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Submitted by:  Della Goodin

Cora Lee "Anderson" Engle

Cora's direct lineage is at the bottom of this page,
after the bible transcription.

Transcribe and Submitted by: Theresa Diane "Long" Engle
(Cora's daughter-in-law)


The Bible’s leather cover was originally cream in color, but has yellowed with age.
Inside the front cover is a drawing in gold of Jesus Christ with His arms stretched out, with the verse: “I am the light of the world”.


Note from Theresa:
Cora had never filled the Registry out, and many years ago she asked me to add the information. The information for Donnie Engle comes from Cora Engle, and the information for me was supplied by my Parents.

Holy Bible: Authorized King James Version
Light of the World Edition
Copyright 1962 by The World Publishing Company

1st Pg.

Presented To: Cora Engle
By: Donnie R. Engle
Date: Not filled in
(The above information was filled in by Cora herself)

In the middle of the Bible is a Family Register:

First page of Registry

Marriages: This Certifies That: Donnie Ray Engle and Theresa Diane Long Were united in Holy Matrimony on the 15th day of November, in the year of Our Lord 1969 at 5507 Muddy Crk. Rd. by Rev. Hobert B. Cole
Witness Living Brother in Law
Witness Barbara Patton
(Note by Della: Barbara was the daughter of Cora Anderson Engle)

Second Page Of Registry

Births: Living son Living son

Third Page of Registry

Deaths: Joseph Edward Engle born May 18, 1897 died March 27, 1973
Cora Lee Engle born January 31, 1914 died June 20, 1994
Melvin Hershel Long born March 8, 1909 died March 21, 1993
Lura Myrtle Long born December 3, 1919 died March 5, 2005
Ethel Robertson born October 14, 1898 died December 20, 1964
Jesse Bryan Robertson born November 23, 1897 died March 11, 1995
Nona Rebecca Rexroat Robertson born May 5, 1898 died November 16, 1921

Fourth Page of Registry

This page has a double family tree layout, one for
Donnie R. Engle and the other for Theresa D. Engle.

Family Tree of: Donnie R. Engle:

Siblings of Donnie: Living sister, Maxine, Jolene, Barbara, Pauline

Father: Joe Edd Engle
Siblings of Joe Edd Engle: James, Andrew, Will, John W., Julia, Barbara, Cora, Sarah Ann
Grandfather: Joseph Engle
Grandmother: Margaret Runyon
Great-Grandfather: John Engle
Great-Grandmother: Sarah Mays
Great-Grandfather: John Runyon
Great-Grandmother: Ann Mariah

Mother: Cora Lee Engle
Siblings of Cora Lee Engle: Kelly, James. T.J., Garfield, Jack, Pascal, Edward Lee, Imogene, Ruby, Delores, Nola
Grandfather: Montgomery Anderson
Siblings of Montgomery Anderson: Jack, Cebury
Grandmother: Flora Anderson
Siblings of Flora Anderson: Jimmy, Melvin, Anerson, Sara, Minerva, Ida, Ortha, Mandy
Great-grandfather: Kelly Anderson
Great-grandmother: Menneilly Anderson
Great-grandfather: Jeff Young
Great-grandmother: Cynthia Young

Family Tree of: Theresa D. Engle:

Siblings: Phyllis Imogene, Living brother, Living brother, Living sister, Living sister

Father: Melvin H. Long
Siblings of Melvin H. Long: Vanus, Marion, Tandy, Isam, Zona, Cora, Kate, Marie, Laura, Living sister
Grandfather: James A. Long
Grandmother: Rebecca Campbell
Great-grandfather: Samuel W. Long
Great-grandmother: ------
Great-grandfather: Raleigh Campbell
Great-grandmother: -------

Mother: Lura M. Long
Siblings of Lura M. Long: Living sister, Living brother
Grandfather: Jesse Robertson
Grandmother: Nona Robertson
Great-grandfather: Charlie Robertson
Great-grandmother: Jane Owens
Great-grandfather: Johnnie Rexroat
Great-grandmother: Marietta Robertson
GG-Grandfather: Johnnie Rexroat
GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Leach


Cora's Direct Lineage
submitted by: Della Goodin (her niece)

Cora Lee Anderson
b. Jan. 21, 1914 Whitley County, KY
d. Nov. 27, 1988 Cincinnati, OH

1. Cora Belle Anderson/1.General Powers 2. Edward Engle
2. Montgomery "Gumie"Anderson/Flora Belle Young
3. Calvin "Coly" Anderson/Manila Mowery
3. Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Young/Cyntha Hamblin
4. Henry Anderson/Rebecca Monhollen
4. Johnathan Mowery/Nancy Hamblin
4. Silas Young/Nancy Hill
4. Daniel Hamblin/Barbara Monhollen
5. Robert Anderson/Keziah "Haziah" Sneed
5. John Monhollen/Elizabeth Hill
5. Moses Mowery/Nancy Clepp or Clapp
5. Daniel Hamblin/Barbara Monhollen
5. John Young/Sarah?
5. Aquilla Hill/Elizabeth Sweeney
5. Benjamin Lay Hamblin/Sarah Elizabeth Brim
5. William Monhollen/Mary "Polly" Tillotson
6. Robert Anderson/ ????
6. Charles Sneed???/????
6. William Monhollen/Mary Tillotson
6. Aquilla Hill/Elizabeth Sweeney
6. Peter Mowry/Sophia Clepp or Clapp
6. Benjamin Lay Hamblin/Sarah Elizabeth Brim
6. William Monhollen/Mary Tillotson
6. Unknown Young
6. Unknown Hill
6. George Hamblin/Piercy Carey
6. Possibly Hugh Monhollen/Unknown
7. John Hamblin/Mary Sarah Thackston


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