Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

Caddell/Cripple Creek Cemetery
Submitted by:Della Goodin
Transcribed by:  Lee Bennett
BENNETT, Emily           no dates (my great grandmother)
BENNETT, John L. (Lewis) no dates (my great grandfather)
BENNETT, Charley Amos    8/2/1904-10/11/1905
BOWLIN, Ed               1888-1/19/1970
BOWLIN, Allean           9/21/1920 (b. & d.)
BOWLIN, C. A. B.   
CADELL, Lavina           2/7/1912 (b. & d.)
CADELL, Margaret Delila  6/19/1904-4/30/1934
CADELL, Nancie             4/20/1875-12/23/1952 
(this is John L. Bennett's aunt)
CADELL, Rev. John D.     5/23/1875-5/2/1949
CADELL, Amos             10/11/1916-1/11/1969
CUPP, Bertha                     d. 6/16/1964
(this is Nancie Cadell's daughter) 
CUPP, William H.         d. 7/7/1972
FOLEY, Charlotte         1833-2/14/1888
FOLEY, Elizabeth         6/4/1881-3/12/1884
FREEMAN, Joe             3/2/1882
FREEMAN, Mary            7/26/1884-7/15/1944 w/o Joe
HARP, Jim                3/6/1867-2/9/1945
HARP, Scott (Gross)      10/13/1871-12/9/1963
MAYS, John               9/24/1859-10/10/1934
MAYS, Judie              10/16/1865-3/15/1953
MCBRAYER, Charles A.     2/2/1892-11/16/1968
RICKETT, Abraham         2/13/1873-4/1/1950
WILSON, Aileen           3/30/1925 (b. & d.)
WORLEY, Martha A.        3/20/1844-11/25/1883 w/o James F.


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