James Garner Civil War Pension Papers
Abstract of James Johnson Garner's Civil War Pension Papers
courtesy of great grandson Jim Garner


(James Johnson Garner served in Company D, 3rd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Division, Union. He was born July 29, 1842 & died April 3, 1911.)

Certificate of Disability for Discharge (surgeon's statement), October 21, 1862: Incapable of performing duties as a soldier because of "chronic diarrhea which has followed several attacks of disease while in the service, 1st pneumonia, a short convalescence, & then typhoid fever of which he was confined to bed two months". /s/ Jno. P. Pirtle, Surgeon, 8th Ky. Vols., in charge of Hospital # 7, Nashville, Tenn.

Deposition of James J. Garner, given 20 July 1888, for an increase in pension: Current age, 45; current pension, $8/month. He believes himself entitled to receive increased pension and that his pension certificate is No. 292,099. He further declares that he is disabled in the following manner, to wit: disease of left leg which has resulted in varicose veins of both legs, resulting from typhoid fever and general breakdown of the nervous system, so as to disable him from performing manual labor.

Deposition by Drewry Webb, given May 14, 1903: Mr Webb stated he knew that James J. Garner was taken to Hospital # 7 in Nashville, Tennessee about the last of March, 1862, and that he remained in Hospitals # 7 and # 8 until about October 20, 1862. Webb also stated that James J. Garner had typhoid fever, that it settled in his legs, and that for several weeks, James J. walked with difficulty with the aid of a crutch and a cane. Both legs were swollen and seemed to be drawn, and the left leg was worse than the right.

"[W]e were both discharged about [the] same time and came to Bowling Green, Ky with a large number of discharged soldiers, under a flag of truce. We were under command of Sergeon [sic] Collin of Indiana. [We] went on to Louisville, Ky together where we stayed about ten days, [and] that [we] both came on together to Lebanon, Ky where we obtained a horse and came on home together. [We] eat and slept together during this journey home."

Other depositions: William B. Sharp deposed on 14 June 1879 that when he enlisted, James J. Garner was a "sound, healthy man"; Reubin B. Dunbar deposed on 4 (or 14) Jan. or June 1879 that when he enlisted, James J. Garner was a "stout, healthy (or hearty) man".

Questionaire from the Department of the Interior, filled out May 4, 1898:

Wife's full (maiden) name: Tabitha E. Roy

When, where, by whom married: March 15, 1860, Pulaski County Ky., by Wm. Roy.

Give names and dates of birth of living children: John J. Garner Dec. 10, 1860; Jos. R. Garner Nov. 10, 1864; Geo. W. Garner Jan. 27, 1867; Wm. N. Garner June 13, 1869; Martha I. Garner June 10, 1872; Nannie F. Garner Apr 2, 1878; Jas. M. Garner June 4, 1885. /s/ James J. Garner

Declaration of a Widow for Original Pension, April 11, 1911: Tabitha E. Garner states she is age 70, a resident of Pulaski Co. Ky, and the widow of James J. Garner. He was enrolled near Harrison [Pulaski Co., near Faubush] on November 5th 1861 and was discharged on October 21, 1862 as a private. He died at his home in Pulaski County on April 3, 1911 of "a complication of diseases". He was born near Columbia, Adair County, Ky, in 1842. At the time of his enlistment, he was a farmer, and was six feet tall, had a fair complexion, grey eyes, and brown hair.
/s/ Tabitha E. Garner

{Pension Increase Granted:}


Return address: United States Senate

Addressed to Mr. James J. Garner
Faubush, Kentucky

Postmarked 1:30AM 23 Feb 1911
Washington D.C.

Backstamped 2PM 24 Feb 1911
Somerset Ky

Backstamped AM 2_ Feb 1911
F[?aubush] Ky
Franked T.H. Paynter, U.S.S.


United States Senate
Washington D.C.
Febraury 22, 1911

Mr. James J. Garner
Faubush, Kentucky

Dear Sir:

I had a bill passed fixing your pension at $24.00.
You will see it is part of Priv. Law No. 198.

I congratulate you on your good fortune.

Yours very truly,

/s/ T.H. Paynter

Company D, Third KY Volunteer Infantry (Union).
original discharge and letter owned by great grandson Jim


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