Surname Registry

WADDILL/WADDLE/WEDDLE Robert L. Edwards, Joyce Hargis, Rev. Thom Mc Donald, Carla Jeffers, Colleen VanBeek, Susan Chance-Rainwater, Earl Graham, Anne L. Goodwin
WALKER Roseanne Cleveland
WARLEYTara Hill-Shabazz
WARNER Jack Phelps
WARREN Robert M. Colson, Jack Warren, Bob Beasley
WATERS Jim Harlan
WATSON Margaret I Godby, Cathy Mathias Johnson
WEAVER Charles Weaver
WELCH Rev. Thom Mc Donald, Earl Graham
WESLEY Margaret I Godby, Jim Harlan
WEST Sharon L. King
WHITAKER Robert E. Bray, Jim Drew-Whitaker, Gail M. Erickson, Rev. Thom Mc Donald, Susan Henson, Dan Olson, Terry Hartman, David L. Whitaker
WHITE Patricia Connors Nowlin, Jack Phelps - Roseanne Cleveland    Tonya Mottau
WHITIS/WHITEHURST Joyce Hargis, Vanessa Wood, David L. Whitaker
WHITSON Robert E. Bray, Shirley J. Petersen
WILKERSON Tim Wilkerson
WILLIAMS J. Susan Forman, Jim Harlan, Vernon B. Williams
WILSON Gail M. Erickson, Rev. Thom Mc Donald, Joyce Holler Jones
WISER Alvin Burns
WOODALL Robert E. Bray, Susan Henson
WRIGHT Deanna Haynie
WYLIE Beverly Przybylski


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