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The Will of Martin Adams
Proven April 1859 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Will Book Bk 5 pg 341

Will written 25th day of February 1859, Proven April 1859.

His wife and children are not named, Martin Adams uses this statement to define his family situation: I will and desire that my entire estate with the increase thereof with the exceptions hereafter named be and remain in kind, (?) held and enjoyed in common by my wife & children for their joint support & maintanance til my yountgest son arrives at the age of twenty one years or should he die before he is twenty one, then when the survivors are twenty one years of age __ I will & devise the following disposition & devision of my entire estate in possession rev (--?0 or ..? I give to my two daughters and their heirs my negro woman her child & the increase thereof forever. I give to my five sons and their heirs my Farm and lands in CASEY Co., Ky forever. I will and divise that my Houses and lot of g?.. in Somerset and all other tracts of land owned by me in PULASKI Co, Ky. be sold on such terms and at such time & place as will best promote the interest of my estate by whomsoever the executive of this will may de.??.. [ink blots ...] that my younger son be educated and for that purpose set apart the interest on my bank stock as af..?.. for that purpose free of charge against them in the general division of my entire estate.

After my first debts & charges are paid and all my children arrive at twenty one years of age, the residue of my entire estate not otherwise dispersed of give & divise to be equally divided amongst my my children & their heirs the bequest & divise afsd to my Daughters & sons is not to take effect till all my children arrive at twenty one years of age = then the Negros farm land afrs divised t..? be fairly estimated as to th..?. ..?.. value The proceeds of the sale of my House & Lot, Lands, Debts, blot. of the Casey Farm, personal Estate & increase thereof (if any) be applied first to equalize said divises and the residue equally divided amongst all my children subject first to the incumbrances hereafter....."

++a few more pages, but no additional names ++
ends w/ his signature M. Adams,
Witnesses: Jenkins Vickery, Jno. W. Adams, C. W. Richardson.

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