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The Will of Moses Keeney
1846 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 3, p 873

"In the name of God Amen I Moses Keeney of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky being seriously afflicted of body but of Sound Mind and memory do make and ordain and publish this as my last Will and testament (viz)

1st I devise & bequeath all my property and estate of every kind and nature whatsoever to my wife Katherine Keeney during her life or widowhood except as herein after specified.

2nd I devise to my son, Abner Keeney one undivided half of the tract of land on which I and he now reside and conveyed to me by Deed from Henry Aelinnst (?) & wife this undivided half of my land which I devise to my said son Abner he is to have the use of commencing from the present time.

3rd to Henry Keeney my Son I bequeath one Dollar
4th to Peter Keeney my Son I bequeath one Dollar
5th to George Keeney my Son I bequeath one Dollar
6th to Michael Keeney my Son I bequeath one Dollar
7th to Elizabeth Gragg, my Daughter I bequeath one Dollar

8th If my wife Katherine Keeney should marry again or otherwise if she should live my widow until her death Then upon her marriage or death I devise & bequeath all the property & Estate herein devised and bequeathed to her for life or widowhood as aforesaid unto my children Peggy, Daniel, Sally, Polly & Gideon Keeny by my Said wife Katharine and such other or others as she may have of me and also my children Peter, Henry, George, Michael Keeney, Elizabeth Gragg & Abner Keeney to be equally divided among all of them the older as well as the younger set of children or should one or more of them die before they become installed to the possession of the property & Estate last above devised then the share of Such as be dead to go to their legal heirs.

9th I do hereby appoint my son Abner Keeney & my fathering law - Daniel Stogsdill my Executors of this my last Will and Testament. I do by these presents confirm a deed of Gift heretofore made by me and drawn by A. J. James and is the only Deed of Gift executed by me and is in the care and possession of said James. In Witness where of I hereunto subscribe my name and affix my seal this 5th day of December 1846.

Moses Keeney's mark.

Witnesses: A.J. James & Daniel Stogsdill

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