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The Will of James Randolph
1860 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 5, p 515


In the name of god amen. I JAMES RANDOLPH inforegoing areasonable portion of
health through mercy and being in my right mind and bearing the uncertainty of life
and the certainty of death and having a desire to settle my worldly affairs before I
leave this world and for that purpose do ordain and constitute this my last will and
testament--first I ___ my soul to god who gave it and my body to be decently buried
in a planet? manner and after all my just debts are paid if there should be any My will
is that my property shall be divided among my children in the following manner---towit,
be heareas I have given and ___ off my oldest son Robert before making this will, Now
my will is that the balance of my lands shall be equally divided between my three
youngest sons ____ ____ William Randolph, Thomas and Andrew. My will further is
that ___ ___ three youngest boys shall have a horse each & saddle each to make them
equal with Robert. My will further is that my beloved wife Jemima be the longest liver
that she is to have the free use and privilege of the mansion house that she now lives in.
during her natural life and that all the surplus property if there should be any more than
what would carry on the farm for their support should be sold and that my three youngest
boys William, Thomas & Andrew shall worke and attend their respective parts of
lands together with their mother and the above money proceeding from the sale of the
surplus property above mentioned if any shall be put out an? interst and my will further
is that after the death of my beloved wife that my my (written 2x) three youngest boys to
have all their farming utensils necessary to carry on the farm and that my three girls
Ealinor, Polly & Tilda to have all our household furniture such as beds & clothing of
every description divided equally among them and if there should be any surplus after
the death of myself & my wife. My will is that it shall be equally divided between Robert
William Thomas & Andrew
& my three girls Ealinor Polly & Matilda. My will further is
that my son Robert & William shall be my executors to execute and ___ this my last
will & testament

Inventory of the Appraise bill of James Randolph
___? May the ? 1860
One ox cart                        $7.00
one yoke of work cattle            37.00
one ? cow                          12.00
one two year old steer              7.00
one year old heiffer                5.00
one salt barrel                     
one molasses barrel                  .55
one cythe & cradle                  1.25
six hogs                            6.00
one mare & saddle                   5.50
one pair of saddlebags              2.50
seven books                         2.00
eight books                         2.25
one slate                            .20
one bed & furniture                 4.00
one looking glas                     .50
one cupboard                        8.00
one chest                           2.00
one box                              .50
one small chest                      .50
one book case                        .25
one ? hoe                            .75
two ?                               1.00
two plows                           1.75
two lbs & 1/4 steel                  .31
one plow and ?                      1.50
one iron rod & ?                     .50
one pare of sheep sheers             .30
one mare colt                      40.00
one black mare mule                40.00
one cutting knife & box              .60
one ?                                .40
one drawing knife                    .40
one chisel                           .30
one chisel & auger                   .50
?? Shadrick ?? appraisors of the state of James Randolph dc'd this day of May the ? 1860

Inventory of sale bill of James Randolph
dec d May the 9th 1860
Rober Ashley             1 rod of iron                    .10
H Spears                 1 grubing?                       .30
Alexander Randolph       1 cythe & cradle                 .30
Joshua Wesley            3 books                          .50
Samuel A Dick            3 books                          .45
C. ? Barber              2 books                         1.15
Marthy Randolph          1 chist (chest)                 1.25
  "      "               1 book case                      .05
  "      "               1 small chist (chest)            .05
  "      "               1 box                            .10
  "      "               1 looking glass                  .30
  "      "               1 bed & ?                       1.45
Wm Randolph              1 saddle                        4.15
  "      "               1 pair of saddle bags           1.50
  "      "               1 drawing knife                  .45
Marthy Randolph          1 chisel                    page cut off
  "      "               1 auger & chisel                 "
Alexander Randolph       1 cutting box & knife            "
John M Barber            1 red heifer                     "
alexander butt?          1 red steer                      "
andrew jackson howell    1 cow                            "
Marthy Randolph          1 mule colt                      "
Alexander Randolph       1 razor                          "
Wm Dick                  1 slate                          "
Marthy Randolph          6 hogs                           "
  "      "               1 cuberd                         "
  "      "               1 cart                           "
  "      "               1 yoke of oxen                   "
  "      "               1 salt barrel                    "
  "      "               1 molasses barrel                "
Marthy Randolph          7 books                        2.00
  "      "               3 (hoes)?                      1.00
  "      "               2 ploughs                      1.75
  "      "               2 1/2 pounds of steel           .31
  "      "               1 plough & ?                   1.50
C. ? Barber              1 mare colt                   40.00
I certify that the foregoing is a true list of the sales of the property of James Randolph dec'd as told on the 9th day of May 1860     William Randolph

State of Ky County of Pulaski I James D Allcorn clerk of the county court holder for the county aforesaid do certify that the foregoing sale bill of the property of James Randolph dec d was filed in my office on the 21st day of May 1860 for record where upon the same together with this certificate hath beon duly recorded in my office Given under my hand this 23d day of July 1860
att JD Allcorn clk

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