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The Estate Settlement of Josiah W. Duck, Jr.
10 April 1860 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 5 Page 483

A settlement made with John R. Compton and C.C.Gossett, administrators of the estate of Josiah W. Duck on the 10th day of April, 1860 at the clerk's office in the town of Somerset by J.D. Allcorn, Commissioner of the Pulaski County Court.
I find the administrators chargable with the amount of
sale bill.                                                      190.70
Same ditto amount of note on T. Bernard                          22.00
Same ditto to balance of note on Owens                            9.50
Same ditto to debt on H.T. Minks                                 10.60
Same ditto to debt on Molen and Tarter for land                 262.00
Same ditto to amount due from J.R. Compton for land             359.00
        Amount of indebtedness by administrators                853.80

Cr.Aditrators By
William L. Porter's receipts                                      6.66
J.M. Weddle's account                                             7.50
J.M. Weddle ditto                                                12.80
Sheriff Richardson's account                                      2.44
Joshua Taylor's account                                           2.75
Zachariah Easam's account                                         5.00
C.W. Richardson's sheriff account                                 0.34
S.D. Cundiff's account                                            0.82
Sheriff Richardson's account                                      2.50
By J.R. Compton's account, proven                                26.40

Amount of Debt brought over
Amount of credits                                                67.21
To administrator's allowance                                     40.00
For making this settlement                                        1.50
Fee to clerk for orders, etc.                                     1.00

                                        Balance due estate      744.09
All of which is respectively reported.
J.D. Allcorn, Commissioner

This settlement shows the administrator's indebted to the heirs and distributee the sum of $744.09. The following amount has been paid by the administrators of J.W. Duck, deceased, to the heirs and distributees.

To Ann W. Duck, received                                        54.24
To J.T. Gossett, received                                        8.75
To Martha J. Duck, received                                     19.10
To J.T. Gossett                                                 20.00

State of Kentucky
County of Pulaski, sct.

I, James D. Allcorn, clerk of the county for the court aforesaid do certify that the foregoing settlement by J.R. Compton and C.C. Gossett, administrators of J.W. Duck, deceased, with J.D. Allcorn, Commissioner of the Pulaski County Court, was filed in my office on the 10th day of April, 1860 for record and at the June term 1860 was ordered to record it having lain over one term for exceptions as required by law. Whereupon the same together with this certificate hath been duly recorded in my office.

Given under my hand this 23rd day of July 1860
J.D. Allcorn, clerk

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