Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

Births of Whitley County Citizens
Not necessarily Whitley Co. born.
Submitted by: Della Goodin
Some of the births on the Early Birth's pages 
were excerptedfrom the listings contained in notebooks entitled
 "Whitley County Births", by: Charles Cornelius 
which are in the Public Library in Whitley 
County, KY. According to the Library staff,
these notebooks were donated and are not available
for purchase anywhere that they know of.
These listings will be listed in the source column
as book only. The other birth sources will be 
listed in the source column.It is recommended
that you use these listings as only a starting 
point and that you verify all data yourself as we
all make mistakes. Also it is worthy here to 
note that some of the names on the Tombstones
might possibly be some of the names in the book
but spelled differently or using a middle name 
or nickname on the Tombstone, as some people did 
this frequently.

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