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The Will of John J. Cooper
11 September 1907 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 7 Page 463

Know all men by their presence that I, J.J. Cooper of Waterloo, Pulaski County State of Kentucky, being in ill health but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my will and testament. First my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my estate by my executors herein after named as soon after my decease as they shall find convenient. Next I give and bequeath to my wife, May A. Cooper all the rest of my estate, real and personal and mixed to which I shall be entitled to at my decease, which she is to have and to hold for her own special use, this devise or bequeath includes the homestead on which we now live all north of the conditional line between myself and Howard M. Cooper, to have and to hold with all the improvements so long as her natural life shall last. But if I find at any time that she does not want a home at this homestead, the executors there in power may sell this homestead for her special benefit having power to deed it as if it were there own, warranting the deed forever, letting Mary [ajour?] in making the deed. My executors may sell any other property, take care of money not needed, loan it out with approved security 'til needed, advise her and see after her necessities all the way through, 'til her demise, then pay her funeral expenses and if the old homestead has not been sold, my executors or those who may be acting at the time according to the provisions of this will herein named further on shall as soon as convenient sell the homestead, and the executors being remunerated, then the executors shall divide the remainder of my estate equally between my heirs making Nancy Marian, my step-daughter, equal with the other heirs; my wife having the privilege at any time to make any donation she may deem proper and right for [unreadable] purposes and furthermore, it is my will that the said executors shall suitably mark each of the following graves with slabs or gravestones: Sarah Frances Cooper with her little ones which can only be [unreadable], J. J. Cooper, Mary Ann Cooper, Roena Frances Cooper, David William Cooper, Jack Porter Cooper, and lastly I do nominate and appoint my said sons, Levi Cooper, Howard M. Cooper, and Rutherford R. Cooper, to be my executors and if for any reason they should all fail to suit then May A. Cooper and my two oldest sons then living may appoint another one or two as they please to fill the place of those that I have appointed giving the same authority as though I had appointed. This being my last will and testament I, John J. Cooper, do hereunto subscribe my name and affix my seal this the 11th day of July in year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seven.
John J. Cooper

In the presence of these my witnesses and [unreadable] the presence of each other subscribe out names as witnesses
L. F. Cooper
Howard Malcolm Cooper
Rando R. Cooper

Attested John M. Floyd, D.C., and Ermina Cooper

J. J. Cooper's will made signed and sealed in my presence and in the presence of each of the attesting witnesses 1907, July 11

Attest. John M. Floyd, D.C.

State of Kentucky, County of Pulaski

I, Daniel Border, clerk Pulaski County Court certify that the foregoing testament of writing proporting to be the last will and testament of J. J. Cooper deceased was at the Sept. Term 1907 of Pulaski County Court presented in open court and pronounced according to law by the oaths of L. F. Cooper, Howard M. Cooper, and Rando R. Cooper the subscribing witnesses thereunto and the court be sufficiently advised doth adjudged the same to be the final last will and testament of J. J. Cooper deceased and the said testament is now ordered to be admitted to record as such last will and testament of J. J. Cooper deceased and said is now done accordingly. Given under my hand this September 17, 1907

ATT. Daniel Border, Clerk

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