Leroy Branscom


Leroy Branscum
Branch of Service: U.S. Marines
Dates of Service: 1916-1920
Date of Birth: Oct.-07-1893
Place of Birth: Burnside,Ky.
Place of entry of service: Cincinnati,Ohio
He was in World War 1 and stationed at Parris Island, N.C.
His Commending Officer was Major R. Hooker.
He was a Pvt, First Class.
He then was sent to Haiti on Aug. 11,1916 to Feb.5,1917 at the Navy Yard there.
After that he was sent to Philadephia-Navy Yard on Oct.19,1917 to Jan.5,1918.
Was then sent to Higham, Mass. from Jan. 7,1918 to May 27,1920


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