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Whitley County Cemeteries

Whitley County Kentucky Cemetery Books by Charlie Maynard Cornelius

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 This mark means either a double headstone
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Adams Branch Cemetery - Red Ash
Alice Adkins Cemetery - Pleasant Valley
Adams Branch Cemetery
Adolph King Cemetery - Wofford
Akins Cemetery - Plesant View
Allen Cemetery
A. L. Shelton Cemetery - Siler
Alsile Cemetery

Ambrose B. Johnson Cemetery 
Anderson or Lower Mulberry Cemetery
Andy Crockett Brown Cemetery
Andy Faulkner Cemetery

Andy Lowe Cemetery
Ansillan Siler Cemetery
Aquilla Hill Cemetery
Archer Cemetery - Saxton
Arnold Baker Cemetery
Arnold Lawson Family Cemetery
Bale M Kidd Cemetery
Ball Cemetery on Cane Creek
Bark Camp
Barton Graveyard

Bays Cemetery
Bee Creek Road
*Ben F. Bennett Cemetery
Ben Siler Cemetery
Bennett Cemetery - Louden
Bennett Cemetery - Goins
Bennett Family Cemetery - Siler
Bennett-Harp's Creek Cemetery

Berry Cemetery
Big Robin Rains Cemetery at Cotton Creek
*Bingham Cemetery
Birdeye Cemetery
Blain Mountain Cemetery
Blakley Cemetery

*Bob Alsip Cemetery
Boston Lot
Bowlin Family Cemetery
Bowling Family Cemetery
Boyles Cemetery

*Briar Creek Cemetery
Briar Creek Church
Bradford Cemetery
Bradley Hill Cemetery
Bray Creek Cemetery

*Brock Family Cemetery
Brown Old Family Plot
Brown Cemetery - Goins
Brown Cemetery
Brown Cemetery Meadow Creek
Browns Creek Church of Chirst Cemetery

*Broyles Cemetery
Bryant and Prewitt Cemetery
Bryant Cemetery
Buchanan Cemetery

*Buck/Faulkner Cemetery
Buffalo Creek Missionary Baptist Church
Caddell/Cripple Creek Cemetery

*Cal Moses Cemetery
*Cane Creek Cemetery
*Canoe Ridge Cemetery
*Carpenter Cemetery
*Chestnut Grove Cemetery
*Charles Catliff Cemetery
*Concord Cemetery
*Corbin Towers Cemetery
*Corn Creek Cemetery
*County Cemetery
*Croley Cemetery
*Croley Cemetery (on Golden Creek)
*Croley/Lambdin Cemetery
Cumberland Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery - Williamsburg
Curnutt Cemetery

*Davis Cemetery

Dick Carpenter Cemetery
*Doolin Cemetery
Douglas Cemetery
*Dryden Walters Cemetery
E. A. Shelton Cemetery
Eaton Cemetery
Egner Cemetery
Elbert Mayne Cemetery
Enoch Sexton Cemetery
Faddis (or Old Steele) Cemetery
Faulkner Cemetery
Felix Perkins Cemetery
Floyd Cemetery
Frank Gordon Cemetery
Frank Lawson Cemetery
Fuston Cemetery
Gale Cox Cemetery
Gatliff Cemetery
George Allen Cemetery
Goins Cemetery
Grey Cemetery
Hackler Cemetery
Hamby Cemetery
Hart Cemetery
Hart/Murray Cemetery
Henry Lawson Cemetery
Henry Partin Cemetery
Henry Rose Cemetery
Highland Cemetery, Page 1 - 12
Highland Cemetery, Page 13 - 17
Highland 2 Cemetery, Page 18 - 45
Hill Chapel Cemetery
Hiram Lawson Cemetery
Isaac Worley Cemetery
Isreal Mayfield Cemetery
James Beams
James Rain(s?) Cemetery
James Harp (Upper Harp) Cemetery
James Walters/Brown Cemetery
Jarvis  Peace Cemetery
Jeff McKeehan Cemetery
Jellico Creek Cemetery - New
Jellico Creek Cemetery - Old

