Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

Capt Charles Catliff Cemetery
      Maple Cr., near Louden on Ben Boyd farm.
By Johnny Cox, Sr., Mae Smith, Edgar Egner et al.  1976.
GARLIFF,Capt. Charles	28 May 1748	 30 Jun 1838
     �	Christinea	       1753		1807
NOTE:  See next page for some history on Capt. Charles Gatliff. 
Capt. Charles Gatliff, contd.  During the Rev. War he fought against 
Indians on VA frontier, came KY in 1779.  His wife & children were among 
those captured by the Indians and British in 1780 at Martin Station in 
Bourbon County, KY, and took to Detroit.  13 years later Christinena made
way back to VA.  In 1793 they settled in Whitley County, KY, where the 
graves are now located. 



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