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Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

to Whitley County

 Old Gillis Cemetery
at Brummett,KY (By E.M. Egner Oct 1974)      
Creekmore	D.B.		19 Mar  1829	17 Aug	1896		
Creekmore	Eliza (Hill)	18 Sep	1835	14 Mar	1922	w/o D.B. (she a Hill or Snyder?)
Gillis	Elizabeth C. (Craig)	28 May	1790 	12 Oct	1829	w/o Joseph
Gillis	J.C. (s/o Wm.)no date							Sgt. Co F 16th KY Inf CW
Steele	Sarah Z.		 8 Jan	1849	20 Mar	1850		
Steele	Mary Polly (Gillis)	11 Mar	1814	24 Apr	1853	1st w/o Oliver,d/o Joseph
Steele	Mary			15 Aug	1851	 9 Jan	1852		
Underwood   Washington A. Jr.			14 Mar	1910		
Underwood   John		 		 9 Feb	1911						killed by train
Underwood   Thomas				 8 Mar	1919		
Underwood   Bird L		 9 Jun	1883	17 May	1923	(should read b. 1879-EE)
Underwood   Julia Ann (Ellison)			26 Mar	1915	w/o Washington �Dock�
Wilson	Sam	no	date					Co K 18th KY Inf CW
Wilson	Cassie (Ellison)Bennett	no date				w/o Sam 2nd marriage
?Old stone	marked 1851									
?Old stone	E.A.G. nothing else on stone								
?Old stone	J.G.S-1811 only									
Several	unmarked graves									
**NOTE**: Note: John, Thomas, & Bird L. Underwood and brothers & children of Julia Ann 
& old Washington �Dock�, son of Gusta Underwood.  
Also:  Cassie Wilson is mother of Julia Ann (Ellison) Underwood.

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