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The Will of Larkin Phelps
18 March 1850 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 3B, pp 1186-1187

Photocopy of original received 21 Jan 1997 from Pulaski County Clerk, P.O. Box 724, Somerset, Kentucky 42502 The photocopy did not include the edges and bottom of page 1186 & the top of both original pages were tattered. To view these missing portions, LDS Film 0804642 Pulaski County (Kentucky) Clerk of the Circuit Court; Wills 1838-1851 was consulted. Made in 1969, the microfilm shows the entire undamaged document.

Transcribed by Valerie (Weber) Davis,, 22 Jan 1997 & corrections/additions made 8 Mar 1997. [words that have been crossed out in the original text appear in this transcription enclosed by double slashes; //example//]

Phelps, Larkin Will

In the name of God Amen I Larkin Phelps of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky having become Old and Infirm in Body but of sound Mind and Desposing [sic] Memory Knowing the Certainty of Death and the uncertainty of the time there of, and that I may be better prepared by Relieving my Mind of Earthly things and have it Placed on things in the World which I am hastening too and must very shortly in the Course of Nature appear before that God in whom I have Believed in for upwards of Forty years there to be Judged according to the Deeds Done in //the Body// my past life and for this purpose I Do Ordain Constitute and Establish this my last Will and Testament. Item the 1st I commit my soul to God who gave it, and my Body to the Earth its Original Mother to be plain and Decently Buried by my Children or Friends and after my Just Debts are paid my Will is to make the following Distribution among my Children of my Worldly afairs [sic]. Item 2nd my Will //and desire// is that my Daughter Drada Earp and her heirs //forever// shall have the Tract of land that they now live on together with every thing that I have heretofore given them. and my Will further is that my Daughter Nancey Hargis and her heirs shall forever Inherit and have a certain Tract of land that I Bought of James Hargis on Buck Creek and also all that I have given them heretofore to make them Equal with my Daughter Drada Earp Valued by me including the land to $125. and my Will further is that my Daughter Eliza Glover shall have $125. to make her equal to my other Two Daughters above name//d// together with what she has had heretofore. and my Will further is that my two Sons Asia and Leonard Phelps shall have twenty five Dollars with what I have given them heretofore to make them Equal with my other Children. and my Will further is that my Two Daughters that now lives with me (towit) Polly & Rachel that I never yet have given anything to that they shall be made equal with the Children above named. and my Will further is that After my Decease that if there is any of my Estate left it shall be Equally divided between the above named Children in this my last Will and Testament by my Two Sons Hazel & Asia Phelps whom I nominate and appoint as my Executors or Distributees [sic] as I do not wish that they shall Administer on my Estate nor put the Estate to any Cost. if they cannot agree on the valuation of //the// any species [sic] of //any// property, my wish is that they may Choose a third man entirely Disinterested and abide by his Judgment. In Testimony hereof I have set my hand to any //and// seal this 12th day of October 1842.

Larkin Phelps seal
Daniel F. James
William Gilleland
Noah Lee


State of Kentucky
Pulaski County Sct.
At a County Court held for the County aforesaid at the Courthouse thereof in the Town of Somerset on Monday the 18th day of March 1850. This Writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Larkin Phelps Dec'd was produced to the Court and proven by the Oaths of Noah Lee and William Gilleland subscribing Witnesses thereto, and being Examined and approved of by the Court was Ordered to be Recorded and the same is done accordingly.

Att Will M. Fox Clk

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