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Will of George W. Garner (son of Vincent & Susannah Howard Garner)

Pulaski Co. KY Will Book 7, pp. 175-176.

Sept. 15th, 1888

I, George W. Garner, Sr. of Pulaski County Ky do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows.

First. I will that my wife Mary Garner have a certain boundary of land on which we now live on. Beginning at a stone in the mouth of the lane on Bank of Creek, running with same bearing of the line through the lane, across the Creek to Dave McQuery's line. I will that my wife have

all of the land owned by me at this time, west of the above mentioned line her life time.

Second. I will that the above described boundary of land as set forth to my wife during her life time, shall be at her death for Wm. Garner, my son, and Martha A. Gover, my daughter, jointly, this includes all the land on both sides of Fishing Creek , west of the the line, running between me and Samuel Gover on the North West side, and all on the South West side of Creek on the West side of the aforesaid line as set forth for my wife.

Third. I will that at my death Mary J. Tarter have all of the land on South side of Creek east of the above named line set forth to my wife. Beginning opposite a stone at mouth of lane on Bank of Creek running to (?)tops of cliff to McQuery's line this line is intended to run on same bearing of the division line between me and Samuel Gover on North side Creek, said boundary to be governed by deed from Jasper James to include all of the land on South Side of Creek and East of the above named line as set forth for my wife.

Fourth. I will that John Garner and his three children, Charles Garner, Mary F. Garner, and George Wiat Garner, to have a certain tract of land laying in Pulaski Co. on the Waters of Wolf Creek, reference is had to a deed made by me for boundary. I will that John Garner and his three children is to have and to hold the afore set forth boundary of land.

Fifth. I will that my Administrator after winding up my Estate pay Ann Mariah Watson Two hundred dollars ($200). I will that my wife keep as much of my perishable property as she wishes and the remainder to be sold, all of my debts and burial expenses paid. If there is ($100) after all liabilities incurred by me is settled, I want Mary J. Tarter and Ann (?)Miriai Watson to have ($50) apiece more than I have set apart for them.

I will that my executor sell a certain tract of land laying on Morgan Ridge in Pulaski Co. Ky, there being 6 acres more or less and make a deed to same. One of the lines on the above tract of land runs with the new road. I will that James J. Garner my son, shall be my Executor to settle my estate.

/s/ G.W. Garner, Sr.


Jas. Wm. Gover

Wm H. Hudson

State of Kentucky

County of Pulaski sct.

I John S. May, Clerk Pulaski County Court, do certify that the foregoing Instrument of writing, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of G.W. Garner, dec'd, was at the Oct Term 1889 of the Pulaski County Court, presented in Open Court, and proven according to law, by the oaths of James W. Gover and Wm. H. Hudson the two subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the true last Will and Testament of of the said Geo. W. Garner, deceased, and said instrument was ordered by said Court, to be admitted to record as such true last Will and Testament of G.W. Garner, dec'd. Wherefore I have recorded it and this certificate in my said office.

Given under my hand this Nov. 2, 1889.

att: John S. May, Clk.


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