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The Will of John Hammonds
1848 Pulaski County, Kentucky

John Hammonds - 1848 Copy of Will obtained from PCK Historical Society in Somerset, KY.

Written 5th day of January 1848
Proven 21st day of February 1848

I, John Hammonds, of the county of Pulaski State of Kentucky do hereby make my last will & Testament in manner & form following that is to say 1st after the payment of all my debts I give to my loving wife Margaret Hammonds during her natural life or widowhood all my perishable & personal property & my three slaves (to wit) Lucinda, Doctor & Anthony & the farm where I now reside with all the appurtainances thereunto belonging with the Exception of Ten acres of the inclosed (sic) part of ?-- Farm on the end joining a tract of land known by the name of the Peter C. Tarter place. 2nd which --?- which ten acres I give my son William C. Hammonds to gether with a certain tract containing ten acres more or less which was deeded to me from William Weddle & .... ..? Tarter Tract to be Injoyed (sic) by him & his heirs forever. 3rd. I give the remaining part of the above named farm equal & undivided to my two sons Morgan (? initial) Hammonds & John W. Hammonds at the death of my wife herein before named together with all the (???blur) and perishable property & appurtainances herein before name injoyed by the & their heirs forever after my Dughter Eliza Ann Hammonds is made equal with the balance of my daughter herein named & if they cannot divide themselves it is to be divided. 4thly, my three slaves herein before named I give them their freedom at the year AD 1865 on the proviso that my wife herein before named is done with them that is to say that they shall injoy the priviledge of freedom in this way that they must be gover..? in their dealings & conduct by the insturctions (ink blots) their guardian which I shall herein apoint (to wit) my son Josiah W. Hammonds & he is to apply the proceeds of their labors to their benefit & see to their wellfare, 5th I give my son Thomas Hammonds eighty acres of land lying in the State of Missouri Pike County on the waters of ?? River it is known by the Ridge Eighty to be injoyed by him & his heirs forever. 6th I give to my daughters Elizabeth Osborn, Polly Osborn, Jane Jasper, Margaret Jasper & Patsy Combest, Eliza Ann Hammonds Ten dollars each 7th I give to the infant heirs of my daughter Sally Combest (to wit) Sally Jane Combest, John Wilie Combest, & Samuel Josiah Combest two Dollars Each, 8th My daughter Nancy Combest I give five dollars 9th Eighty acres of Land adjoining the eighty herein before named & in the County & State herin before named I will to be sold & the proceeds of the sale to be injoyed by my wife hereinbefore named at her disposal. 10th I give to my son Josiah W. Hammonds five Dollars 11th & lastly I do hereby constitute & appoint my wife herein before named & my son Jos. W. Hammonds herein before named Executors of this my last wil & Testament & Impower them hereby to make a Deed to Jno (?) M. Weddle to a certain tract of land 18 acres more or less which I have sold to said Weddle they not being allowed any thing for their services, hereby revoking all other or former wills or testament by me here tofore made in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal. (signed) John Hammonds (seal) this 5th day of January 1848.

//in the presents of James Weddle, William Rainwater.

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