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The Will of William Redman
16 March 1887 Pulaski County, Kentucky

I, William Redman of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky, do make this my last will and testament.

1st I give to my wife, Mary Redman all my home tract of land lying on the south and west side of the Columbia road and also the fifty acres on the northeast side of said road known as the Owens farm. Also a boundary on the opposite side of the road from my house beginning at the corner of the field at the Monroe land on a black oak at the corner of new ground thence with the cross fence to James Redman's spring. Thence down the branch to the Columbia road to have containing her life time and at her death I want my sons Thomas Redman and Melver Redman to have all the land described above.

2nd I give to my wife my bay horse and sorrel mare and all my cattle and sheep and hogs and all of my household and kitchen furniture only what I may hereafter dispose of, also my wagon and all my farming tools of any description and bees, also my corn and meal on hand.

I want my land divided equally between my two boys giving them equal number of acres dividing it north and south, and I give Melver this end where I now live, and my clock.

I give to my daughter Sarah Redman one bed, bedding, and one side saddle and one chest.

I give Martha A. Rainwater my cupboard at Mary's death.

I give Melver my dun mule and John the black mule and I give Melver my fan mill.

I give my son John the land known as the Ana Becka Dodson land. I give to Charity Redman the land on which she now lives to hold during her life or widowhood and at her death I want her children by James Redman to have said land.

I give to my grandson Volantes Dodson two dollars, also my two grandchildren Jacob G. Price one dollar and Amanda E. Price one dollar.

I also bequeath Charity Redman my gray mare to have to make her crop with this season, then the mare is to be returned to Mary to hold as her own and I give to my wife Mary all my debts that's coming to me. Out of these debts my daughter Sarah is to have sixty five dollars and if not paid out of these debts out of my whole estate if necessary to pay her that amount of money that I owe her as guardian.

As testimony thereof I hereunto set my hand this [9th?] day of January 1887.

William Redman (his mark)

State of Kentucky
County of Pulaski

I, John S. May, clerk of the Pulaski County Court, do certify that the foregoing instrument of writing, purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of William Redman, deceased, was at the February [session?] 1887 of the Pulaski County Court produced in open court and proven by the oath of D.M. Cooper and A. McWilliams, the two subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the true last will and testament of William Redman, dec'd., and by said court ordered to be admitted to record as such, which is now done accordingly. Given under my hand this 16th day of March 1887.

Att. John S. May, Clerk

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