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Estate Settlement of John Tarter
1853-1854 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 4, p 195

Pulaski Co., KY Will Book 4, pgs 195 - 195
June 6th, 1853

I, John S. Kendrick, presiding Judge of the Pulaski County Court [met ?] William Weddle, administrator of John Tarter, deceased, agreeable to notice here filed for the purpose of auditing and settling the [accounts ?] with the Admn. of John Tarter, deceased.

On examination find chargable to the administrator

     to Sale Bill                                                   $67.37
     Cash on hand                                                    58.85
     Note on William Weddle balance with interest                    24.06
     Alfred Tarter note                                               3.00
       Interest on same                                               2.79
     David & John Trimble's Note                                     20.00
       Interest on same                                              11.30
     William Weddle's AP@**                                            .50
     Judgement vs William Tarter in G. W. Gaines                      4.25
     Negro Girl sold at May court for                               554.00
       with interest for date, on [unreadable] of 3 mos
       Interest on same for 3 months                                  8.31
     Same Cr.
     J. F. Barker's fee bill                                 .50    
     Witnesses fee bill, A. J. Floyd                        2.00
     M. G. McAlister's AP@ for shrouding                    8.13
     Stephen C. Floy, receipt for coffin                    1.00
     G. W. Gaines, receipt                                  1.00
     Tax receipt for 1851                                    .68
     George Dalton, receipt                                  .50
     Reuben Pierce's receipt given to
       W. Tarter and paid by William Weddle                 2.00
     William McDaniel's receipt                             1.00
     Witness fee bill, G. W. Gaines                         2.50
     J. R. Simpson, receipt                                  .75
     Solomon Turpin's receipt for part of
       Judgement against administrator                     24.00
     T. Suber (S.P.C.)* receipt in full of an
       execution in favor of Turpin vs Administrator       23.84
     Tax receipt for 1852                                    .35
     Solomon Turpin's receipt, part of judgement
       of Turpin vs Administrator                          50.00
     Cash paid to equal division of slaves as
       paid by B. Smiths & J. S. Kendrick's receipt
       commission                                          22.33
     Judgement of Solomon Turpin vs Adams                  45.00
     Witness fee bill, Katy Jones                           2.50
     Solomon Turpin receipt as part of judgement
       Turpin vs Administrator                             45.00
     Witness fee bill Reuben Pierce                         2.50
     Lawyers fees in all cases save the attachment
       which is referred to next settlement               170.00
     Allowance to Administrator                            55.00
     County Judge's fee                                     1.50
                                                         $462.08    462.08

Amount in hand of Administrator as shown by this settlement, two hundred and ninety one dollars and 35 cents. All of which is respectfully reported to the County Court, June 6th 1853.
John S. Kendrick, PJPCC

Pulaski Co., KY, Will Book 4, pgs 328-329
May 29th, 1854

This day, William Weddle, administrator of John Tarter, deceased, according to notice filed, applied to the undersigned presiding judge to make settlement as administrator of said decedant's estate and on examination find chargable, vis:

     To amount on former settlement                      $291.35
       Int on $250 of the above for 3 months               11.50
     Same Ct.
     John Tarter's witness certificate                      2.50
     William P. Muse     "         "                        2.50
     Arche Nicholson     "         "                        2.50
     John P. Bruce receipt - advertising                    1.50
     Nancy Trimble AP@ proven AP@                           7.87
     Tax receipt for 1853                                   1.02
     County clerk fee bill                                  1.56
        "      "  fee bill                                  1.12
     Lawyers fees in the attachment which was not
       allowed on 1st settlement                           20.00
     Jacob Tarter AP@ receipted                            50.00
     John Crawford's receipt for [unknown]                  2.00
     Amount of AP@ J. M. Weddle, one of the appraisers      1.00
     T. Suber fee bill - sheriff                            4.00
     An additional allowance to Administrator              25.00
     Lawyer fees for advice to Adm. receipt                 5.00
     Supposed clerk's fees for record                        .75
     County judge's fee                                     1.50
                                                          $130.22    $130.22

This settlement shows the administrator indebted to the heirs of John Tarter, deceased, one hundred and seventy two dollars and 53 cents.
All of which is respectfully reported, May 29th, 1854.
John S. Kendrick, PJPCC

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Pulaski Co. Sct.
At a county court held for the county aforesaid at the courthouse thereof in the town of Somerset, on Monday the 18th of July, 1854, the foregoing settlement of accounting with William Weddle, administrator of the estate of John Tarter, deceased, having laid over more than one term as required by law, and no exceptions being filed thereto, was examined and approved by the court and ordered to be recorded and the same together with this certificate hath been duly noted to record in my office.
Att. J. D. Allcorn, Clerk

** AP@ - not clear what this abbreviation means
* S.P.C. Sheriff Pulaski County

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