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Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

to Whitley County

New Zion Church of God Cemetery
On Little Wolf Creek
  by Raymond & Mae Smith and Edgar M. Egner - 1975

Caddell, Richard W. 30-Jul-1950 27-Jun-1967
Jennings,James  8 Nov 1893 27-Nov-1963 wife Nettie living 1975
Moses, Gilce  9 Aug 1883 14-Jan-1957
     " Kim Odell 18-Dec-1939 13-Mar-1959 s/o Dant/Letha
     " Lee R. 21-Jul-1905  4-Jan-1970
     " Nora May  7-Dec-1914  4-Dec-1955 w/o Lee R.
     " Charlie  1-Mar-1931 15-Jun-1971
     " Daisy R. 20-Sep-1910 14-Apr-1949 w/o Charlie
     " Michelle born & died        1975
     " Jason 26-Aug-1918 24-May-1970
     " Lora 29-Aug-1924 w/o Jason (living 1975)
     " Rev.  Kim 11 Oct 1890  6-Dec-1966
     " Lucy 11 Jul 1893 12-May-1970 w/o Rev. Kim
     " Rev.  Kelsie  1-Apr-1914 living 1975
     " Dora 20-Feb-1917 19-Sep-1953 w/o Rev. Kelsie
     " Kelly 16-Aug-1922 30-Mar-1968
     " Manda 30-May-1921 w/o Kelly (living 1975)
     " Charles P. 14-Mar-1943 17-Mar-1972 "Husband"
     " Gilbert H.  2-Sep-1951 27-Jun-1967
Roundtree, Lonnie  8-Apr-1901 25-Apr-1959 h/o Annie Roundtree
Wright, Lillie J. 29-Oct-1908  7-Mar-1975

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