Cumberland Falls by: James E. Lawson

Courtesy of:  Della Goodin

Oct. 23, 1821

Know all men by these presents that I Hugh Monhollen of the county of Whitley and the State of Kentucky ______ _______ nominate and appoint Andrew Higginbottom of ______ Wayne County and State of Kentucky my true and lawful attorney, and by these presents or constitute or ______ and appoint him my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name. _______ take possession or as the I was these myself forever by present a tract of land in the county of Greenbriar and state of Virginia containg four hundred acres to convey and recieve payment and make deed in me in my name as tho I was there present where as I am bind myself, heirs, administrators to abide by all _____ Andrew Higgenbottom should lawfully gain about the premises given under my hand and seal this day and date 23 day of October 1821.

Signed: Hugh Monhollen

Witnesses: Uriah Parks
Samuel Monhollen


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