Robert E. Burton, Sr.

World War Two Veteran


My Father, Robert E Burton, Sr., entered the service August 22, 1944.  He left the United States for Europe on January 8, 1945.  Dad arrived in France on January 18, 1945 and his unit,  Company "1" of the 317th Infantry Regiment was involved in the Battle of the Bulge.  Dad related the fact that he was in Berlin when American forces and Russian Forces met.  He brought home an insignia of a red star with a hammer and sickle.  It was a gift from a Russian Soldier's hat.  I asked Dad why the soldier gave it to him and he merely stated that he didn't know, "He couldn't understand a word he spoke"   He did say that he sure was happy and glad to see the Americans.  On June 17, 1946 he left Europe for the United States.  On June 26, 1946, he arrived in America and on July 2, 1946 he was honorably discharged.  

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