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The Inventory of Spencer Hudson
15 April 1854 Pulaski County, Kentucky

Hi Cousins,

Here are some excerpts from the inventory / assessment of Spencer Hudson. For those who may not know, Spencer is suspected to be the white Hudson that many of our Hudson relatives were enslaved to. Shortly after emancipation, our Hudson relatives were living next door to Spencer. In 1850 and 1860 Spencer owned a certain acreage of land, then in 1870 when our Hudsons appeared in the census, Spencer's land appeared to be reduced by the same amount that our Hudsons owned. Looked like when they were freed Spencer gave or sold them so land.

Anyway, you may recall that Isaac Hudson married America Durham in the late 1860s, and they were the parents of Sarah Ellen Hudson, and the grandparents of Beulah Etta Shoemake. Isaac had several brothers and sisters. Although some of the names below sound familiar, I do not see Isaac, George, Craig, and others. Perhaps they were already free, or part of another Hudson plantation. I'll try to get his will to get a clearer picture. In the mean time here is something to reflect upon.


A true and just Inventory and appraisement of all the personal estate of Mary Hudson and Spencer Hudson deceased; which was produced to us by William Hudson their administrator.

1       Negro man named         Jackson                  $1000.00
1       Negro man named         Peter                    $1000.00
1       Negro man named         Henry Clay                $900.00
1       Negro boy named         Stephen                   $600.00
1       Negro boy named         Fountan                   $400.00
1       Negro boy named         Percy                     $300.00
1       Negro girl named        Jane                      $450.00
1       Negro girl named        Harriet                   $250.00
1       Negro girl named        Ann                       $150.00
1       Negro boy named         Daniel                    $300.00
1       Negro woman named       Hanah                     $150.00
1       Negro woman named       (?)iney                    $75.00
1       Negro woman named       Mary                      $650.00
1       Negro woman named       Siota                     $600.00
1       Negro woman named       Harriet                   $500.00
I do certify that the foregoing Inventory contained all the personal estate and slaves of Mary Hudson & Spencer Hudson deceased, which hath come to my hands.

William Hudson, Administrator
This the 15th of April 1854

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