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The Will of William Richardson
10 Nov 1852 Pulaski County, Kentucky

In the name of God amen, I, William Richardson of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky calling to mind the uncertainty of himan life, And being desirous to dispose of all my wordly Estate as it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath the same in the following manner (to wit) First, It is my will and desire that my wife, Sarah, have a portion of my land (to wit) Beginning at a square tree and Dogwood a conditional corner betwen David Richardson and William Richardson, on the bank of Pitman's creek, thence the old line N 44 East 40 poles to a buckeye and double Sycamore a corner to the original Survey thence running with the meanders of the creek S 52 East 40 poles to two Iron woods and white oak in a branch of the creek cleft of the creek thence S 88 East 100 poles crossing a dry branch to a Small black oak and Hickory then south 59 East 18 poles to a Hickry then N 48 East 72 poles to two white oaks then N 53 West 48 poles to a Hickry and Square tree Meec corner then S 63 West 48 poles to a Hickry Meac corner, then due N 65 West 62 poles to two White Oaks Meac corner, then due N 52 poles to a Gum, thenc due West 96 poles to a pine-oak and Sugartree thence N 9 1/2 East 30 poles to two sugar-trees and Iron-wood thens S 89 1/2 West 140 poles to a stake on the conditional line between David Richardson and William Richardson, thenc the old conditional line S 28 East 191 poles to the Beginning, containing by Survey 220 acres be the same more or less; all the survey that Langford made for me on the 18th day of Nov. 1851. To have during her natural life or widowhood if she should survive me. Also one horse beast (She may have choice) One Waggon and one yoke of oxen, two cows and ten head of sheep, hogs and corn to hur one year, two plows and two hows, One pare of Gears, one Bed and firneture beside hur own and so much of the Cuberd ware: and Cubboard as will set of hur table, and the big Table, with the Loam and So much of the cooking vesls and washing vessels as the family will especially Kneed for their Support: All the above property named She is to Have the use of it while she keep house and continues to live on land but if she will leave the place by moving of it, then in that case, she will forfet all hur interest in the above name property and all the profits exclusive of the land, is to be divided equally among my children. Secondly, it is my will and desire that at my death-my wife death, that my son William R. Richardson and his hears have all the said track of land that I will to my wife forever. Thirdly, It is my will and desire tht at my death, that my Daughter, Matilda Meece and Ephraim Meece hur husband and their heirs have all my land that lies above the track of land that I will my wife, between that and John Richardson binding on John Richardson's line. All the land I own there forever. Thirdly, it is my will and desire tht my Son William R. Richardson get a possion of the land I will to my wife, that my daughter Unisy Cox and hur heirs have all the land that I bought of Hiram Hughs except what little was cut off in Survey made to my wife; To Have forever. Fourthly, It is my will and desire that my Son Thomas C. Richardson have my big man Jacob, at my death, at five hundred Dollars, to make him even in the land way, or if he should die before he is to have his five hundred Dollars out of my estate. Fifthly, it is my Will and desire, that at my death, that all the rest of my negroes be equally divided among my four children, Unisy Cox and hur heirs forever; Thomas C. Richardson, Matilda Meece and hur heirs forever and William R. Richardson and his heirs. Fifthly, it is my will and desire that my son Jesse M. Richardson, or his heirs, have no more of my estate, as I have give him more of my estate than any of the rest of my children will get at my death. So he is to have no more as I have given him all my lands in Ballard City and paid upwards of four hundred Dollars for him. It is my will and desire that after my death that my executor sell all my personal property that I have not willed to my wife, on a twelve month credit, and pay all my just debts puncally and the ballance to be equally divided to my children, Unicy Cox, Matilda Meece, Thomas C. Richardson and William R. Richardson except my pare of Brown Dixonarys and the Bible and testament, them I will and bequeth to my son-in-law Ephraim Meece forever. Sixthly, on consideration It is my will and Desire that my wife have Something more (to wit) One pare of fire Dogs, the Clock, one set of shears, one big Whele and little whele, one bed sted, two axes, one log chane and ceck reel and two flat irons and Thirty Dollars in money, ot that amount in any of my personal property She may chose. Seventhly, and lastly, I do hereby apoint and nominate Thomas Gibson my Executor revoking all other and former wills made by me heretofore made, In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my name and affixed my Seal-- 10th day November 1852 William Richardson.
Attest: Thomas J. Clonch, Tandy James, William M. Claunch.

State of Kentucky, Pulaski County Set. At a County Court held for Pulaski County aforesaid, at the court house thereof in the Town of Somerset on Monday, the 15th day of August, 1853. The following instrument of writing, purporting to be the last Will and testament of William Richardson, decd., was produced to the Court as such, and proven to be the act and deed of the Said William Richardson, decd. by the oath of Tandy James and Wm. (alias) William M. Clonch two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and the same done immediately.

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