale USA

Helton Gleason Cay SGT USA Birth date: 1949/09/12 Casualty date 1970/03/30**

Vernon Franklin HART M.D. served in the Viet Nam war. Vernon was a Captain
and commanding officer of Co.C 15th medical Battalion for 1st Air Cavalry
Division in Viet Nam. He recieved two Bronze Stars for Valor. He has just retired from practicing medicine in Lexington, Ky. He is the son of ORA Lee HART and Rosa Ellen HUBBS.
He was born and raised in Corbin, Ky. He graduated from Union College in
Barbourville, Ky. and the University of Louisville medical school. He is
married to Peggy Tallent STEWART.  Ben Hart

Holtzclaw Gary Earl 1LT USMC Birth date: 1944/11/17 Casualty date 1969/05/02**

Jenkins, J. Clifford SGT USA 1948/12/29 Casualty date 1969/04/04**

Harold Dean Johnson SGT E-5 USA 1966-1969 click on name to go to his page.

Lawson Freddie Don PFC USA Birth date: 1945/03/29 Casualty date 1967/08/08**

Lawson, Ronnie CPL USA Birth date: 1948/03/08 Casualty date: 1969/06/27**

Miles, David Lee PFC USA Birth date: 1947/02/20 Casualty date 1967/01/15**

Roundtree Glen Evertt SSGT USA Birth Date: 1941/09/04 Casualty date 1969/01/13**

Sargent, Billy Ray SP4 USA Birth date; 1949/09/25 Casualty date 1969/01/13**

Trosper, Jackie Edward PFC USA Birth date 1948/03/28 Casualty date: 1967/09/30**

Wetmore, Douglas McArthur SP4 USA Birth date: 1942/03/27 Casualty date 1966/02/01**    

Larry S Wright-U.S. Army-Vietnam-1968-1969-served 1967-1971

Garry L. Wright-U.S.Army-Vietnam -Korea-1968-1970-seved 1967-1971 These two brothers were stationed in Viet Nam together lsllwright(at)

Wynn Floyd PFC USA Birth date: 1943/01/10 Casualty Date 1965/02/10**

**Register of VietNam War Casualties from Kentucky, Published by Public Records Divison P.O. Box 537 Frankfort KY 40602



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