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Jacob Tarter

(Although Jacob Tarter's will was written, probated, and filed in Russell County KY, he spent nearly the entirety of his adult life in Pulaski Co; he was twice married and once divorced in Pulaski Co; and all of his children by his first wife and his only child by his second wife were born in Pulaski Co.)

WILL OF JACOB TARTER 1795-1874 (transcribed 7/99 from photocopy of original)

(Will Book 3, pp. 293-294, Russell County KY)

[This a verbatim transcription (tho' I may have missed some punctuation), including the slightly incoherent sentence that begins "I first desire...", and "cash cash...". The latter possibly reads

", cash assets,..."]

Herriford Bottom Dec'r 21 1872

I Jacob Tarter of Russell County Kentucky do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament revoking all other wills [word "and" marked through; one or two words obliterated].

I first desire that after all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate.

Second that my beloved wife Polly Ann have one third of personal estate and of my land on Cumberland river in Russell County Ky during her natural life.

Third, it is my will and desire that the orphan children of my deceased son Wesley Tarter have one hundred acres of land that I own in the County of Pulaski on the waters of Faubush Creek ajoins Geo Cundiff (?)Tobe Tarter and F. Thomas. Having heretofore given lands to all my other children by my first wife and as I do not think they have for some years back treated me as they should have done I will or give them nothing out of my estate. Fifth it is my will and desire that my two youngest sons (children of my [word "last" marked through] present wife) William Thomas Tarter and Elias Jefferis [sic] Tarter have all my home farm and land on the Cumberland river subject to the life estate heretofore will to their mother - at he [sic] death to have the whole

and I also give and bequeath to them William T. and Elias J. Tarter all my personal estate - cash cash assets of all kinds stock farming utencils and other property of all kind both personal real that I may be possessed of not hereinbefore disposed of.

In testimony whereof I have this day set my hand and seal in the presents of William M. Green and George W. Eubank, the subscribing witnesses hereto.

Witness W.M. Green his

Geo. W. Eubank /s/ Jacob X Tarter


Will was proved in Russell County court in December term, 1874 and "...ordered to be certified for record which is done accordingly. Given under my hand this 8th day of Jany 1875."

/s/ A.P. Simpson C.R.C.C.


Jacob 'Jake' Tarter's death date is recorded in the Russell County vital stats as 19 November 1874. Cause of death is listed as "fall from waggon [sic]".


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