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The Will & Appraisement of Stephen Lee
28 Sep 1809, Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 1, p 56-60; LDS FHL #0598753

In the Name of God Amen
I Stephen Lee of Pulaski County and state of Kentucky being in low state of health but in perfect mind and memory and Calling to mind it is appointed for man once to die first of all Resine my Soul and body to God who gave it in hopes of it Reserrection and as for Such worthy Blessings as God has indued (?) me with after my lawful debts is paid I dispose of in manner following. I lend to my beloved wife during her natural life all my Negroes and Stock of all kind Except one Sorrel horse Called fox I give to my Son Henry and a Cow and Calf and to my Son Jubal I give one bay horse Co___ and a Cow and Calf and farming tools and household furniture Except two Beads one for henry and one for Jubal She may give to them when she pleasees I also lend to my beloved wife the waggon I will that Seaton my son have it and Jubal and henry among them and the division ______ that Jauball have fifty Do_____ than any of the rest and at the death of _____ an equal Division to all my chil____ (part torn away) Negroes not to be sold out of the family and dick have the liberty to Choose his master the two hundred acres of land I now live on I give to my son Jubal and the two Hundred acres a Joining Seaton Lee and Daniel Duncan I give to my son Henry I leve my beloved sons Daniel Duncan and Seaton Lee my Executors I make this my last will and testament which I desire to be recorded in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 28th day of September 1809
Signed Stephen Lee (seal)
in presence of

Joshua Jones
Peleg Baker

At a County Court held for Pulaski County on Monday the 2nd day of December 1809 This will was proven to be the last will and Testament of Stephen Lee Decd by the Oath of Joshua Jones and Peleg Baker witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded which is done accordingly.

Test Will _______

Agreeable to an order of the Pulaski County Court at the December term 1809 to us directed to Value the personal Estate of Stephen Lee Deceased after being first sworn

Proceeded as followeth to wit
A Negroe man named Dick               $333.34
Do named Matt                          363.34
Do named Charles                       400.00
Do named Moses                         450.00
one Negroe boy named George            130.00
one negroe woman named Hannah          400.00
one negroe woman named Aggy            100.00
one negroe girl named Fanny             80.00
one negroe boy names Lewis             200.00
Do named Gabriel                       150.00
Also thirty head of Cattle             139.50
one bay mare                            35.00
also the not mare                       65.00
one Sorrel mare                         50.00
Jubles Colt                             40.00
twenty eight head of Sheep              37.50
twenty Six head of Hoggs                54.00
forty two pounts of Buter               17.50
Sundry Articles __________               3.00
one pair of_____ and other articles      5.00
wheels Reel and Loome                   14.50
three Slays                              1.50
pots and other Articles                 28.00
Knives and forks                         2.00
one grindstone                           2.50
four beahives                            6.00
Seven pales                              1.50
Saws and axes                           17.0
a waggon and geers                      75.00
Cutting box and hay forks                1.50
apple nursery                            3.00
_______ and other articles              18.50
Bottles Books and tee ware               5.00
three Saddles                           18.00
Jugs and other articles                  1.25
15 Sheets and Countorpins               31.00
one blanket a Coverled and under bed     4.00
Jubles bed and furniture                19.00
Henreys Bed and furniture               18.00
2 other beds and furniture              33.00
one trunk and glass                      3.50
Table and Chairs                         6.00
One Can                                 00.50

Given under our hands this 19th day of February 18__

       Rich ______
       Andrew Cowa___
       Isaac Hays

At a County Court held for Pulaski County on Monday the 26th of February 1810 This Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Stephen Lee Decd ____ Returned was Ordered to be Recorded and the same is done Accordingly.

Teste Will Fox_____

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