Jesse Meadors Cemetery
J. J. Carpenter Cemetery
Joel Caddell Cemetery
John B. Veatch Cemetery
John C. Moore Cemetery
John Henry Hart Cemetery
John Petrey Cemetery
John Preston Hart Cemetery
John Tye Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Joseph Faulkner Cemetery
J. W. Blakley Cemetery
Kaswick or Old Adkins Cemetery
Kensee Hollow Cemetery
Lambdin Cemetery
Lawson Cemetery
Lawson Cemetery
Lee Monhollen Cemetery
Lot Cemetery
Lower Powers Cemetery
Maiden Cemetery
Marsee Cemetery
Maynard King Cemetery
Mayne/Faulkner Cemetery
Mays Cemetery
McFarland Cemetery
McFarland Cemetery
*McKeehan Cemetery
McKiddy Cemetery
McNeil or Gillis Cemetery
Michael Elliott Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Monhollen Cemetery
Mossey Gap Cemetery
Mt. Ash Cemetery
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church or Carr Cemetery
Mt. Zion Church of God Cemetery
Nancy J Bowlin Cemetery
Nathan Lawson Cemetery
Nathan Lawson Cemetery
Ned King, Sr. Cemetery
New Corinth Cemetery
New Lambdin Cemetery
New & Old Corinth Cemetery Additions
*Newport Cemetery
New Mt. Zion Cemetery
New Youngs Cemetery
New Zion Cemetery
New Zion Cemetery
Noah Cox Cemetery
Oaklawn Cemetery
Oaks Cemetery
Obedience Mahan Cemetery
Old Birdeye Cemetery
Old Brown Family Plot
Old Corinth Cemetery
Old Cummins Cemetery
Old Gillis Cemetery
Old Lawson Cemetery
Old Lawson Cemetery
Old Lot Cemetery
Old Moses Cemetery (on Wolf Creek)
Old New Home Church or Jones Cemetery
Old Snyder Family Cemetery
Old William Croley Cemetery
Old Youngs Cemetery
Osborne/Mauney Cemetery
Owen Cemetery
*Parks Cemetery
Paris Rains Cemetery
Partin Cemetery
Peace Memorial Cemetery
Perkins Cemetery
Perkins Cemetery
P. G. Ellis Cemetery
Pine Hill or J. W. Murray Cemetery
Piney Grove Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Powers Cemetery
Prewitt/Bryant Cemetery
Rachel Case Cemetery
*Rains Cemetery
Rains, Big Robin Cemetery
R. C. Lawson Cemetery
Rebecca Baker Cemetery
Redbird Cemetery
Reed Cemetery
Reynolds Family Cemetery
*Richardson Cemetery
*Richardson Cemetery
Robert Early Cemetery
Robert K. Partin Cemetery
Rock Springs Cemetery
*Rose Cemetery
*Rose Cemetery
*Ryan Cemetery
Sandy Flats Cemetery - Sand Flat
*Samuel Boyd Cemetery
*Sarah Siler Petrey Cemetery
*Sears Cemetery
*Sears Cemetery
*Sears Family Cemetery
*Sgt. Mitton Siler Cemetery
*Sharp Cemetery

Sharp Cemetery
*Siler Cemetery - near Yaden
*Siler Cemetery
Skinner Cemetery
*Slusher Cemetery
*Smith Cemetery
*Smith Cemetery
*Stanfield Cemetery (on Corn Cr., Meadow Cr. Rd.)
*Stanfield Cemetery

*Stanfill Cemetery
*Steele Cemetery
*Steeley Cemetery
*Steve Rains Cemetery
*Stinson/Sullivan/Hays Cemetery
Strunk Cemetery
*Sullivan Cemetery
*Surber Cemetery
*Sutton/Pemberton Cemetery
Teague or Davis Cemetery
*Thomas Cemetery
*Thomas Faulkner Cemetery
Thomas L Egner Cemetery
*Tom Inman Cemetery
*Underwood Cemetery
*Unnamed & Unmarked Cemetery
Walter Baker, Sr. Cemetery
*Ward Cemetery 
*Wells Cemetery
*Whetstone Cemetery
*Whitley Memorial Cemetery
*Wilson Cemetery

*Wm. B. Siler Cemetery
WMH Bennett Cemetery
*Wm. Harp Cemetery
Wm. P. Croley Cemetery
*Wofford Cemetery
*Wolf Creek Cemetery
*Wolf Pit/C. W. Ridner Cemetery
*Woods Cemetery
*W. W. McFarland or Cedar Gap Cemetery
*Young Cemetery
*Young Family Cemetery
*Youngs Chapel Cemetery
*Youngs Creek Cemetery


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