Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

 School Census
District 80

Submitted by:  Della Goodin



Parent/Guardian------ Children/Sex
all children's last names are the same as the
parent/guardian unless another name is listed.

G.W. Stephens-----Estity? (f), Laura (f)

James Young----Ellen (f), Charley (m), Uellen (f)

U? M. Crabtree----Dan (m), Rebecca (f), Leonard (m)

John Hickman----Thomas (m), Richard (m), Frances (f), Blur? (m),
Nancy (f)

R.D. Perkins----R. (m), Job (m), Vis (m), Grover (m), Jesse (m), Evert (m)

James Crabtree----Nancy (f), Minnie (f), E.G. (m), Soloman (m)

W.J. Lee----W. (m), Grover? (m)

Neal Taylor----Tom (m), James (m), Juley (f)

Ansil Dupee----Bertha (f), Franly ?(f), Charley (m), Elna? (f), John (m)

J.N?. Smith----Roades (?), Willie (m), Willie Casida (m)

Frank Crabtree----Melvin (m), Tilman (m), Flora (f), Charley (m), Olie (f),
Manila (f), Rosey (f)

Eli Crabtree----Charley (m), Beckie (f), Martie ? (f), Ada (f)

John Cooper----Linsey (m), Ed (m), Sherman (m), Nancy (f), Bur? (m)


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