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The Will of John McKinzie
27 Aug 1852, Pulaski County, Kentucky

To all whom this may concern be it known that I John McKenzie of Pulaski Cty and State of Kentucky feeling that my health is rapidly declineing But that I now being sane in mind and the proper disposur of my own estate do herby Will and give up my whole estate to be ratified by law as follows. First, I Will and submit my whole estate at and after my decease to my wife and companion Susan McKinzie during her Natural life. Secondly, I will and desire that after the decease of my wife (Susan McKinzie) that the estate willed to Her by one John McKinzie on the day and date above named fall into the hands of my son Joseph D McKinzie provided that he (Joseph D McKinzie) stay with and manage for her during her lifetime. Thirdly, I request that my daughters who are now with me be made Equal when they lave ther mother with those who�s now married and settled provided the amount of property be there (at the time they lave) on hands as was when my children who are now married left the compliance to this third item however I lave with ther mother in whose care I lave them. Fourth, I will and request that Vincent Garner together with my wife be the Executors of my estate. This My whole will I have made in the fear of God and with the earnest desire and prayere that I will best promote the peace of my family whom I trust to meet in Heaven. this the 27th day of August 1852 Teste
John James John McKinzie
James Bobbitt

At A County Court held for Pulaski County at the Courthouse thereof in the Town of Somerset on Monday the 21st day of March AD1853- This instrument of writing was produced to the Court as the last Will and Testament of John McKinzie dec�d and proven to be the Act and Deed of the said John McKinzie by the Oathe of John James and James Bobbitt the subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and the same is done accordingly.

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