William MILES Estate Settlement
His father, Isham Johnson MILES, b. before 1748, was not mentioned in the estate settlement.
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I have been fortunate to find a copy of an estate settlement listing the heirs of William MILES. It was filed in Pulaski Co. KY in 1843.  As he had no family of his own, it listed all of his siblings from 2 different marriages born in Cumberland, Buckingham, Bedford and Franklin Co.'s in VA.
His father, Isham Johnson MILES, b. before 1748, was not mentioned in the estate settlement.

Children from the first marriage with Judith Hatcher.

   1. John MILES, deceased (b. before 1779)
           1A. John H. MILES, deceased
                   1B. William T. MILES, infant
                   2B. Henrietta MILES, infant
           2A. James H. MILES
           3A. William ANDERSON or ANDERSTON
               & Judith MILES, deceased
           4A. William H. MILES
   2. Elizabeth HUDGINS (b. before 1779)
   3. Judith HUDGINS (b. before 1779) wife of Edward Hudgins
           1A. William H. HUDGINS
           2A. Brooker B. HUDGINS
           3A. Nancy HUDGINS
           4A. Martha HUDGINS
           5A. Mary H. HUDGINS
           6A. Delila HUDGINS
           7A. Moses HUDGINS, deceased

In 1779 the above 3 children were given a gift by Isham of a negro girl and her increase to be equally divided when Judith reaches 15 yrs. of age. (This may have been when he married a
second time.)

The remaining children were half blood, mother Elizabeth Carter.

    4. Joseph MILES
    5. Henry MILES
    6. Edward MILES
    7. Jordon MILES
    8. Thomas J. MILES
    9. Samuel A. MILES
   10. Armistead J. MILES (b. 1796)
   11. Polly, wife of David JOHNSON
   12. Rebecca, wife of John OXLEY
   13. Nancy, wife of Dabney GRUBBS
   14. Susan, wife of Benjamine HAIL
   15. Sally Turner, deceased (wife of John Turner)
            1A. James TURNER
            2A. Willaim C. TURNER
            3A. Mariah TURNER, wife of Geo. W. SAUNDERS
            4A. Elizabeth TURNER, wife of Alfred SAUNDERS
            5A. Rebecca TURNER
            6A. Tilman TURNER
            7A. Ambrose TURNER, deceased

Added by original researcher, Robert B. Waddle:

Major portion of above at the time lived in Robertson Co. although the record is not clear - the heirs of Juda Hudgins at least did so.

Geo. W. Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders, Albin Turner, William C. Turner, & Tilman Turner appear to have been residents of Wayne Co. KY Tenn.  Benjamin Hail came to Pulaski Co. from
Bedford Co., VA and its possible that the major portion of the heirs lived there but it is not clear.
My comment:
Benjamine Hail and Susan went to Andrew Co., MO above St.
Joseph, MO



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