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The Will of B.C. Caughron
18 August 1873 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Book 7 Page 28

In the name of God, Amen. I, B.C. Caughron of the county of Pulaski and State of Kentucky being sick and weak of body but perfect and sound of mind and memory, and calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed to a man once to die, do by these present make, constitute and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form following, to wit: My will and desire that after my decease, my body be committed to the earth from whence it was taken, in decent Christian-like manner by my surviving friends and that all my fees and debts be paid out of my remaining estate by my executrix. I appoint my beloved wife, Elizabeth E. Caughron, to wind up my estate without her giving bond. My will and desire is that my beloved wife, Elizabeth E. Caughron, have and hold all of my personal property to dispose of as she pleases. I have given my son, Joel Thomas Caughron, the sum of one hundred and fifteen dollars. My will and desire is that Caroline E. Caughron have one hundred and fifteen dollars out of my estate. Also Theophilus W. Caughron [and] Sarah E. Caughron all have one hundred and fifteen dollars to make them equal to the amount that I have given to Joel Thomas Caughron, to be given at the decision of my executrix, Elizabeth E. Caughron. My will and desire is that my wife, Elizabeth E. Caughron, have the tract of land on which I now reside, to have and to hold it, and the proceeds arising from [quid] farm to have and to hold during her natural life and after her death, that all my real and personal estate be divided among my heirs equally, to wit, Joel Caughron, C.E. Caughron, T.W. Caughron, S.E. Caughron.

In testimony whereof I set my hand and first my seal.

B.C. Caughron [ seal ]
S.B. Gossett [ seal ]
John Prather [ seal ]

State of Kentucky
August Term
Pulaski County Court
August 18th 1873

A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of B.C. Caughron, deceased, was this day produced in open court and proved according to law by the oaths of S.B. Gossett and John Prather, the two subscribing witnesses thereunto, and adjudged by the court to be the last will and testament of the said B.C. Caughron, deceased, and ordered to be recorded.

I certify that the above and foregoing is the true record of the will of B.C. Caughron, deceased, and order of Court admitting the same to record.

Witness my hand this 18th 1878
[unreadable] E.D. Perch, clerk
Pulaski County Court

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