Randall Chapel Methodist Church Congregation
Contributed by Robert E. Bray, Jan 2001
Robert E. Bray Family Home Page

I love this photo of Randall Chapel Methodist Church, I would say about 1902. The names were supplied by Bob Sears' great aunt, Amanda Sears Hail. Hopefully, maybe someone can fill in more names. --Bob Bray (list of names below)

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From Left to Right:
Little girl in front ?
Girl with fan, Rilda Angel
Woman in bonnet, Nancy Phelps
Girl next, Golda Phelps
Girl, Bertha Phelps Mize
Girl with umbrella, Mary Bertha Dykes Bray
Girl, Amanda Sears Hail
Girl with folded arms, Mima Phelps Van Hook
Little boy in front, Ott Hargis
Second little boy, Otis Bray
Woman with bonnet in back of little boy, Dicey Ellen Hargis Bray
Littel girl, Nina Gastineau Reynolds
Girl bareheaded, Cora Phelps Raney
Girl, Sarah Phelps Hawk
Woman in striped dress, Martha Phelps?
Little girl, Lydia Phelps Whitaker?
Minister, Rev. Price T. Smith
Little boy, Elbert Sears
Man, John Wesley Sears
Little boy, Edgar Phelps
Woman in bonnet, Frances Alexander
Woman next in bonnet, Martha Hargis (Elbert's grandmother)
Second Row Back:
First man ?
Man with mustache ?
Third man ?
Woman in fancy hat, Bell Phelps Hargis
Boy peeping around ?
Stretched up, peeping around, Willis Sears
Tall man in back, Albert Hargis?
Second tall man, Galen Alexander
Head only ?
Top of hat only ?
Woman in bonnet, Saby Sears
Next man, Andrew Hargis
Woman in hat ?
Man in bow tie, Bob Mize?
Woman in hat with bow on top, Janie Phelps Randall?
Woman in sailor hat, Kisiah Phelps Farmer
Next woman, Randa Sears Phelps
Next woman, Emily Phelps Childers
Head only ?
Man with hat in back, Oll Alexander
Woman with dark hair, Helen Stogsdill Sears?
Woman behind minister on left ?
Woman with bonnet, Jennie Dykes Bradley
Woman in back, Mary Jane Sears
Woman in black dress, Julie Dykes
Woman's head, Christine Meece - mother of Perry Hayes Meece
Next woman ?
Next man ?
Man with white stiff collar, Perry Hayes Meece
Man on end, George Alexander

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